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Title: Amazing Box Puzzles & Defense of the Realm
Post by: Goombert on July 10, 2019, 09:30:29 am

Every now and again I like to share some exceptional games from ENIGMA's EDC or the community. Two games I've recently spotted are by community member Hugh Greene.

Amazing Box Puzzles is a fun and challenging puzzle game similar to Mystery Mansion and other titles he's released with new and refined mechanics.

Defense of the Realm is a more traditional side-scrolling shooter that's fast paced and involves finer-tuned reflexes to succeed.

If you enjoy these genres, please do check out his games. He not only puts a lot of effort into them, but I can personally vouch for their quality. Consider leaving him some reviews and feedback so he knows how to get even better. He's on his way to becoming a master game developer!