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Author Topic: MacOSX problems  (Read 9429 times)
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Why is it stretched like that?
Because the window size is set to the size of the iphone screen, so the room is scaled to fit into the window, just like when you resize the GM window, if you resized the gm window to the exact dimensions of the iphone it would look exactly like that ;) But if you are targeting iphone its best to use a view set to the size of the iphone screen so that it won't scale and will look normal.
I thought Apple doesn't allow intermediary wrappers or something like that for iOS apps?
They are very vague, I am tempted to submit and enigma app and see what they say, but unity3d's plan B for iphone development(http://blogs.unity3d.com/2010/07/02/unity-and-ios-4-0-update-iii/) was to do something very similar to what enigma does. The enigma part that comes with the game is just a c++ library and the code generated is all c++, I don't see how they could tell that it was written in enigma. If it wasn't allowed would that mean you weren't allowed to use a perfectly normal library of c++ functions :/ Unity apps are still being accepted to the app store also. But we will just have to see :)
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