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This forum is for discussion of game projects you are working on and share your games for everybody. Useful feedback includes bug reports, suggestions, praise and criticism of the game, with the purpose of helping make the game in question better. Please stay on topic here, we have other boards for posting bug reports including a tracker that is integrated into the website and an off topic forum.

Works in progress that are posted here should be generally playable and usable, somewhat bug-free, and be realistic in their scope. They do not have to be filled with content, but there should be some gameplay available, such that useful feedback can be given on the game. You should also read the universal board guidelines and rules as they are in effect site wide.

General Guidelines and Rules

* DO NOT post spam or post virus-infected downloads, or your account may be terminated.
* Prank games and programs are only allowed if very clearly labeled, with instructions for disabling the program.
* Keep feedback to constructive criticism: do not bash other members' games for unrelated personal matters.
* Try to limit the number of images you have in your topic; nobody likes taking 6 hours to load a page. There is no set limit; if moderators feel you have too many, they will inform you.
* Try to stay on topic and not hijack a members topic bragging about how many kills you got on Call of Duty last night. It is disrespectful to them, and we have an off topic forum for such discussion.

Posting Criteria

* Please include screenshots and images in your post. Other users may like to see these before they download. Consider DropBox, ImageShack, Tinypic, PostImage, ImageUpload, etc.
* Information regarding the download size of your game is also helpful for other members.
* Try to be concise without cutting out important details in your description. It is also nice to include information regarding the genre, and other specifics.

Rules by forthevin and Robert B. Colton.
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