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Author Topic: A Few Good Bugs  (Read 2301 times)
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Posted on: September 01, 2013, 05:31:25 am

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Just to update you guys on a few things.

I fixed why the plugin was not rebuilding the compiler, it was actually me delaying the thread for double clicking gmks and gmx, I have fixed it all properly and added the ability for EGM's to be double clicked now as well, so that is all good. Get the new JARs from LGM topic or redownload and extract the portable ZIP.

I have also fixed the issue with the output_log.txt growing to immense sizes, simply merge this commit...
And it will no longer append to the file, but overwrite it. Rebuild the exe yourself, or again, get the new portable ZIP.

This also fixes why old EGM's wouldn't add a Shaders resource group.

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