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Works in Progress / Re: Project Mario
« on: October 27, 2013, 03:13:03 pm »
Blender is a royal pain for creating precise / linear models. At least for me. I like sketch up better personally but I can't afford to buy pro for commercial use so in the meantime I'm tolerating blender

PS sculptris is perfect for natural, organic shaped models. The high polygon count can be an issue when loading the models into enigma, but it's nothing blender's decimate modifier can't solve.

Announcements / Re: Object Inheritance Implemented
« on: October 25, 2013, 06:27:35 pm »
At long last! Thanks! This is great! All we need now is persistent rooms and objects, stretchable video embedding (both full client area and specific window coordinates), and a fixed Mac OS X update, once these three small things happen, my life will be complete, and I will die happy. Keep up the great work Josh, Robert and everyone else who contributed. You guys are the best! :-)

Off-Topic / Re: Illegal (and Legal) Drugs
« on: October 22, 2013, 09:47:06 pm »
I can argue my point to death it won't penetrate.

Off-Topic / Re: Illegal (and Legal) Drugs
« on: October 22, 2013, 09:22:43 pm »
TKG, instead of trying to excuse your behavior so it doesn't contradict your own beliefs, why don't you just open your mind a bit and accept that drugs aren't inherently bad?
How the heck am I excusing what behaviour? O__O Why don't you just open your mind a bit and accept that drugs will do nothing but make you more miserable. My beliefs and what is right or wrong has absolutely nothing to do with this topic.
Well, you kind of went
"Drugs are evil, but not coffee. I drink coffee so coffee is OK. Caffeine is a silly, silly drug anyway, so it must be OK."

? Are you so very stupid that you honestly don't comprehend something so amazingly simple ? Some drugs have worse effects than others ? Some can *kill* you and others make you get a little extra tired or hyper ? (oh dear, coffee drinkers are going to hell lol) please use your brain, I know you don't use it often, it may hurt and be hard. Is that too complicated for your injured head ? I'm seriously at shock that has got to be the most idiotic comment and comparison I ever heard. XD I'm seriously suffering from the giggles I can't take it anymore how is it humanly possible for such a perspective to be so warped and twisted. ? Like, please do tell me you aren't being at all serious because this is quite the joke.

Yeah I'm totally justifying myself that I drink coffee (oh no, coffee, it's the end of the world lol). I'm not justifying myself for my current rudeness in this post either I hope you have enough brain cells to realize christian or not I'm human if you throw personal bullcrap at me aimlessly and ignorantly I'm sorry that will make you elligable to get a harsh response in turn for such overflowing award winning levels of stupidity.Even Christians have their breaking point. Satisfied at all, asshole?

At this point I can't really take you seriously. :P
Nothing personal to anyone, but I've just had it.

Also note that your impression that I was condemning pot heads, drunkards, and whatnot I'll have you know is utter bullshit. All I have said up until now completely contradicts what you accused me of implying. Go ahead, get drunk, high, or whatever just don't come crying back to me when your life gets seriously fucked up from top to bottom and all around. Because it's not my problem if you stubbornly refuse to listen to kind warnings.

Off-Topic / Re: Illegal (and Legal) Drugs
« on: October 21, 2013, 03:03:29 pm »
A lot of what you said right there I do agree with. It's a shame I wish it wasn't so hard for me to recognize when I should or shouldn't address certain issues and whether it's worth discussing. Sorry about that, again.

Off-Topic / Re: Illegal (and Legal) Drugs
« on: October 21, 2013, 02:24:46 pm »
TKG, instead of trying to excuse your behavior so it doesn't contradict your own beliefs, why don't you just open your mind a bit and accept that drugs aren't inherently bad?
How the heck am I excusing what behaviour? O__O Why don't you just open your mind a bit and accept that drugs will do nothing but make you more miserable. My beliefs and what is right or wrong has absolutely nothing to do with this topic. This topic is a kind warning about drugs for your own good. Taking my conscience completely out of the picture. Drugs will make your life hell. I've seen it first hand way too many times. It's like that kid in the theme park who didn't listen to the warning sign and hopped the fence anyway. And so he was decapitated by a rollercoaster.

I don't know how I could possibly be any more kind about what I'm saying. I don't know why when I tried posting this I got a notification saying I should review my post before posting it. Why would I get in trouble for something that could by no means be interpreted as anything other than kind or respectful? So am I got in trouble for supporting physical and menal health, the welfare of others, and promotion of obedianse to the law? What, like seriously?

You know Robert, this is a game development website so the geek pun didn't quite send its message across the way you intended it to.
I can also post pictures if you wanna go that route. I drew it myself.

Off-Topic / Re: Illegal (and Legal) Drugs
« on: October 20, 2013, 03:35:21 pm »
No, tobacco is a pretty bad drug as is caffine, it affects your mood, eat and sleeping habits, performance at work and shit, etc.
That is like comparing the mutual agreement of sex within a marriage to rape. Caffeine may be a "drug" but it's a very sorry excuse for one and I can honestly tell you comparing that to tobacco it pretty out there. In don't know how poeple come up with things like that. I drink coffee here and there but I do it for the taste and I'm not dependant on it to stay awake. Where as I have a good friend that I used to go to school with, he smokes cigs, even as a smoker, he admitted himself that cigarettes are a total waste of money. He told me the only reason he even buys them is because he's addicted and it's hard to stop even though he knows he should stop. This is his words not mine. He's not the first smoker I've met who felt that way either.

Though I've never smoked, gotten drunk, or high, I know way too many people who do. My argument here isn't even meant to state the obvious in saying these things are very addictive, I have better things to do than state what is blatantly obvious. My point overall has absolutely nothing to do with the topic of what is addicting or not.

What this topic was meant to be is a warning, because the fact is, even if they weren't addicting it wouldn't change the facts that 1) the feel good, which creatures a desire to use such drugs and 2) They make your brain cells and body practically rot alive and in the long run you'll face nothing less than severe regret you ever exposed yourself to the damage these drugs always cause one way or another. It's not worth risking and saying "maybe I'll be the lucky guy that doesn't get burned by these things" because honestly the majority of the world is aching, moaning, and grinding their teeth in agony as the result of certain drug use. You have no idea how many people I've met first hand who have been burned by drugs. This is a statement of care and not for the sake of something as utterly stupid such as "Haha I proved you wrong!" kind of bullcrap.

Off-Topic / Re: Illegal (and Legal) Drugs
« on: October 19, 2013, 04:53:02 pm »
So again, exactly why is the most harmful drug, tobacco, legal, but everything else illegal?
That is exactly what I'd like to know. But I honestly don't think tobacco is the most destructive. I've seen brain comparisons between various drugs it included tobacco, weed, cocaine, heroin, and alcohol. Tobacco if I remember right was the lowest on the list.

Off-Topic / Re: Illegal (and Legal) Drugs
« on: October 15, 2013, 07:15:26 am »
Somehow I think I'd rather believe the countless doctors I've talked with who know a lot more about this than me than to be gullible enough to to trust one untrustworthy source that for all I know was made up by some heroin addict. And I highly doubt what I heard about psych hospitals was a lie. Anyone with money can make their own website and write an article making all sorts of irrational claims posing as though they are stating facts instead of bullcrap.

Whether it's addicting or not isn't my point, my point is the it can really mess up people's lives. Someone who's never done self medicated drugs and never wanted to due to being perfectly happy, it should be no problem at all for them to say no to a beer, because they don't know what it feels like yet. But the problem here is - once someone knows that feeling there's no reversing it, and ultimately it will be much more difficult to resist getting drunk, high, or whatever you name it. It requires much more self control, and the ability for one to control them self is just about gone.

Once you know how good it feels, whether you want to slap the word addiction on it, doesn't change the facts.  You'll want to do it again and again every time something makes you depressed or when you don't get your way, or your just plain bored. Whatever the reason, you'll instantly remember that feeling and do whatever it takes to feel it again, even if it means taking the life of innocent people, your loved ones, even yourself. Why the heck do you think drunk driving is the most common cause for car crashes (which have the potential to kill) more than anything else? This is like a no brainer.

Once you want that feeling it doesn't matter who you hurt in the process, you'll find a way to get that feeling. I know a family in which the father was so in love with the needle he got upset by his wife for preventing him from getting his happy hour he threw his own baby into the wall and it's head got smashed in the process, killed his own child then beat his own wife. He's in jail now, and you guys are still trying to tell me drugs aren't addicting? Who the heck are you trying to fool? I'm not playing around these things actually happen and are quite common. I've met pot heads that stole money all the time and admitted to doing so for the sake of them being able to smoke.

FYI people who self medicate with drugs to feel good, apart from the people they brainwash, are the only people you'll find on this earth who think the drugs aren't addicting, why? Because they do them, that in itself is proof. I'm sorry but there comes to a point of which it gets rediculous. I don't know what else to say if no one intends to listen to my warnings I mention out of care, then I see no point in my further discussion. Feel free guys to continue talking about this, But I'm not going to take any further part in it.

Off-Topic / Re: Illegal (and Legal) Drugs
« on: October 14, 2013, 03:10:26 pm »
@Robert - Sorry about that Robert one of the biggest issues I have on the internet is coming across more abrasive than I intended. Hope I didn't insult you, I really didn't mean it. :)

Works in Progress / Re: New Linux Game Coming Soon Made With Enigma
« on: October 13, 2013, 09:47:13 pm »
A few touch ups...

Off-Topic / Re: Illegal (and Legal) Drugs
« on: October 13, 2013, 08:39:57 pm »
The tree of knowledge of good and evil was a plant, which grew naturally. God never said anywhere in the Bible "It's only wrong if it isn't natural" Things that are natural including wine, which the bible makes clear we are to be sober minded we should never get drunk. It's needless to say ye your right Jesus drank wine. That does not at all imply he got drunk. That doesn't at all mean he got a buzz here and there at the local bar the fact you even bother mentioning that Jesus drank wine raises a bit of a concern to me, because that honestly contributes nothing relevant to your initial argument.

When Adam sinned, it cursed the ground, and all of creation.Lions became meat eaters. Lambs became their prey. And cannabis started rotting lungs and people's brains. Also, "pot was rooted from Solomon's grave. Solomon was the wisest man alive" I've heared it all before. All of these excuses people make are both irrelevant to the argument they attempt to make and the connection they are implying is about as out there as outer space.

Off-Topic / Re: Illegal (and Legal) Drugs
« on: October 13, 2013, 06:07:00 pm »
You guys have very interesting views. Very insightful. I don't ever intend to do drugs my life is satisfied the way it is, even if I wasn't satisfied with it, I still won't mess with such drugs, mainly because I've heard plenty of sad stories involving the cause and effect of drugs that used real life examples to base everything. But all I know is that if drugs are as bad as the stories I've heard that just kinda goes back to why I posted this. I'd really hate to see you guys or anyone for that matter have their life ruined or taken because of drugs.

Off-Topic / Illegal (and Legal) Drugs
« on: October 13, 2013, 10:12:09 am »
This topic we will discuss why or why not we support smoking, getting drunk or high. I personally believe that these thing though I won't deny they feel good their users, it is never a good idea for anyone to expose themselves to such a self destructive addiction. I'm well aware drug addicts of all kinds will argue to the death that less damaging drugs such as cannabis is not addictive. I can't tell you how many doctors I've talked with who all agree it's addicting, even the one's who admitted to doing such drugs they had no shame in admitting it's an addiction and that it would be in their lives' best interest if they stopped.

Also I'd like to point out that a friend of my family he works at a psychiatric hospital, aka the funny farm where all the mental cases go. He said that the majority of both teens and adults who go there and sleep there for a week or so to adjust their meds - almost all of them are either drug addicts or are there because of the cause and effect of their drug addictions. He even said that weed was the most common misused drug out of just about every patient he's seen come in those doors.

I'm not intending to insult anyone, I'll be more than happy to hear both sides, but the primary reason I posted this topic is because I find it important to get the word out that drugs aren't just an addiction, depressant and a demotivator they really can ultimately ruin your life. Kids don't learn this in the fourth grade for nothing my older sister gets wasted at a bare minimum of every other week. She's seeing Alcoholics anonymous now which is helping heck even though she gets drunk all the time, she actually admits the drugs are bad for her and that it's making her life worse the only reason it's so hard for her to stop is the addiction she already scientifically injected into her brain. It's very rare a drug addict admits they are addicted. My sister is living proof of the truth. She's even done scientific research about it.

A discussion isn't a discussion without two sides, so I'm all ears. :-)