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Issues Help Desk / Re: GMX Reader
« on: January 10, 2014, 06:58:32 pm »
i used
Thanks for everything! =)

Thanks man, I would've fixed the controls issues a while back but no one really gave me an example of something better. The arrow keys for moving and WASD for everything else, which I thought was a common standard for games. But anyway thanks again Robert for your kindness and time. You are and have always been a big help. =)

Issues Help Desk / Re: GMX Reader
« on: January 09, 2014, 10:23:18 pm »
Thanks! Glad to see you got it working. =) The issue I had was that when I loaded gmx from the open file dialog it just sat there like a bump on a log for 20 min so I gave up. However I'm very excited to (hopefully) compile my game for Linux all thanks to you man! =)

Hey guys I updated this game and all the features requested are now fully implemented.

Issues Help Desk / Re: GMX Reader
« on: January 07, 2014, 10:57:02 pm »
I wasn't asking to write multiple gmx readers and writers, because if you did that there would be way too many variations and way took much work. But anyway, thanks, and if you can't find an easy fix don't worry about it, no problem. =)

Developing ENIGMA / Re: GM5 Compatibility plugin --feedback requested
« on: January 07, 2014, 09:55:13 pm »
That's great! Now all we need is a GM 4.3 GMD reader, then we will officially support virtually every half decent release of GM in history. But this is good enough. Thanks for everything! =)

Issues Help Desk / Re: GMX Reader
« on: January 07, 2014, 09:40:50 pm »
lol I was pretty sure 1.2 is supported but that's not being specific enough if you check out the release notes the versions can be like 1.2.0860 or something like that. Every GMS update released fucks up GMS's reader and writer so it really can vary each release. Anyway I sent you my project in a PM already, thanks! =)

Issues Help Desk / GMX Reader
« on: January 07, 2014, 04:37:56 pm »
What is the most recent version of GMStudio that is most compatible with ENIGMA's GMX reader?

Off-Topic / Re: Everyone is Always Right
« on: January 07, 2014, 09:43:48 am »
Homosexuals don't go to hell. It's homosexuals that both don't repent and do as they please without any desire to change before they die. This isn't exclusive to homosexuality, but rather all sin. You can have a struggle with homosexual tendencies and actions, this includes having straight up gay sex. You can have gay sex regularly - as long as you know it's wrong and have a desire to change, and to repent and ask for God's help to change - you're good to go. Paul back when referred to as Saul was a murderer of many Christians, but God revealed Himself to him, he changed his ways and lifestyle instantly, he still sinned but had much less of a tendency of doing so to the extent I'm sure most people who knew back then if they didn't know any better would think he's sinless. But people who are saved don't always change instantly, for most of us it is a gradual process, even those who die before they have an effective chance to change still go to heaven, the thief on the cross next to Jesus repented, and died moments later and even with literally no opportunity for him to change his lifestyle, simply because he recognized he was weak and needed a saviour, Jesus told him then and there before he died "You'll be with me in paradise".

Homosexuality is not the unpartable sin, it's blasphemy of the Holy Spirit that gets people in hell. By that meaning for one to reject God and/or His existence even after He make himself undeniably known to them. As Christians it's never our place to point the finger and say one is going to hell, God gave us eternal life, He can withdraw that gift just as easily if He wanted to, no one knows the eternal destiny of one who isn't saved except God. We don't know whether one who isn't saved is to become saved before they die, that isn't up to us to determine or make accusations about.

Homosexuality just like any other sin or struggle God is just as willing to save anyone who seeks Him. He will save them regardless of whatever sins they still commit. Even murder. Again Paul is an example of this.

This is not me sadly attempting to be a witness or preach I'm just clarifying that to Christians homosexuality is no worse than any other sin, and it's just as easy for God to forgive if the heart truly repents.

Off-Topic / Re: Everyone is Always Right
« on: January 06, 2014, 05:06:52 pm »
Whether religion or evolution is correct we can all agree on at least something here. The human mind can force itself to believe things that are true and aren't true, simply because of a stubborn will, a desire for an unreachable or reachable truth.

From an evolutionary standpoint, the creationists are desperate to last forever and to be happy and at peace forever. so they force themselves to believe they will have these things one day, until it becomes fact to them. If flaws that could disprove their views arise, these creationists will ignore it and alter the bible so it will line up with their personal reality, but while doing so creating new unanswered questions and self-contradictions.

From a creationist's standpoint, the evolutionists are inheretly desperate to live a life without any form of God. These evolutionists don't like or agree with God-given morals, and don't want to follow Him. They want to do everything the way they want, they don't like the idea of hell because it is too harsh. And they don't like the idea of heaven because the people who supposedly go there don't deserve such generous reward. So these evolutionists crafted their own security blanket and called it evolution. It comforts them because it means they with it they can blind themselves of the reality of God, escape the depths of hell, when really no matter how much they try to ignore it its still there. If flaws that could disprove evolution arise, these people will do all the can to blot it out and fill in gaps, but only to find more holes.

So from both perspectives, we can agree that if the majority of society agrees on something, it doesn't nessisarily make it fact. Evolutionists - what if most of society converts to creationism? Does that make them right? Creationists - what if evolutionists grow in number in the next few years - does that make them right? How many people share the same view doesn't determine who's right or who's wrong. I'm tempted to mention that thing I said about brainwashing a toddler again. It really is that simple to make people passionately believe something that isn't true, whatever that false truth may be.

Off-Topic / Re: Everyone is Always Right
« on: January 06, 2014, 03:15:54 pm »

Evolutionists are also very passionate about always being right and will often make up lies since in their world there is no motivation to stop lying. Not in every case, but it is quite common. Normally I hate to put labels but they technically don't have a book of rules to guide them on what is right, wrong, or for them to possibly be aware of what a "lie" is and why it shouldn't be so loosely practiced.

That example of the flies you gave I won't believe until you've tested it yourself. Please do that and get back to me. If you want to be right show me a log and video results, then just maybe will there be a snowball's chance in hell I'll take you more seriously. Again I will say this, the example I gave of the sweater wasn't the best example out there I know that's not what evolution is claimed to be all about. But it's just as rediculous and makes just as little sense. That's all I meant. I can still Admit now I could be wrong, but have you made the smallest attempt to do so yourself? Of course not. Everyone is always right. We can't all be right. And the chances of being right are slim amoung millions of conflicting opinions.

These conflicting opinions include what appears to be many "holes" in Christianity. There are many denominations of this faith, they can't all be right. Baptists believe miracles and praying in tongues don't happen, though both are often performed directly from God at my church, I haven't seen any physical healing for the most part, my great aunt had the doctor tell her she was going to die in a week and there would be nothing to do about it. After much prayer, she's alive today now that it has been nearly three years later. The doctor has no idea what to think I'm sure. That's the closest I got to seeing a physical healing. As for spiritual healing, not that you nessisarily care about such since to you we don't have eternal spirits, I had a personal encounter. But I won't even mention what it was since I'm sure you don't care.

Though, I've not seen more convincing physical healings other than what happened to my great aunt, I've heard very immersive stories at church and my dad's former boss had some very interesting things happen. These people if they were lying skeptics in the crowd could take to these people outside of church and these pastors, etc would be more than willing to prove with health and medical records as well as contacting doctors who seen first hand. If these guys were lying they would get caught rather quick and people would stop attending my church including me. yet my church has been around for a good number of years, with three campuses now, pastor Dan bought the third building before it was made into a parking lot.

Anyway the Baptists disagree with all this they believe in the same God, just a different version they think praying in tongues of angels and performing miracles by the power of God's love no longer happen and won't happen ever again since "the perfect" (or Messiah) has already come. While my version of Christianity believes "the perfect" won't come until all is made new. Baptists have formed their view rather reasonably, because they never really seen modern miracles or praying in tongues, while my church including plenty others globally have seen miracles and we pray in tongues therefore we have a reasonable means to believe what we do. My church has an international service built up of many international students, some from China, South Africa, and pretty much from all around the globe and almost all of them I've heard from and talked with have seen miracles of all kinds, including physical and raising of the dead after 3 days+ being dead but now alive. In the international service we sing in Manderine (Chinese), Zulu, Swahili, Ghana, Spanish, Tongous of Angels, and of course English since the church is in the US.

My church sometimes hosts the OneThing Conference at our Deep Creek Campus, which is a worship session and preaching service founded and overseen by the International House of Prayer (IHOP for short). It was amazing.

Now, there are also many "holes" in Evolution, just like there are many versions of Christianity, there are many versions of Evolution. Some believe in the big bang, some believe the universe was always here. Some believe the Gulf of Mexico is a crater left by an asteroid which killed off 70% of the dinosaurs. While others believe that asteroid wasn't enough to kill off that much, so they believe there is another crater somewhere. There were several possibilities but other people believe none of the craters discovered to date were enoungh to potentially wipe out them all. Honestly whether it was an asteroid that destroyed the dinosaurs partially it doesn't exactly disprove creationism. But just like baptists, any version of Christianity, Evolution has a ton of "holes" and unanswered questions. It doesn't mean it's comepletely disproven however. All the faiths out there as well as evolution, we all have our logical and compelling reasons to believe what we do. None of us, including evolutionists, should have the audacity to say we are undeniably right. That's bogus, just because you can't relate, just because you think you know everything, just because you have your own reasons doesn't mean we don't have our own reasons. Everyone thinks their right. Evolutionists formed their views no more or less reasonably than any average creationist.

If you teach yourself and study information on something whether it's right or wrong if you are determined enough for it to be right, it will become reality to you, it's just how the human mind predictably works. If you force yourself to believe something that isn't reasonable to believe it will one way or another become a reality. Whatever that reality may be, that is one reality out of many others, so many it's too many digits to count.

If you teach a toddler until he becomes an adult that pigs fly, but he has never seen or heard all that time what a pig looks like or that they don't have wings he wouldn't help it but to be cripple-minded and believe that pigs, whatever the heck they are he wouldn't know, that they have the ability to fly. It would be a reality to him and he wouldn't know any different.

Deus, most of my schooling from 1st to 12th grade was in public school and I'm still finnishing up my credits this being my second year in the 12th grade but I finished all my science class credits on time, a year early, my junior year, so heck yeah I know what the hell evolution is. I passed each class higher than a C. So don't tell me I'm fucking stupid and don't know what evolution or science is go back to class and learn it all over again something tells me you are in your fourties+ and can't remember anything you did in school way back when, so you resort to guessing and coughing up first-time Google searches. Stop living in the past.

Off-Topic / Re: What is a good programming language to start off with?
« on: January 05, 2014, 03:49:03 pm »
if you aren't a fan of programming Stencyl covers just about all the power GML/EDL in pure DND, while code is completely optional and for every code function, contant, etc this is a DND equivalent for it all. You can also search short keywords and instantly find the DND action you are look for, since after all there's so many to choose from.

Off-Topic / Re: YoYoLabs ripping off Rockstar Games?
« on: January 03, 2014, 11:27:57 pm »
lol ikr

Off-Topic / Re: YoYoLabs ripping off Rockstar Games?
« on: January 03, 2014, 10:31:32 pm »
Here at YoYo Games we like to make tools. We also like to make games. We like to make tools that make games then make games that are tools to make other games.

While what they are saying here makes sense, they sound fucking retarded and very unprofessional. And it is another one of their lies. In honesty they should have said:
Here at YoYoGames we don't like to make worthless shit. But we do like to make money. So we like to make worthless shit so that we make money.

Extended version:
We don't give a fuck about customer satisfaction or producing quality products unless it effects our sales. It's all about the money. If it does effect our sales even then we won't listen to our customers hardly at all, because the motivation is in the money and nothing else. It's one thing if we lose one customer and get complaints from just one customer, we don't give a fuck even if we get a ocean of customers that aren't satisfied, as long as we are still making enough money to meet our expectations, we're good. Fuck those customers who aren't satisfied.

Off-Topic / Re: Everyone is Always Right
« on: January 03, 2014, 05:59:26 pm »
The sweater thing was a broad example to make a point I wasn't being literal.

You can't tell me what science is broha, it isn't up to you. It's up to me. Your definition of science is non-existant. I can just as easily tell you the same things.

ExDeus, you've repeatedly mentioned creatures adapting to back up evolution, so if evolution has nothing to do with that, you are contradicting yourself. Make up your mind. I know what science is. But to ensure that I am right, here's what I found on google and it's exactly what I expected.

systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation.

What was this shit you were saying about science not based on visual evidense? Must I go through the trouble of defining observation? And science doesn't need to be tested in order to be declared science? XD That's like saying you can imagine what an elephant looks like even though being born blind, with literally no means to test or observe anything. Okay. Obviously blind people can learn to talk and mostly function like any other human, but technically, not nessisarily through sight, either way you need to test in a way that can be picked up by the senses, sight, sound, hearing, feeling etc. You can't see, hear, feel, or do anything in your power to determine evolution is science for as long as evolution will take millions of years to make a noticeable, though obviously gradual, transition in species.

and evolution
Biology . change in the gene pool of a population from generation to generation by such processes as mutation, natural selection, and genetic drift.

Mutations have never been proven to cause anything positive or hereditary such as a species becoming dominant or survive longer than other species. Natural Selection is a form of adapting. In order for us to be certain mutations can be beneficial, we need to have an existing means of observing that. Mutations can never be passed on to the next generation, so who are you fooling here? If evolution didn't have the word "mutation" in it's definition as much as the theory doesn't line up with reality by itself, that word in there makes it even less convincing.

You are right, I didn't know what science or what evolution is and I can't even back up what I think they are because I'm so stupid and can't read. Well guess what pal, don't mean to rub it in, but there's no surprise here. I was right, and I could care less who's right, but the fact you are so determined to be right and to think evolution is undeniably fact that's where I begin to have the giggles. This all goes back why I posted this topic, because "Everyone is always right"