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Hello again Jason.

Now this i can be more a help with. Enigma is free and open source, therefore requires no lisensing. GameMaker and gameMaker:Studio from however is commerial to unlock all their features. While you can decompile legacy non-studio branded gamemaker exes thru decompilation, and there are rumors of a stidio decompiler in the works i see at random places, which that one may be just urban legend - decompilation breaks the YYG EULA and could kill your game maker softare keys, it would also allow you to steal other ppls work that could then modify to your liking, all of which very bad idead that could get you in a heap of legal issues, not worth risking, aside from the morality aspect of things.

Though what enigma does isnt decompile exes, what enigma does is load game maker and game maker studio project files, and can compile them into native platforms using our own technology (well the enigma devs technoligy as im not a contributor of the engine just yet). The formats it loads a gm binary blobs spit out by game maker for project and game settings assets and data (gmd, gmk, gm81, etc) and gm studio project folders known as gmx, written in xml directories and all the assets of the project unencrypted. enigma also has its own independant format should you not care for total GM or GMS accessability, the egm format exclusive to enigma.

Hope any of this makes sense. My head is jumbled right now and should turn in for the night, its 2:55 AM in virginia beach.


General ENIGMA / Re: ENIGMA progress
« on: August 08, 2015, 10:43:18 pm »

i believe the elephants are stomping so loud that they still can't hear us, which is odd bc u cant hear text u read it and they can read everyone else's sext just fine but we all know why that is, the reason is unfortuneate

this is why all the new members run away, the devs think for themselves and not what actually matters, the audience, the ppl who would want to use it and grow the community, not just the contributors, which would be the minority of members in most open source game engine communities. Here the game engine's devs themselves and the contributors is what the whole community is made of, like, 5 ppl, and theres a reason for that, which i just explained again in this here post

expect the community to grow at all with only the current staff's interests considered? trust me, this will die before its out of beta the road its heading. Ive tried staying positive but dang.

y'all need Shrek..

General ENIGMA / Re: ENIGMA progress
« on: August 08, 2015, 09:40:09 pm »
raymond married debora long before i met amy, they have a healthy marriage while me and amy just broke up. I got gored by a bull in the rear, the crazy frog lady who i had escape from out her window, and dads disgusting nudist lodge, everyone makes fun of that quirk i have with silverwear, raymond still has my foam finger, mom ignores me and dad actually get along with my brother sometimes, of all the sad misfortunes i have address amoung many more not addressed, one hated outshines all the rest combined, and double baby. I absolutely hate how EVERYONE LOVES MY HARRI'ER BROTHER RAYMOND!

nobody cares robert. see what i did there?

General ENIGMA / Re: ENIGMA progress
« on: August 06, 2015, 02:26:19 am »
^My point exactly wendy, the crashing is primarily a windows issue. GM and GMS ide's only run on windows so yeah. Ive never had it crash once on my ubuntu OS before, personally. At least, not from what i can remember, its been a while since ive used that harddrive..

I guess it could vary depending on the linux disro, but i doubt it.

Not to mention wine runs both YYG ide's on linux too, then compile outside of wine using enigma's compiler. (Many have tried GM with wine and reported is works as it should).

Wine for Mac OS X however may be a different story as its a lot earlier in the development stages and is still a lot buggier even today, so ive heard.

General ENIGMA / Re: ENIGMA progress
« on: August 05, 2015, 08:41:04 pm »
Seems there's a few elephants in the room here in this discussion. This may sound cynical but reading what's here I'd like to put my few cents in as well.

I'm all for taking .egm into the future with regards to breaking compatibility here and there so long as one can transfer the bulk of say, a GMK project and get it working with some alterations. GM8.x to GMS wasn't a painless process either and with features like BGUI it'd yield additional functionality without stupid sandbox restrictions. I was initially concerned about DLL compatibility with audio engines but looking closer with what ENIGMA provides there isn't that much of a need to use one, it's very functional as it is and much more so than legacy Game Maker.

As for GM compatibility in general, let's not pretend it ever really was the limelight goal of ENIGMA to make a complete stupidity-included GM clone. LateralGM maybe, but not ENIGMA. The potential *is* here to make a game creation engine inspired by GM's environment, but the biggest barriers that remain to bar people from taking serious interest in this project is not the compatibility (that's no.2) but actually getting the f**king IDE to work. Random crashes every 20 minutes, crashes when you press a button after doing a few compiles, modifying folder names to get it to start, modifying commandline arguments, having different versions of Java, error messages that give you no damn clue as to where things went wrong, etc all get in the way of providing a painless experience that both Mark Overmar's Game Maker and the new YoYo/PlayTech Game Maker provides. This combined with the licensing shenanigans is what's holding up adoption of the project.

Compatibility *was* a big deal once upon a time, when simple projects like my Warbird wouldn't behave because object inheritance and alarms were completely unsupported and graphical pipeline changes meant a build one week would display fine and next week have a big black triangle covering half of it and display everything in the wrong shade of colour. That stuff last I checked is long gone, with some of the remaining issues fixed I see has been listed in this very thread!

I feel the remaining barrier to compatibility here at this point (with exception given to unsupported functions that are also unsupported in GM:Studio) is exclusively ENIGMA's parser. The same parser that decided GMOSSE wasn't going to work because apparently the alarms I coded in GM8.0 aren't the same alarms it supports, because I did something slightly unusual in some Draw event and it panicked, because I don't even know what thanks to the completely useless error messages. Perhaps a strip-down of said parser as TheExDeus suggested may actually be a good thing to work towards this end-goal, start from scratch and build up as you say, have a fork of it for certain purposes and someone else can do another fork for GM-specific support, I don't know. Doesn't seem like anyone wants to touch the parser in its current state and I have next to zero C++ knowledge compared to my GML knowledge.

Im having a sore thoat and thus, *coughs out "viewport and graphical issues" again* lol

and i use gms as my ide and could still use gm 8.1 as my primary ide either way its not much different, so i dont need lgm at all, but would be super cool if that worked on its own, without the crashes the quote above also reiterated quite nicely, some of which mention by darkstar before, and the earlier points by myself.

long live enigmas big fat harri sausage! :p


almost forgot, gm and gms have ide's that are fully functional for free, so lgm is completely garbage and thats why no one uses it, lgm being free isnt why one should use it, that the argument to use enigma partially, but not lgm at any level. The reason to use lgm is 100% the same reason as the other half of why to use enigma's compiler and not GM's, and thats the funxtions and features engima has which gm gms do not. Making sense? So if enigma is a gm clone and thats all itll even be, put lgm in... the garbage can, as we already have two great ide's that will always work and be a lot better, in that said secenerio, but.. If we are to make enigma stray away from the compatubily of gm and gms at any level, whether whole or in part, it is vital that lgm doesnt crash and works at all, otherwise we cant stray away from gms and gm related stuff at all. Make sense?

General ENIGMA / Re: ENIGMA progress
« on: August 02, 2015, 08:02:35 pm »
@harri and onpon, i mention the compiled side of things too (how the game compiles and runs without errors with little or no bugs to notice off hand at runtime), and gave examples of specific games, most which are huge, and how well the work, which is close to perfect. sorry for the long post im not concise and need to be aware of that next time i post. :)

General ENIGMA / Re: ENIGMA progress
« on: August 02, 2015, 03:38:16 am »
@onpon sorlok has gotten a lot of huge games built for gthe gm5/6/7/8 era working quite nicely on windows mac and linux, hes contributed a lot but got busy so its cool we have Harri to sub in the meantime, as enigma needs a lot of its own features too, i like the idea of port gm projects, but ppl who port their projecmts to enigma will want to make them better in enigma without re-writing much, so that were the enigma features harri is putting will also come to great use, bringing in ppl to make the full switch to enigma rather than just porting a game to enigma when bored saying, "hey, it actually works, cool beans" and moves on. I think its good we have a ballence. Enigma can be its own engine, but i find keeping support for at least up until 8.1 being the biggest thing as far as the basic functiobality, all the most important stuff, and when it comes to file format, 1.4 gmx is good enough. They "un-obsoleted" a lot of shit they got complaints for removing in gms, and yeah all my projects from gm81 ported over to studio just fine, as i dont really use any of that weird shit liket he cd functions, etc. Just the essentials.

also my game flippy biard multiplayer hd works out of the box now no questions asked. really cool. and my torture of tge afterflesh f ame which is my biggest and more serious project right now, a 3d game btw, can be played from start to finish with no problems at all except some ones with the graphics and view port, but theres not that much problem with that surprisingly, and i dont think it would take that many lines of code to f u x if the problem and solution is known agead of time without trial and error tweaking that can make more bufs, esp if not tested and launched in a new official commit release. Just my two cents at this point. There isnt mych lect to do with gm compatible regarding what i personally find essential, other than a crap liad of bug fixes. depends on what your game uses. If its uses all the shit that is currently proken, then forget it. I feel to be one of the luckier ones with that fortunately. Just depends on priorities and how much gm compatibilty gets in the way in contrast with how much ut would actually draw in more ppls desire to use the the engima game engine. (Y)

General ENIGMA / Re: ENIGMA progress
« on: July 27, 2015, 08:47:09 pm »
also while 64x bit may have not been as much work as adding all those functions, thats quite the impact too, a lot of windows users rely on game engines which only support 32 bit natively. So thats a huge plus that we have 64 bit windows now as well. Very exciting! :D now we can take advantage of those additional bits!

General ENIGMA / Re: ENIGMA progress
« on: July 27, 2015, 12:19:13 am »
would like to apologise TheExDeus. your right, a lot of ppl dont agree with me about that. enigma being different is much better than no enigma at all. The changes you are making are great, they may not be gm compatible, but they are still great things the engine needs. sorry about that. i need to get my head on straight.

General ENIGMA / Re: ENIGMA progress
« on: July 26, 2015, 12:17:38 am »
ya, the day enigma drops gm compatiblity, the day i delete it and my account, and many others will when they get that news after its happened, whenever they visit here again, as they rarely do enough as is. "they" as in the whole comminity who use enigma outside of staff, contributers, and darkstar2. "they" may not post or log in often, but "they" make up quite if chunk of this small community..

but hey thats life. not always gonna be fluffy pink clouds and rainbows.

Off-Topic / Re: New Update to GMS 1.4! Big update
« on: July 13, 2015, 02:27:06 pm »
the ubuntu yyc is not what i care about at all and shouldnt effect the price in all justifocation, but if you ask me it is very justified they still raise tge price and just as much as the other yyc platforms, but for a reason nothing to di with the useless-for-most-users yyc module. In the same update as the ubuntu yyc, they added debian package installer exports to both the yyc and non-yyc ubuntu platforms on their create application aka save as dialog dropdown. Now it should work on a lot more debian based linux distros out of the box, without the end user needing to lay a finger on the terminal for missing *.so libs to install manually. That was a much needed feature, and if you ask me, well worth an extra $99 if i dudnt already upgrade to master collection over a year ago, which means i still have it and always will with my 1.x copy. Yeah itll stop getting updates when 2.0 comes out but my games should still work even on soft&hardware that hasnt been released yet. I mean, think about it, i can still run and make games in ancient GameMaker 4.3 on Windows 8 and zero issues. im very happy with my purchase and ill be covered with most my platforms a lot longer than i initially feared about the 2.x release which i probably wont be able to or care to afford for reasons given, what i have is good enough and will be for a long time. If the windows port stops working in a future windows os release, that doesnt make or break my other exports, theyll have their own issues (and/or lack there of) depending on what their future os versions hold. Im really not that worried about it. So if i do buy 2.x i wont need to until by the time later on when its looking more like 3.x, in all likelyhood. I persobally really like what yyg is doing. Their making a lot of good changes. Should realky get a lot more credit (enigma should get more credit than what yall give it as well). Glad Harri likes enigma to the extent he does and thats probably why hes the only dev wanting to get things done more proactively, which again ill say this harri, thank you! :D

PS is there some way we could support posting emojis here? Assuming that isnt a huge task? If it is, there a lit more important things, so foget i said it if thats a lot to do. idk how any of that works anyways.

Issues Help Desk / Re: Some Fervi's Question
« on: July 11, 2015, 09:03:45 pm »
yo guys this is embarassing to ask, but i havent been feeling well since december due nutricional problems, thus why i dont hardly use my computer for anything anymore. Im not up to leaving bed more than just for about a meal a day and using the bathroom. If anyone is interested in testing the linux extention i uploaded for fervi and report how it goes, it would be huge help, whoever has the time to do it. I basically just use my phone to post stuff its about all i can do to function. Thank in advance!! :)

Issues Help Desk / Re: Some Fervi's Question
« on: July 07, 2015, 12:56:01 pm »
@fervi  :smileycat:

Here you be, finally, the shared object library for linux. Found it. Comes with example, the windows OS equivalent, and the source code for both the linux and windows libraries. have no recollection of whether i even tested it on linux yet, its been a while since i made it. WYSIWYG. Let me know how it goes, and if it works at all! :D

Cheers! :D

General ENIGMA / Re: Popularising Enigma
« on: July 07, 2015, 11:37:10 am »

their development is slow even with more staff, and, they habitually hide stuff and break promises. But GMS 1.x is still pretty damn good and stable in its current state, i honestly dont care if not much is improved in 2.x. what they have already covers all my needs, desires, and a lot of things i dont even need but many other people do. What is there to complain this much at? If your going to rail at a game creation product do it at enigma instead of GMS if anything, not both. While GMS is still a lot better by no comparison, enigma shouldnt really be railed at either. Both are actually pretty good products.

I'll drop it at this point, i doubt this will register. Here you go hijacking another topic with this poop. Why do you think i went off topic in your topic to the wild extents i did? did that not register?


Issues Help Desk / Re: Some Fervi's Question
« on: July 01, 2015, 12:02:57 am »

im still looking apologies my computer is beimg slow as shit atm so im going to clean off some old software and files first so i can actually find that *.so library a lot quicker for you. Literally spent hours hoping the search results would finish loading but never did after trying about 6 times now so its about time i clean some GB off my machine, been slow in a lot of other ways making it hard to function on there, ill fix that tomorrow, and thank you for your patience! :)