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Off-Topic / What the crap YYG??
« on: August 28, 2013, 01:01:15 am »
On their new website layout released today, they said something that I find to be both completely ridiculous and hilarious. And I quote:

with the new YYC GameMaker Studio's games run 100x faster

What are they, 12? That has got to be most idiotic exaggeration I've ever heard. And what also strikes me as hilarious, I visited the release notes for studio to download an older version that is without the YYC because the YYC  is actually (at least) 5-10 times slower than the original interpretor they used. My 3D game ran just fine on android before they YYC came along, now my game is so slow its not even playable it ran at like 5 FPS. The YYC is a freaking joke. I'm not even kidding.

YYG are really starting to piss me off. They love to lie to their customers. First they promised GM9 targeted towards hobbyists who couldn't afford studio then they go tell that same audiance that studio *is* gm9 which obviously contradicts with their promise. And Russell lied about how YYG was "not" planning on adding an XBox360 module, which is another lie.

I used a software called OllyDebug on GameMaker Studio and it picked up all the exports they were planning and as plain as the nose on my face XBox 360 was listed, Mike Dailly and all those other morons can't get mad at me now for calling them liars, because I caught them red handed just like I knew I would. Idiots, like no joke, these guys are very stupid. Do they think we are stupid? Because it doesn't take an idiot to figure out they are liars.

YYG are completely oblivious. End of story.

Announcements / Re: Shader Resources
« on: August 27, 2013, 08:46:40 pm »
just tried it. I have the latest version of ENIGMA, LGM, Java, and the compile graphics target was set to OpenGL 3.0 when I pressed the test run green arrow button after loading your hardware performance evaluator EGM file, the java runtime crashed thus dumping out of LGM and ENIGMA, which essentially prevents a me from both test run and compile my game. Until this bug is fixed, I have no use for shaders in LGM and ENIGMA. I hope this will addressed and solved soon, but no sweat, I know you guys *cough* (Robert) can handle this hands down. :-)

Announcements / Re: Shader Resources
« on: August 27, 2013, 12:56:01 pm »
Nice Robert! This is Epic! :-)

Off-Topic / Re: Adventure Maker
« on: August 27, 2013, 12:53:12 pm »
I've tried AGS quite a while back... It had no DnD just a bunch of scripting that I had no patients to learn due to finally mastering 3 other mini languages GML, Javascript, and HTML (CSS too if you even consider that a "language") I know some bits and pieces of c++ and still teaching myself that, if it wasn't for these things and the lack of time I probably would've looked in to AGS more that what I did. But why I like AM so much is because it literally requires zero scripting and its mostly clicking. The graphics are mostly pre-rendered so there's absolutely never a problem with lagging. It also has its own scripting that is a little cheap knock off of Visual Basic 6 which is quite nice but I rarely need to use it other than for changing the screen resolution (which is essentially one line and one function of actual code written in a full length, enjoyable, more than playable game). AM doesn't use DND but rather an interface much simpler, though its difficult to explain....

All in all I love enigma, gmstudio, and adventure maker, but I daydream of the day in which they with all be one engine, which is obviously not going to happen, but writing an AM clone in Enigma has got to be the next best thing. :-)

Off-Topic / Adventure Maker
« on: August 26, 2013, 08:56:08 pm »
Adventure maker can make games 10x faster than both ENIGMA and GMStudio. Problem though, it can only make Point and Click Adventure / Escape games. If you think that isn't narrow enough, Adventure Maker games can only run natively on windows, (the PSP AND IOS exports are really html4 web apps). Without a doubt it is very limited. But I was thinking ENIGMA just might be the key to porting Adventure Maker games to Mac and Linux...

More information on Adventure Maker can be found on their website...

I was hoping someone here would like to collaborate with me on making an Adventure Maker clone (like how ENIGMA is a Game Maker clone). I already am very familiar with the format used in Adventure Maker game project files, so with a little help it shouldn't be too hard to make the clone cross compatible with Adventure Maker. I've been toying with the idea of Making the clone's IDE identical to Adventure Maker's, while writing it in ENIGMA's GML and using ENIGMA and MinGW to compile the games made with the IDE.

I don't know if any of you guys would actually be interested with this idea, knowing you all already have a lot of things on your personal to do lists but this is something I'he been wanting to do for more than a year its been now but I need to collaborate because I need guidance I'm not exactly the best programmer, I mean I can do it and code with skill and experience but when I say not a good programmer I mean a sloppy one.

Anyway if any of you guys are seriously willing to help me out on this project do not hesitate to let me know!
~Samuel :-)

ALLCAPS BOARD / Hello, Good Sir.
« on: August 25, 2013, 05:43:32 pm »
Sometimes I go thru the trouble of logging in to the enigma forums just for the sake of listening to the background music. This madness ends here -- Right Round Like A Record I am downloading you now on iTunes...

General ENIGMA / Cel Shading (3D cartoonish outline)
« on: August 24, 2013, 04:31:02 pm »
This graphics style I added to one of my games in GM:S via the new shaders (with a little help from TheSnidr). My question is, how do I implement cel shading in my enigma - ported version? I noticed Robert used this in his 1 million cubes example but I tried running/compiling the example and I got errors stating enigma doesn't recognize the shader functions he used.

General ENIGMA / Re: CodeBlocks: No sush file or directory
« on: August 24, 2013, 10:52:49 am »
Thanks guys. I'd preffer to talk about this on the IRC but what is the "Channels" textfield I don't remember that being there - what do I put in it? Also, the captcha letters aren't showing up for some reason. and the audio captcha I tried but heard nothing with my speakers on at full.

General ENIGMA / Re: CodeBlocks: No sush file or directory
« on: August 23, 2013, 10:10:35 pm »
Thanks. This should be much easier. Lol

Edit because of your edit: double thank you! :-)

General ENIGMA / Re: CodeBlocks: No sush file or directory
« on: August 23, 2013, 09:35:59 pm »
Gotcha. So I can just edit the cpp's and h's in notepad ++ and build it with lateralgm's enigma menu?

edit: congrats Robert, that is your 666th post above me.

General ENIGMA / CodeBlocks: No sush file or directory
« on: August 23, 2013, 09:25:13 pm »
Without editing anything in the "Game" code blocks project (The enigma game "runner" source) it get tons of errors all saying this: No such file or directory ...

...along with a lot of missing headers. I want to contribute to enigma but I can't without being able to build the project. Is there something I'm doing wrong? I have the GCC compiler linked correctly and everything not sure what to do now.


General ENIGMA / Re: NaturalGM vs LGM?
« on: August 21, 2013, 10:11:01 pm »
DaSpirit, How did you make the NGM logo and icon look so SEXY? :)

Off-Topic / Offering Free Android Porting and Publishing
« on: August 17, 2013, 01:59:24 pm »
I have GameMaker:Studio Master Collection and I am offering free android porting and Amazon publishing (soon Google Play publishing)...

If you want your game ported to android, send me your source code and you have one of three options I will give you.

1) I convert your game to an APK (android app file extension). I will send it back to you in a password protected zip (you specify the password to me ahead of time)
2) I publish your app to amazon giving you all the profits.
3) Same as 2) but on google play (can't do this yet!) I have yet to create a Google Play Developer account.

WHY WOULD I PUBLISH YOUR GAMES FOR FREE? *Because if your game is any good (which is the requirement for me porting your game) thenyour game's popularity will potentially increase the exposure and popularity of the commercial games the I create myself. I have a list of terms you need to abide by if you want me to to publish for you:

1) Your game must have HD graphics, I do not accept pixel art submissions. We are no longer in the mid to later 90s, "retro" is not a style but why it ever became a sensation in video games is because of limitations in technology that are no longer present,long story short, whether your game has 2D 128x128 or greater sprites or 3D textures of a similar approximate resolution you pass the first requirement.

2) You game project has zero bugs and will produce zero errors in the compile form. Though there are some exceptions, I will try to be reasonable enough to fix bugs in your project due to ENIGMA / GameMaker 8.1 & below / GameMaker:Studio incompatabilities. Also please note I only will port projects made in ENIGMA, GameMaker versions 4.3 to 8.1, GameMaker:HTML5 and GameMaker:Studio.

3) all the contents of your game are either your property/creations or you have written permission to use any contents you used,also, if any content is royalty free you must provide the appropriate credits clearly visible IN YOUR GAME (Not in an external read me!) If anything you used is public domain please mention that in your credits.

If you are not interested in me publishing for you, in the requirement above (specifically point 1) does not apply. Your game can be as crappy as you want it to be and I'll be more than happy to make it into an apk, assuming you can publish the apk yourself!

WHY WOULD I CONVERT YOUR GAME TO APK FREELY? Because I love games, especially indie games, giving me a free copy of your game would be payment enough for me. :-)


Proposals / Re: Urgent! A way to scale collision masks.
« on: August 17, 2013, 12:43:23 pm »
With this LGM update just released, my project loads perfectly. Well, almost perfectly. I tried loading the gmx version instead of the gm81 and it did load, but the resource tree had a duplicate of every folder (i.e. 2 sprite category folders) and inside every folder and folder duplicate there is a duplicate of every individual resource (except the rooms folder which is empty and failed loading), when I tried deleting the duplicate resources, it ended up deleting the original resoures as well even though I didn't tell it to do that. As we speak Robert, I am sending you my source...

General ENIGMA / Re: Legality Question...
« on: August 17, 2013, 12:34:40 pm »
Another question, let's say I make a *.egm archive / folder to a new platform converter (i.e. android apk, html5 js, tizen tpk, etc) would this also be alright as long as all I'm using that belongs to enigma is the reading of an input egm formated folder / zip and converting it to a platform which uses none of ENIGMA's compiler code? Just thought I'd double check this as well...

To clarify, I intend to write my own EGM reader that uses none of the code from ENIGMA's EGM reader.

Thanks! :)