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Teamwork / Re: Looking for Programmer
« on: September 08, 2013, 10:25:05 pm »
I'm in for it. But I can't be working for you day to day because I won't always be available with life and my own projects getting in the way. So what I'm say I can do for you in a nutshell is once a week or so let's say you have a serious programming issue which is stumbling you and stops you from making forward progress and it's time sensitive, important that you have some coding assistance, I'll mark my calender we can agree on a certain day of the week but it doesn't matter which day really as long as it is no greater or less than once a week. And don't pay me it's my joy to help. :-)  sound good?

Also I'm not a miracle worker so I might not be able to solve some coding issues you might have but it not very likely to happen since I'm rather fluent with GML at this point. Send me a PM or add me on face book my profile picture is of me eating a marshmello (yum) and my full name is Samuel Venable.

Issues Help Desk / Re: Simple cube not working
« on: September 08, 2013, 10:14:06 pm »
So I guess at least until these bugs are solved you'll have to use the vertex/normals functions. GM Model creator has this nice feature that can create a cube, select it and then convert the faces to triangles and export to gml, which should help. :-)

Issues Help Desk / Re: Simple cube not working
« on: September 08, 2013, 05:35:32 pm »
I think I remember trying d3d_draw_block before and I got the same issues, you should try d3d_model_block and d3d_model_draw I tested this and it worked, but in case I remembered wrong, what I am completely certain of that works is using the vertex and normals functions to make that equivalent cube, also loading external model files I confirm works because my current project uses this a ton.

Also it would make things easier on you when reproducing that cube model by using GM Model Creator, VModeler, SivModeler etc. These can be found on the YYG sandbox and at the Steam workshop.

General ENIGMA / Video Playback
« on: September 07, 2013, 09:40:17 pm »
In all likelyhood how long (months, years) before enigma will implement ffmpeg for splash video playback? It's free and open source, so then I thought: hmm, why not?

Off-Topic / Re: What the crap YYG??
« on: September 07, 2013, 06:51:35 pm »
Okay, okay... My rant it over. :-)

General ENIGMA / Re: The Times They Are A Changin'
« on: September 07, 2013, 06:40:39 pm »
Nice. :-)

Off-Topic / Re: What the crap YYG??
« on: September 07, 2013, 06:25:26 pm »
Hello there,
i have some problems:
jaimec, on 27 Aug 2013 - 13:51, said:
The YoYo Compiler
The YoYo Compiler unlocks new possibilities in CPU-intensive areas such as artificial intelligence, procedural techniques, real time lighting, enhanced physics, real time geometry deformation, collision and data manipulation, immensely raising the quality bar. The YoYo Compiler is free for customers of GameMaker: Studio Master Collection and is otherwise available as an add-on priced at $299.

I can't see the YoYo Compiler in my steam Master Collection version of GMS. After the steam update to 1.2 i can't see the new modules added in the target list: iOS(YYC), Android(YYC), and Windows(YYC).
In the help menu -> About Game Maker i find that the version number is: 1.2.1130 (r27319) but i can't see YYC compiler in the modules window.
May you help me? Has someone else the same problem?
Thank you,

@Daz insulting me because you don't understand what happened only proves your head injuries.

When I posted this topic FYI, there were licensing issues that I wasn't aware of at first and Studio only showed the non yyc targets but I assumed that because I didn't see any "(YYC)"  on the drop down that they replaced the interpreted targets with the YYC ones. This was a bug I saw complaints on the GMC with users who also faced this issue. Long story short they fixed this bug since I posted this topic and you can stop being an ignorant lard.

God damned idiot, I swear. LOL.

@everyone besides Daz, this was not directed at you. :-)

Graphics and Video / Re: Free and Open Source GPL Icos and Emoticons
« on: September 06, 2013, 10:35:41 pm »
I don't understand why there needs to be a thread or wiki page about this...

ALLCAPS BOARD / awesome url available
« on: September 06, 2013, 10:32:45 pm »
The domain name isn't currently taken! Quick! Make this the new enigma URL before the porn industry beat us to it!

General ENIGMA / Re: My First Contribution to the Wikj :-)
« on: September 06, 2013, 05:16:45 pm »
Thanks Robert for the tip. I'll do a revision.

@DaSpirit: As I mentioned in the article, you're right, it's free, at least at the moment and I think Tizen is not android, I used to think it had android traces in it's roots but overall I believe it is it's own unique OS, android apps have an APK extension while Tizen has TPK, since I have master collection (which I got for a total of $300 using every discount possible) I compiled a Tizen native TPK and renamed the extension to APK, I tried running it on my NOOK and it didn't work, which proves it is at least to some extent it's own platform but I don't know the level of that extent...

General ENIGMA / My First Contribution to the Wikj :-)
« on: September 06, 2013, 03:22:47 pm »
How do you guys think I did? :-)
This series of articles I am writing is intended to outline the pros and cons of both ENIGMA and GameMaker:Studio without any emotional bias expressed, with the hope it will help you make a wise decision on your own on which software better suits your expectations. The first thing to consider is the price tag, which is what this article will specifically outline.
GameMaker:Studio Standard costs $50 with no upgrade options available for GameMaker:Studio Professional. The Standard edition is what YoYoGames uses to wet your appetite to want to pay more than what was originally necessary. Here's the worst case scenerio mapped out:

So let's say I buy standard, no bid deal:
Standard (Includes XP to 7 and Mac OSX modules): $49.99

Then I realize I really like the software so I buy Pro:
Professional (Adds the Windows 8 module): $99.99

Due to financial issues, I can't afford Master Collection and so each year buy a new module to have under my belt:
YoYo Compiler: +$299.99    Android Export – x86, ARM, MIPS: +$199.99    HTML5 Export: +$99.99 iOS Export: +$199.99    Ubuntu Linux Export: +$99.99    Windows Phone 8 Export: +$199.99
Please note the Tizen Module is currently free for existing Master Collection users, which in this example I am giving I won't be a Master Collection until several years have passed, which means YYG will be charging seperately the Tizen Module with an obvious price of $199 just like the rest of the Mobile Modules, (iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 8):
Tizen Export: +$199.99
Under this case scenerio, if you do the math please do notice I spent well over 1,000 dollars, $1,250 to be exact (Ouch!). If you ask me, anyone who is willing to pay that much for software, something that is digital, and you can't even feel Physically with your hands, well, then you just made one very sad investment there are so much more important things to put that money towards, (Your future spouse's wedding ring, wedding dress, a car, an education, college, etc.)
That was the worst case scenerio, now the best case scenerio, while doing the math it still hands up to a price not far off from the worst. If I buy Master Collection right on the spot without ever bothering with the Standard, Pro, or indidual module purchases, it is still robbery, the whole $800, every last penny.
While on the other hand enigma is currently a faster-game running equivalent to GameMaker:Studio Standard along with a IDE that runs on not just Windows like Studio, but also on Mac OSX and any Linux OS. On top of that, you have an Ubuntu export, unlike Studio, has any other Linux OS comatibility, and actual compiled code, which Is more valuable than the YoYo LLVM Compiler I might add, all of this absolutely free.
Again, here is a brief overview in price range between ENIGMA and the Studio equivalent:
ENIGMA Windows, Mac, and Linux IDE: Free Studio Windows-only IDE: $49.99
ENIGMA Ubuntu Export, which supports all other Linux Platforms: Free Studio Ubuntu Export, which only works on Ubuntu and no other Linux OS: $99.99 for Pro plus another $99.99 for the actual module, so essentially it is $200
ENIGMA's actual compiled code, which is faster than the YYC/LLVM: Free Studio's slower YYC/LLVM: $99.99 for Pro, plus the actual module, $299.99, together it's $399.99
Now, while all the things about ENIGMA mentioned it is still free and open source, while the studio equivalent is half a thousand dollars ($499.99) again The studio equivalent includes the Pro, $99.99, then the Ubuntu, $99.99, then The YYC, which is another $299.99.
Last but not least I'll be sure to mention even though ENIGMA currently doesn't have as many feature and exports overall, that doesn't matter. It's only a matter of Time before Josh finishes the Pretty Printers for ENIGMA,which means that in very short order ENIGMA will catch up and be the one with more feature and exports.
In conclusion, I don't care how you spend your money, but I'd still like to give you this heads up so you don't have any excuse if you end up wasting it. It really comes down to this - are you patient enough to wait for ENIGMA to catch up, or, will you waste your money on something useless in due time. Patience is a many splendered thing.
The next article I intend to write will be addressing the compatibility between ENIGMA and GameMaker:Studio, and the pro and cons between ENIGMA's Language (EDL) and GameMaker:Studio's Language (GML). Stay tuned!

Announcements / Re: LateralGM Update
« on: September 05, 2013, 06:49:57 pm »
I don't think I was thinking clearly when I asked that. You're right you have better things to worry about and if you created an image editor would be pointless anyway like you said.

Nonetheless. Thanks for everything.

Announcements / Re: LateralGM Update
« on: September 05, 2013, 09:20:04 am »
Nice work Robert! Are you going tto implement more features that reflect GM's sprite editor? Are there going to be features that GM doesn't have (other than gif loading support)? Or is this just new layout for the current lgm editor? Either way I look forward to this update! :-)

Off-Topic / Re: So uh. . .do I belong here?
« on: September 05, 2013, 09:15:46 am »
Welcome to the community DancesWithRobots! I look forward to seeing you around here and enjoy your stay! :-)

General ENIGMA / Re: Contributing to the Wiki
« on: September 05, 2013, 09:11:30 am »
I don't speak or read Spanish but I don't have to to notice your kindness and generosity in translating these articles. Well done Ben! :-)