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Posted on: February 18, 2013, 06:44:55 pm

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This is a reminder to myself to do two things when I finally get around to writing that C++ pretty-printer:

1) Place [snip]#line[/snip] directives before each piece of code.
2) Have the pretty-printer ensure that the lines of C++ match up with the original lines of EDL.

This will ensure that error reporting by GCC can be indicated in the correct piece of code.

If anyone is interested in a homework assignment, I am interested to know if the table used by GDB is generated according to the [snip]#line[/snip] directive as well. If it is, this means that breakpoints can be set as easily as passing "break object0_event_<whatever>:<linenum>" to GDB. Not certain that is the case, but a little testing should confirm it.
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