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Title: Research on Gaming
Post by: hpg678 on February 28, 2018, 11:36:08 am
Hello and salutations.

I've been quite silent for a while as I've been very busy for the last couple of weeks. My studio is half way finished. I need to build the roof now so I can bring in the furniture and other stuff. I've also been doing some freelance electrical work, IT work fixing computers and network maintenance. I'm also slated to teach some courses later next month on Microsoft Office Training. Needless to say, doing work on my projects have slowed down somewhat but I do look in on the Forum from time to time.

Today i have a lot to talk about but I'm going to focus on just one topic as It relates to an experience I encountered since Monday, as well as I hope you give some feedback to a question I give to you.

Sometime last week, my file-server had crashed due to a Windows update. Luckily i was able to save one of my Backup drives and a huge amount of critical projects and graphics were saved. I lost a lot of my Software I had kept from my younger days, though but that okay. This prompted me to build a new computer with Windows installed to use strictly for Windows stuff.

As for my File-Server, I built another machine and installed Windows 7 Ultimate instead of Windows Server 2016 this time. The previous machine, i installed Windows 7 Ultimate on it and decided to gave it to one of my friends. I didn't install many software except for some games, VLC and Chrome browser. Suffice to say, its enough to get him on the net, play games and look at porn....... :) :)

So I gave it to him fully working but he went and installed 'COMODO AntiVirus' which fucked up the system. First it wont un-install fully
, then the hard drive won't boot, no matter whether I install Linux or Windows. Today I finally got it booting up to Windows desktop, did the Windows updates and installed Avira Antivirus.

With all of ttthhhhaaaatttt said, what recommendations does YOU have for installing 3d games to play. Most of games recommended by Youtube and gamesites are nothing more than Shooter games. I looking for a variety as in Dungeon exploring, Fantasy, Puzzles , mystery. Emphasis should be on the story, rather than the gore and violence.  Mixed content is also welcomed. for example I remember playing one that was a hidden object + match 3 + mystery game before but I can't remember the name. It could also be Openworld like the new Mario game for Nintendo.

lastly, here's the specs on the machine:

thanks for your response and suggestions!

Title: Re: Research on Gaming
Post by: HitCoder on April 18, 2018, 07:04:17 am
Good afternoon Patrick.

I decided to check basically every topic on the forums today and stumbled accross your post. I have not been very active on the forums recently due to some drama in life and some arguments with my mother and family and friends.

I am sorry to hear about your fileserver, and the inconvenience with your friend's misuse of the computer you gave to him. Glad to hear you were able to resolve the issue though ;)

Some games I would recommend are Fortnite, Osu!, Garfield Kart and Bumbledore. I asked my friend for some help with this list, and the two games I have experience with are Fortnite and Osu!, but from what I've heard the other two games are very entertaining as well!
I think all of these are only available on Windows though, and from what I can tell you are enthusiastic about Linux. That shouldn't be a problem though since I believe these games will run relatively smoothly in WINE.

I hope this helps you. Take care and have a wonderful evening :) :) :) :)
Kindest regards,
Title: Re: Research on Gaming
Post by: hpg678 on April 19, 2018, 04:24:56 am
Thanks for response. I must admit i did miss you from the forum. You have a unique perspective on various topics which i enjoy. I am sorry for the family drama, we all go through it sometimes. That's when one  needs to breathe, relax and maybe consider the others point of view of the matter. Hope it gets better though.

I will try out those you recommended, especially Osu! and Bumbledore as I'm not familiar with them.

My passion for using LINUX stems from my unfortunate experience which continue to plague me where Windows is concerned; even to this day. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of great Software for Windows. I just can't deal with the instability, its exploits, the bloatness of the OS and viruses.

From an early age I was introduced to other Operating Systems before Windows and Linux. Contrary to popular belief, Apple and Windows were not the first ones to implement a GUI into their software. Commodore had created a piece of software on a floppy disk for their 8-bit computers named GEOS but that is another topic for another time.

Concerning my file-server.......I had bought a new motherboard and installed Windows strictly to handle Windows related ENIGMA problems.  As it is now that system is not booting up. It starts up then, shuts off. My LINUX machines still runs though.

My studio is progressing. The roof is now on. I've also been contracted to do some electrical work for the next 3 months, so that's some cash to do the interior design and stuff. I will pop in as much as I can though.