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Author Topic: Updates & Upcoming News  (Read 367 times)
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Posted on: April 20, 2019, 07:23:35 am

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Greetings! Recently there have been some of updates and improvements to ENIGMA and LateralGM.

First, LateralGM has been updated to Version
  • This fixes a bug that would erase current sprites sub-images when appending new ones.
  • Another issue fixed, dealt with sprite transparency when loading/transferring GMK and GMX projects, as reported by Hitcoder and Protolink in their projects.
  • resource name completions are fixed
  • "GMX" label replaces "1200" label in the save dialog
Secondly, this has to do with the ENIGMA compiler. This is more Josh and Robert area of expertise. Suffice to say the JDI, which in layman terms, parses and converts your code in the compiler, has been rewritten anew. I'm not sure if it is up for release yet, though. Word is, with its improvements, a lot of fixes have been done that addresses things like array initialization and auto semicolons at the end code statements. i sure Josh and Robert can explain it better than I, if requested.

That's the major news for now. If you are not a member then join the Discord server to keep in touch with other announcements and talk with the devs or others in the community. Untill then be cool and happy programming with ENIGMA.
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