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Issues Help Desk / Re: Debian Package Creation
« on: May 17, 2017, 05:09:04 am »
I believe I have found what you are looking for in an application named DEBREATE. You can download it from here

as usual, here's some screenshots

You can also check the video on Youtube  here

Issues Help Desk / Re: Debian Package Creation
« on: May 15, 2017, 07:38:37 pm »
i'm gonna do some research and get back 2 you.

Off-Topic / Re: The little (game) engine that could...
« on: May 15, 2017, 11:23:32 am »
There is a lot to consider in the development of anything. And there will always be a difference of opinion on everything as we are all different individuals with different mind-sets and such.

maybe my analysis of one buying and owning software is one-sided and warped, maybe even wrong, but that shouldn't matter. What should matter is how stable your Operating System is. imagine working on your project and then your computer suddenly shuts down to update. All that hard work gone down the drain. In another scenario, your computer slows down over time , and your projects lag at runtime. Sounds familiar?

I really don't want this to be a debate over which is the better OS between Windows and linux or which is the better software between Enigma and GMS2, Each have their faults and support groups which is why we are here; to lend our support, through our experiences, and share our our code with others so they can learn and improve the use of such software. At least this is what I believe.

i recently started another post with an example of using Enigma to create applications. My aim was to show future users that with some ingenuity, you can broaden Enigma's scope. With the help of contributors, coders developers like yourself, even those who are reading this post, you now taken the step to be party of ENIGMA's growth. Even criticisms can be used as a means to better the software.

That's my 2 cents worth.

thanks rcobra

Tips, Tutorials, Examples / ENIGMA not Just for Developing Games
« on: May 13, 2017, 06:48:18 am »
Enigma uses are not just for making games. One can also create applications as well as I have done quite recently. Long ago I had begun creating an App to promote my homeland Barbados containing listings of Restaurants, Hotels, Nightspots and modes of transportation for tourists to use when they come to visit. I had developed a prototype but did not acquire enough funding to finish, so it was placed on the back burner. Originally it was designed to run on Android devices and Windows desktops.

I have now succeeded in using a segment of that App code and created an application using ENIGMA, compiled to run on Linux. Included in the archive is the source file, one can study.

One should be able to 'click-run' the program. If not then you must right-click on the program, go to "Properties", maneuver to to the 'Permissions' tab and make sure to enable the 'run as an executable' check box. If you are not able to activate the check box, I have found that placing files in the 'Home' directory solves such problems.

The app is nothing fancy or elaborate with menus, or anything of the sort. It simply displays a listings of Taxi cabs, their addresses and telephone numbers. You can scroll up and down the listing by long pressing the left mouse button and moving the mouse upwards or downwards. The scroll speed slows down to a stop when released.
Pressing the <ESC> key closes the App. <F1> should show the information and <F9> creates a screenshot.

I hope you enjoy my little project and it can be of some use to you. Any questions, criticisms or such you can reply here or PM me . Enjoy!!

You can download the .tar file here:

and here are a few screen-shots :

Off-Topic / Re: The little (game) engine that could...
« on: May 11, 2017, 12:05:29 pm »
Guys why are you wasting your bloody times - pay $1400 and buy GMS2, and get peace of mind.   Good support, good developers, bug free software, PERFECT software without any flaws.


Gamemaker Studio is indeed a wonderful software, however it does have a lot of drawbacks: the main issue being made for Windows. Windows is frustrating and very unstable and very suscepticle to viruses and malware. Not to mention the unbelievable price and terms of software use. When I buy a product, the manufacturer should not have any rights to the use of said product.  After all when you buy a pair of shoes, do Adidas or Converse tell you how to wear them?

Don't get me wrong. i am not against paying for software. I would gladly pay for it. However if I pay $1400 for it, I should then OWN it to do all I please......whether to dismantle it, re-sell it or give it away.

This is one of the reasons why I like Linux and the Open Source Movement.. Linux is stable and for almost every type of software there is a Linux version of it. There are also decent community outlets for them as well. So what if it takes more time to learn the Linux version? So what if there are bugs? Every piece of software has bugs.

I have been working for the last couple of weeks installing Enigma on various Linux distros. i have tried it on Ubuntu 16 and 17; MxLinux, Parsix, Linux Mint 18 and lastly on Trisquel 7.  With Ubuntu 17, MxLinux and Trisquel 7, I've had great success, running and compiling code. However on the others including Linux Mint 18, not so much. I do intend to explore this sometime later, as Linux Mint is  the most popular distro around.

I am in the process of testing some snippets of code to use as scripts, I had acquired them over the years when I was learning Gamemaker 4 up to this point. They are pretty old and some of the functions are obsolete, but I'm finding ways to work around them. I will publish them soon.

So don't fret; or be discouraged from using Enigma. it is a wonderful piece of software. I absolutely love it and will continue to use it.

If the download asks for a decryption key for my game 'Gem Master', here it is


greetings! I'm in the process of writing a match 3 collapse type puzzler which I intend to within the next few days. it is written entirely in Enigma and for Linux users, though i think it should be compatible with Windows. not sure but will check it out.

I placed a link to a file where it shows the core of the game. you click on the matching color gems and a score is displayed. other features, effects and  mechanics will follow.

I'm interested in any comments, criticisms and such. the code will be open-source for anyone who wants improvise the project. I'm thinking about developing a level editor where one can play their own levels as well as have others play them. Any suggestions on how to get this done would be appreciated.

I also plan on implementing code for game-pad controllers but that will be done at a later date. As of now I'm doing a few levels and making sure the core of the game works.

Anyone interested in helping me out in my project, holler back.

some screenshots to check out:

Here's a compiled executable Linux version:!5FRwDCIJ

its just one level with a score system in place and an text effect.

If it asks for a decryption key, this is is


Off-Topic / Re: The little (game) engine that could...
« on: May 05, 2017, 06:54:31 am »
If i may put in my 2 cents worth, I think the major problem is the type of Linux distribution being used.  I've had problems with Java in Ubuntu and Linux Mint, the two most popular distributions. However I've had no major problems with MX Linux, which i've been using for 6 months now. I've even installed it onto my other 2 laptops.

Other than that there are a few troubling things that do occur. Take for instance not being able to save custom configurations and the annoyance of functions not working when they are said to be able to.

However, I work around these problems when they occur so it's not so much a problem to me. An example of what i am talking about is the 'show_message" function. It is highlighted in the editor as a working function but yet when run, nothing happens. Another one is drawing sprites as life images. the strange thing about this one is that in the Windows version, it works, but in the Linux version it doesn't.

Things like these has led me to write a Windows version of a project I may be working on and re-code it for Linux or just code in Linux version. I'm just speaking from my own experiences. Unfortunately I'm not effluent in C++ or any other other programming language, (except for Basic, QBasic and a little Visual Basic), so i'm not much help with debugging the actual ENIGMA program. I am quite fluent with GML though. I have many 'Extensions" and bits of code which I think can be helpful that are compatible with GM4 up to GM1.2.  All of which i have acquired over the years.

If anyone is interested in acquiring them then PM me.

Finished Games / Re: Key to Success
« on: April 24, 2017, 04:49:30 am »
the trailer looks cool. will try it

General ENIGMA / Re: Fun Fact: ENIGMA Can Make Windows Screen Savers
« on: April 24, 2017, 04:42:36 am »
Hi. My name is Patrick. I found your post very interesting. thanks for the tip.

Works in Progress / Bat & Ball: A BREAKOUT game with a difference
« on: March 27, 2017, 11:01:16 pm »
I"m creating a Breakout game, trying out the functionality of ENIGMA. I've lately been introduced to ENIGMA but have been using YOYOGames Gamemaker for quite some time, so the transition is not that difficult. I've been eager to create Linux games but did not have the time to learn Python or any of the other programming IDEs. Apart from working and learning GM, it had been very difficult but now I can fully dedicate my energy to creating Linux games and some software.

So far most of the basic commands and functions have worked well into producing a basic game with 3 rooms and 1 power-up as yet. I'm in the process of testing the implementation of SHADERS and SURFACES within the game.

The game is fully functional. I did have a problem using my own custom font as a sprite but I solved it. I had the 'proportional' bit set as true (which had the sprite distorted) and had to set it as false. Now it displays correctly.

I'll send the source code for interested parties to use.

Any questions, just ask and I'll answer them as best as I can.

Tips, Tutorials, Examples / Breakout Tutorial
« on: March 17, 2017, 09:04:16 am »
OpenBreakout is my first work-in-progress/tutorial in creating a "breakout" game. It is simplistic and very easy to follow. It features a Scoring System with the use of 'INI' files to save and retrieve data into your games; a Pause system; creating a custom Particle System with one's own sprite as a reference and creating a custom transition after one have finished a level.






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