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Ok I tried ENIGMA on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and it compiled my game OK. Problem solved! Thank you so much guys!! :D

that's great to hear.   (Y) i'll be expecting a lot of projects from you soon then.  (Y) (Y)

I've finished testing 3 more 64bit Linux Distros which ended with two failures and one success. The one that succeeded was Debian 8 32bit version with the KDE desktop. The two that failed were Antergos and PeppermintOS 64 bit.

I had used 32bit versions of Manjaro KDE, Maui Linux, PepperMint OS and OpenMandrivia before with some success when installing to my desktop system. Other Os that worked for me was also Mx Linux and Tresquel 8 Linux. Ubuntu 16 also worked but soon after I upgraded to Ubuntu 17, i got errors as well as the applications lagged.

The Desktop system used was a Dell Inspiron 5300 with a 1.8GHZ Dual Core x86_64 Cpu; 4Gb of DDr2 SD RAM; 150GB SATA Hard drive and a DVDRW SATA Drive. I had originally installed Windows 10 Pro but I have just had enough of Windows shortcomings. The version is a VL version as it is the only one that will work in my region but it started to slow down and I couldn't set the display settings to my preference. It was such an annoyance to setup it up to begin I finally got rid of it and now Debian Linux 8 will be the only OS.

For the last couple of days I've been testing some Linux distros to see if ENIGMA will work on them. Mind you all of these are 64bit versions. The distros I've tried are

Manjaro KDE 17
Ferrin OS
OpenMandrivia 2017
OpenSuse Leap 64bit
Maui Linux

Sad to say none of them worked. Two did not boot up and the ones that did could not find all the dependencies needed which resulted in all types of errors when I ran the compiler. One error said there was no package for the compiler needed. So very strange.

The reason I did this was to ascertain whether the various errors other people got when using ENIGMA, was either due to the Linux Distro or rather the type version (64bit vs 32bit) used. Most Linux versions I use are 32bit.

Issues Help Desk / Re: ENIGMA 3D
« on: July 19, 2017, 08:46:00 am »
did you also check the examples in the WIKI EXAMPLES of the EDC section? Those are also some very good examples, such as the FPS example if that is your particular interest.

As for your question whether Enigma 3D is better than GM's. I'm not well versed in this regard but this much I'll say. It is pretty compatible with what I've tested so far. I've tried the FPS example and it worked. I even tried creating Breakout game in 3D and it worked to a certain degree. i'm using the standard primitives, blocks, squares etc. I'm hoping to import my own custom objects but more on that later. I hoping that I could import .OBJ 3d objects as that is the most generic in all the 3D software to date.

I'm running on Xubuntu 16.04 right now

Any problems?

It's been a while since I last posted on the progress of said project. I've been involved in a whole lot of other things  and i got side tracked. However, I'm back now, at least until those other matters are resolved.

to recap.......Gem master is  a match 3 puzzle game in the style of Collapse where you click on a a chain of 3 or more of the same objects to destroy them. Doing so more objects will fall and create more chains where you do the whole process over until your goal is reached.

Unlike the 'standard' method of creating a match-3 game, this method is quite unique and far more simplistic. However it's limitations is in creating solely 'Collapse' types games.

Here are some screenshots for you.....

Ubuntu 14 is the official recommendation of YYG with the Ubuntu module. You can try that or Lubuntu.  i tested Lububtu 16 on a desktop computer and it worked. However the machines I uses are solely for that OS, I test. I don't dual boot or use VM images, so I can't help you in this regard.

Sometimes the variants of Ubuntu are much better that the actual official distributions. In all my testings of the various Linux OSes, none have worked better than MX Linux and Tresquel Linux. Regarding MX Linux, most of ENIGMA's dependencies were already present. I only had to upgrade Java to version 8. It remains stable without any crashes......well except for setting up external editors. But even that I was finally able to do.

My graphic editor loads just fine now so i can edit sprites and backgrounds in the IDE. I will do a video soon to show the process i did.

Programming Help / Re: How do I get user input
« on: June 26, 2017, 03:43:38 pm »
thanks faissaloo  for the tip. I am attempting to create my own dialog functions but am having some difficulty  in parsing it to EML. For my project I have opt to create a sprite, use the keyboard string function and save it as a variable. however, I have realized that any characters typed on the keyboard during game play, end up as part of the string. Another problem stems from pressing "Enter" to save the string. It creates a line break which is kinda frustrating.

Issues Help Desk / EDC Issues
« on: June 07, 2017, 04:15:59 am »
i want to upload files to the EDC but i get this error

"Sorry! The EDC is still down while we move to cloud storage. This is a painful process requiring work with third-party APIs."

Yet I am able to look and download the others pre-loaded.

Am I doing something wrong?

Hi bro!
In my experience, dual-booting on a PC between Windows and Linux can lead to various types of problems. Lack of Hard drive space for one and Windows having a nasty habit of re-configuring your system without your permission, can mess up your boot loader.

I once had the unpleasantness of Windows updating and failed to start. grub failed to boot and I was stuck at a command prompt. in the end I had to Use a Live cd, back up the data i wanted and re-formatted the hard Drive.

My suggestions involve a bit of work and you may need to spend some money but in the end, they are worth the time and trouble.

I'm going to assume that your PC is Desktop. if that is the case, acquire a second hard-drive and install it into the system. Then install Linux onto that 2nd hard drive. On installation Grub should recognize the second hard drive and set it up as when you were dual-booting before. If that doesn't happen, at boot time press the Function key that allows you to manually choose a boot device, and choose the hard drive you installed Linux on, to boot from.

The 2nd method require you using an external hard drive. You can buy the completed one, or buy a separate kit and hard drive.  to be honest, it would be more advantageous to buy the external hard drive kit as you would be able to replace the hard drive, in case of failure as well use replace numerous hard drives with various data. This way you can travel with a Linux ready Operating System everywhere.

As far as Linux distros go, although Ubuntu and Linux Mint are the more popular, there have been a lot of problems with these two concerning ENIGMA. It not ENIGMA fault. trying to installing it always ends up with some error which affect ENIGMA. After various testings with a number of distros, I found two that ENIGMA installed flawlessly. These two are Trisquel and MX Linux.

Information on Trisquel can be found at http://www.
Information on MX Linux can be found at

Hope this have helped you out even a little. Keep up the good work.

Issues Help Desk / Re: Debian Package Creation
« on: May 24, 2017, 11:14:26 am »
I remember reading somewher in an article that '/usr/bin' is used for custom installations so maybe you should use that. I came across it while researching on Debian creation for you. Will check on it again and get back to you.

Programming Help / Re: How do I get user input
« on: May 24, 2017, 11:10:51 am »
thanks TKG .... I'm going to use it and create a dialog box for the user to input their name and record their score which will be displayed on a custom highscore table.

Programming Help / How do I get user input
« on: May 23, 2017, 01:21:54 am »
I know that one can use 'get string' but it doesn't work even though the WIKI says it should. I have also highlighted GUI and gamemaker 5 compatibility, still doesn't work. I want to create a highscore table with the player's name + his score as the no1 highscore.

Any help will be appreciated

sounds very cool. good enough to be in a rpg game. keep up the good work. ;D ;D (Y) :)

Issues Help Desk / Re: Debian Package Creation
« on: May 20, 2017, 08:06:48 pm »
Thank you so much Patrick!! :D :D :D

This is exactly what I needed and I already made my first package using it.

Thanks again! :)

you are so very welcome. Glad I was able to help out. Also happy to know you were successful in accomplishing a build. Perhaps you can tell me which 'dependencies' you used.

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