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Off-Topic / Gamepad/ Joystick Devices
« on: October 20, 2017, 10:40:22 am »
Thought it would be interesting to hear from you all on the type of controllers you use when gaming. It would also help me to consider different types of control when I am developing a project.

I have 2 types of controllers.
  • Playstation 3 SIXAXIS DUALSHOCK 3
  • XBox controller (the original XBox console) modified with a USB end
Actually the Playstation 3 works directly in LINUX but in Windows I have to load a driver and map it. Then the XBox controller works fine in Windows but goes haywire in LINUX.

Announcements / Re: I'll be upgrading CentOS today.
« on: October 18, 2017, 06:01:27 pm »
That will require a little more work. My biggest priority for the site right now is to get the email server working—I started a thread on the SMF support forums; feel free to follow along, there. If they can't give me a way to debug SMF's direct interaction with Google's SMTP server, I will have to change it so SMF contacts localhost, and my own MTA contacts Google.

Once that's done, I can take another look into the EDC, I suppose.

When ever you get the chance!  (Y)  No rush!

Announcements / Re: I'll be upgrading CentOS today.
« on: October 18, 2017, 09:47:23 am »
The plan for now is to update the Wiki software to the latest version and install a new SMF adapter (the current one's pretty wonky).

The only other problem we've found is that I've broken the ErrorDocument handler.

Can one now upload their own examples and mini-games to the EDC now since you did updates?

Announcements / Re: I'll be upgrading CentOS today.
« on: October 16, 2017, 04:08:24 pm »
Make sure you get enough rest and take your time to iron out the problems. Appreciate the time and time effort you've put in. Keep up the good work!!

 (Y) (Y)

Works in Progress / Re: Occult
« on: October 13, 2017, 01:43:57 am »
Based on its artwork, which looks fantastic by the way, it certainly looks interesting. However I cant run the game as it has no extension, nor can i set it as executable.

Graphics and Video / Re: [WIP] Collada (.dae) 3d Animated Model Loader
« on: October 09, 2017, 01:25:11 am »
 (Y) (Y)

Keep up the good work guys!

Off-Topic / Re: Interesting News
« on: October 05, 2017, 07:10:33 am »
@hpg678 I can't relate to all this hate on Microsoft. I reserve my hatred for Apple, personally.

I'd be interested in knowing your issues on Apple. I have mine too but that will be for another topic. I don't have a Mac but i have tried emulators like FUSION and lately one called SHEEPSHAVER, which allows you run Mac OS9 on the PC. I believe one may be able to install OSX but I never got around to try. Besides I don't own any Mac OS System disks. I own only 3 Mac-related disks, demos from a past magazine named MACADDICT. Not sure if it still exists though. Even back then the magazine was expensive, $25.00BD which would be $14.00US depending.

In fact I took some pics so you may get to see what they looked like back. I'm talking about in 1996 to the last one I bought in 1998.

All of this nostalgia have thus prompted me to see if I can get them mounted in LINUX if such a thing is possible. Will get back to you all on that one.

If you all have any interesting news to share please share it here also.

General ENIGMA / Re: HOW Windows Sucks or AM I JUST UNLUCKY?
« on: October 04, 2017, 06:18:07 am »
OK. So I started to build to gather parts for my HACKINTOSH project. My goal is to build a MAC environment so I could test ENIGMA on it. I have the case some memory, and some IDE hard drives. Now I have to get a motherboard and we should able to build.

Incidently all of my SATA drives are fried....even my Backup ones. For some reason they would not spin up. This included my Windows boot drive which I took from WINDOWS computer working. I had to place my Backup LINUX boot drive into the WINDOWS computer and would you believe it, it booted up and worked perfectly. I didn't have to reformat it or install anew.

The thing is I had installed it from a different computer and yet here it is running without any problems. One more + :clap: and a big  (Y) for LINUX. Take that MICROSOFT  :barf: :dogout: .

Sadly though, I'm going have to at some time build a WINDOWS machine but for now I'm concentration on producing for LINUX.

Off-Topic / Re: Interesting News
« on: October 04, 2017, 03:33:19 am »
With the billions of dollars they have at their disposal, Microsoft have to resources to develop teams of 'experts' to project their business in the future. If they made, let's say for 10 million a year, they expect to keep that figure and more regularly. The slightest deviation and they panic.

This year in August the Nintendo Switch beat them. Read the article here

This as well as a slight increase in Linux and Mac Desktops sales was a major upset to them. I believe this has to do with 2 major changes.
  • increased knowledge and disgust of Microsoft business practices
  • Big companies turning to Linux by way of point 1.
This is evident in this another article mentioning 50 Big Companies that Use LINUX.

This was indeed mind-blowing and very informative. Linux has so much influence on our lives we are not aware of. Microsoft knows though, so now they want to co-exist with Linux and Opensource because their goal is to control the market so they can get even more rich at the expense of the user.

So how does this affect us as developers. Don't be surprised if in the sometime future Microsoft announces that one of their products will become opensource in an attempt to hold onto developers. More main-stream developers will soon start developing for LINUX because even more companies will use LINUX and they will need to provide for them. As that happens the small man will then get that added support they need.

"And when that happens the Microsoft will be destroyed.............BAAAAHHHHHAAAAAA! :dance: :dance: (evil manical laugh!)"

But in all seriousness, Microsoft has some shitty and devious business practices which I cannot agree with and that's why I am so against WINDOWS and their other products. Take their EULA for instance. OK so I'm leasing their product. All of that is fine but to say I have to buy a separate license for each of my computers which I have to renew every year is absolutely ludicrous and evil. Not only that, but after spending so much money, it doesn't function properly.

Lastly I want to share with you a link to another article that is supposed to based on Security Vulnerabilities. The article would have you believe,,,(ha! Ha! :ughh: ) that LINUX and ANDROID is more unsecure WINDOWS. Mind you, Space Stations and The U.S Department of Defense uses LINUX. Even my latest experiences prove without a doubt that WINDOWS is crap compared to LINUX. Check my other post "How Windows Sucks or am I just Unlucky" to know more.

However, with everything said, it all boils down to your choice. If that's what's you're comfortable with, by all means go ahead and develop for it. I really hope that you make it in your endeavours. (Y)   However as a developer, wouldn't it be more profitable to get into a market that building up and cries out for support than that which is so flooded as it is, to the point of soon burst?

Off-Topic / Re: Interesting News
« on: October 03, 2017, 06:41:13 pm »
That's why it sparked my interest. Suddenly embracing Linux and the idea of Open Source is nothing short of a lie but to think they would actually do it blantantly in front of you face is quite disturbing. How could they suddenly want to embrace their competitor. They are using the oldest trick in book and I hope that other OpenSource companies don't be fooled by their methods and money.

Perhaps Microsoft is starting to see the writing on the wall of their impeding doom.

As for developing for Linux using Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition, I was not aware. Interesting.

Off-Topic / Interesting News
« on: October 03, 2017, 04:39:15 am »
Came across an interesting article about a rise in LINUX and MACOS  Desktop sales. Check it out here.

Another has to do with Microsoft claiming to 'love' Linux. read that one here

Interesting indeed.

General ENIGMA / HOW Windows Sucks or AM I JUST UNLUCKY?
« on: October 01, 2017, 08:30:13 pm »
So after I wrote in another post about taking some days off, I went to do a job installing a fan at a customer's home. So I switch off my LINUX computer and my WINDOWS one, went did the job and got home just before 1 o'clock. After finishing cooking around 3 o'clock I finally sat down expecting to watch a movie or two, before I did any research, when my WINDOWS machine would not boot. Not a boot screen, nothing. And this is a machine I had built a week ago after my previous failed as well.

Of course my LINUX machine is up and running but now once AGAIN I have to build ANOTHER machine and re-install WINDOWS all over again. AM i just unlucky or is some kind of prominence trying to tell me something? At some time later in the month I was planning to setup a HACKINTOSH to add to my network and see if I could be able to install ENIGMA on it but now I have to use any available parts I have to set back up a Windows machine first.........or do I?

Actually I using my LINUX machine for now so after I've gotten some sleep, I think I'll try building a HACKINTOSH first. I also think I have a another motherboard around somewhere that I can install Windows 7 on. Tomorrow I start on that and relay back how i do. In fact now that I think more on it, I'm gonna try it and see if I can help out TKG with a request of his.

Wish me luck.

Tips, Tutorials, Examples / Re: Multitextured Terrain Example
« on: October 01, 2017, 06:17:57 am »
 :ohdear: I've also been trying to use Shaders in my projects,  without much success. I've also been looking for this file also but no success either. It's been a disappointing week :ohdear: :ohdear: ......but I'm not willing to give up just yet.

I'm gonna take a couple of days off, then start up again so I should have more success then.  (Y)

Tips, Tutorials, Examples / 2D Lighting
« on: September 29, 2017, 09:05:17 am »
I've started a little project using 2D lighting. I actually wanted to do a shader effect casting light and shadows but discovered a far more simplistic way through a Youtube least for a 2D game.

The idea is to create a parent object that handles the alpha value of a child object so that the further the player if from it, that object alpha value becomes less than 0 whereby it darkens. The closer it is to the player, the object opacity rises to the point where it becomes visible.  The first screenshot shows this.

you can also control the color of the lighting you want by changing the 'color' value in the 'draw_sprite_ext' function. Notice that I place the 'obj_globalp' to be the parent of the wall object,  the grass tile and coin.

Another thing to note is the number "140'. this controls the radius of visibility of the relevant objects to the player. The smaller the value the smaller the radius and vice versa.

The original code worked in GameMaker 8 but didn't work in either versions of ENIGMA, so this is basically a rewrite of the original code.  I believe it can be helpful in a top down game, a maze game or probably something else like a day and night effect with some more tweaking. who knows.

Hope it been useful in some way.

Here a link to the source file in gmk format

Programming Help / Re: GTK WIDGETS
« on: September 29, 2017, 06:13:47 am »
Sorry about that, we're trying to fix up our Travis Continuous Integration 100% so that it will actually tell us when a pull request on GitHub breaks the engine:

I've actually made a number of changes to the GTK system that should improve how it finds the headers on Linux. You should probably take a look at that which is going to be merged tomorrow.

What platform are you trying to use gtk from? This should fix Linux, but for Windows, you'll want to download the GTK headers manually and then stick them in:
Code: [Select]
Edit: Oh sorry, I didn't know you were asking about the GUI extension, TheExDeus wrote that and it may only work if you change the graphics system to OpenGL 3.3, I'm not exactly sure as I never tested it myself.

Ok so I tried your suggestion, mixing it up with different combinations but still it didn't work. As for you making some some changes can't wait to try them out. Very grateful for your response though. Thanks very much for all your hard work and your continued support.

For future reference I am using the LINUX platform. Only when a user needs help I then resort to the WINDOWS as I understand a lot of users use that platform, but personally I use the LINUX platform.

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