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Works in Progress / Re: Man Boobs Are Candy Corn HD
« on: June 05, 2014, 08:19:24 pm »
Now that's what I call an original game - :D

Off-Topic / Re: Echo of the Wilds
« on: June 05, 2014, 08:17:07 pm »

@Darkstar2 where did you copy that text from? I'm not seeing that in Webster's...

Google :D  BTW you won't find "wilds" in a dictionary. You will see the singular versions otherwise the dictionary would be massive.  It says that the plural form of wild is wilds.   Wilds is a valid world, though in this case, Echoes of the wild would be better or Echoes Of The Wildz.  :D

Programming Help / Re: EDL & ENIGMA functions, syntax etc.
« on: June 05, 2014, 07:16:47 pm »

The same goes for games developed with ENIGMA, they can be closedsource/propietary or opensource, your choice.

I thought that with the current license in ENIGMA you could not close source, your games had to include full source and assets. That is not closed source :D

Okey, then EDL for the time being.  :D

Thanks again!  (Y)

EDL & GML.   There is not enough EDL functions to cover everything in making a game.

So far so good, and once DX9 gets full screen and window moving fixes it will be even better.   BTW, speaking of DX9 I am aware the lone is working on getting this fixed.  And it's true what you are describing about D3D is spot on.  I noticed it myself in games when alt tabbing and going back to the game the screen is black and there is a delay before everything is initialised again.  However, there are some games that don't have this delay and instantly redraw the window.  Can I assume that they are not using actual real full screen but other methods or different methods of repopulating the VRAM or whatever is done ???

This is probably to do partially with where the textures sit in the first place (RAM-wise) coupled with the amount of textures that need to be resent to the VRAM.

The explanation gets pretty complex after that. But essentially, it is pretty easy to saturate the GPU bus when copying textures back to the GPU.

The DX9 renderer I have just finished in my own engine (trying to port to ENIGMA now) switches instantly between true FS and windowed mode, that is without copying textures back though. So, remains to be seen under heavy texture load.

Or a simple fix you could just have code preventing people from ALT-tabbing from your game, ........  ;D ;D ;D

(runs......runs............runs......... fast in the distance!) :P

[quote author=Robert B Colton Yes, but important to note here Darkstar, me and you used that method to solve blurry text in Direct3D and it worked, there is no problem with Direct3D text at all now.

So far so good, and once DX9 gets full screen and window moving fixes it will be even better.   BTW, speaking of DX9 I am aware the lone is working on getting this fixed.  And it's true what you are describing about D3D is spot on.  I noticed it myself in games when alt tabbing and going back to the game the screen is black and there is a delay before everything is initialised again.  However, there are some games that don't have this delay and instantly redraw the window.  Can I assume that they are not using actual real full screen but other methods or different methods of repopulating the VRAM or whatever is done ???

BTW this fix would likely work for built in resources but NOT external resources such as those added by *_add functions, so there would need extra functions added to re-init those, + use of scripts.  So in essence, DX9 will never be truly fixed in ENIGMA unless you handle everything yourself.

Isn't that amazing? OpenGL is the one proving to be a bitch to fix, and it's not their fault, it's the graphics card manufacturers who make standard implementations of Direct3D and seem to molest OGL.

That's true and has been documented for years.  I guess a good example is the DVD specifications, not 100% of the DVD players on the market adhere to strict DVD Specifications 100%,.

You've mentioned the problem might be caused by the way NVIDIA rounds, I guess it would have to be a chipset / chip revision as some NVIDIA users do not have the issue, although most do.  I guess this would explain why .01 might actually be assisting the rounding ?  Luckily this is an easy fix and once i'm done testing phase 2 and it's implemented, it will be easy to change the GL3Matrix as well.

Programming Help / Re: EDL & ENIGMA functions, syntax etc.
« on: June 05, 2014, 04:54:22 pm »
Actually I dabled some with GWBASIC back in the day, then after more than 20 years I taught myself FPC (Pascal) in

I did some regular BASIC, PowerBASIC and QBASIC, and I must say GML is the easiest ... This is why I'm saying if you worked well with other languages you should not have a problem learning EDL/GML.  I did Pascal too (TurboPascal) learned it in school (was part of computer class) but never used it since !

I downloaded and installed (on wine) GM but since it's propietary,

Proprietary ? you wish  :D You'd be surprised at all the OpenSource used to make GMS  :D

the complete version very expensive (Even before the compiler). I found ENIGMA and here we are.

$800 ? You don't need that version to make games.  The master collection is for multi platform development.  Usually people who's goal is to publish games and earn money, as you need respective licensing fees for each of the development platforms.  Otherwise like myself, if you develop only in windows, GMS Standard will do fine, and it's not expensive.   GMS Pro if you want to be able to purchase export modules eventually.  In the case of GMS, you probably will not even need the $300 YYC Compiler, as odds are good your games won't be that much faster if at all, unless it is script intensive, but there is debate on whether it is actually good and that much faster :D

While I'm not that fast nor precise writing code, I think any game big/complicated enough would be more difficult to make with D&D only,

Yes due to the way it is visually represented, indeed it would be a mess.  However there are better ways of visually representing things.  Also for very complex games and certain game elements you'd have no choice but to use code as not all features are covered with D&D.

hence my need to learn to code in EDL/C++ (which is best/easier?), and to have acces to the ENIGMA API; hopefully around christmas the game will be complete.  :-\

EDL is exclusive to ENIGMA and has functionality not available in GAME MAKER, so the 2 are not compatible.
GML is inherited from GameMaker.  If you want to incorporate physics , you will need to use b2d functions, those are not available in GM.   ENIGMA is flexible and allows you to use all combinations in your projects such as a mix of GML, EDL, and some C++.

Or you can write your entire game from C++ ideally that is the best option, fastest and smallest of size, but requires the most skill and time, probably not this christmas but 2015-2016 :P 

Also ENIGMA is a good way to get your feet wet and get to learn C++.

Programming Help / Re: EDL & ENIGMA functions, syntax etc.
« on: June 05, 2014, 03:30:39 pm »
An introduction about EDL :

Thank you so much.

And the same goes for everyone else, frem devs to user/contributors/trolls and whatnot.

I'm trying an idea about a platformer/racing/puzzle/arcade game and D&D is way to slow, I will keep doing what I can that way but will be trying to learn tho code so the progress is faster.

I strongly encourage you there.   Given my time is very limited I never actually made fully completed projects but mostly experimenting and I've done platform type engines, but never really had the time to finish something I start.
I started with D&D, and used it for a short while, I got tired of it.  It's actually a mess, confusing and not organized. :D

Now I do my entire projects with code, not a single D&D.
Of course I have an advantage, I type insanely fast and highly accurate so that helps get things done.  Coding is not difficult at all you just have to convert your thoughts to logic elements and associate them with functions.  The documentation is your best friend! If you have not coded before first thing to get familiar with is basic things like variables, operators, conditional operations, keywords, constants, structure, and the functions themselves under each categories (drawing, sprites, movement, collision, resources, etc.etc.etc.)  Building a platform game using code only is actually easy.  Once you learn and memorise the functions and associate them with what they do, and you think like code and convert your thoughts to logic / code, it will be easy from there.
I worked with BASIC and ASM before on an expert level. If you are familiar with BASIC, you will see that GML is easier !

Announcements / Re: Timelines Implemented
« on: June 05, 2014, 03:17:44 pm »
@ sorlok_reaves:

I wanna have your babies:D

TMI....... :D :P

Thank you very much!  (Y)

Yeah indeed, nicely done mate.  Have not had a chance to test it, to be honest never used timelines before.  It's good to see new features added to ENIGMA :D

Off-Topic / Re: Echo of the Wilds
« on: June 05, 2014, 03:15:06 pm »
And it is game of the month and featured on YoYoGames.


(echo on)


    a natural state or uncultivated or uninhabited region.
    "kiwis are virtually extinct in the wild"
        a remote uninhabited or sparsely inhabited area.
        plural noun: wilds
        "he spent a year in the wilds of Canada"

So actually the s is not a spelling error.  :D

(/echo off)


Programming Help / Re: EDL & ENIGMA functions, syntax etc.
« on: June 05, 2014, 12:24:43 am »
Thank you I'll be sure to let them have a piece of my mind.  ;D

Careful not to mention ENIGMA or any competitor product on their forum, they consider it blasphemy and will pull you from the Prestigious YoYoGames Club and ban you from forum for eternity :D


Thank you very much, the drag and drop part already saw it, but I wasn't able to find the part about programming.  ???

For finding specific items I too, use or I open my GMS and access its help, it's faster that way :D

Programming Help / Re: EDL & ENIGMA functions, syntax etc.
« on: June 04, 2014, 07:28:21 pm »
Is there somewhere I should look for this?

It's not in the wiki, and I can't find it in the forum.

For documentation here:

Functions documentation here:

EDL exclusive functions (Only available in ENIGMA) here:

Arial size 30 bold unchecked italic unchecked  AA off

Ok, if you uncheck AA,  sometimes  you can see problems, but honestly is it a big concern to check AA ? AA can only improves the quality of rendering, and as far i can see, it will fix your bug. I can understand that you want to fully understand what's going on, but from my point of view with a fonts resource declared, fonts drawing in ENIGMA is far from being bad, and in any case it is not blocking !

You are missing the point ,turning on AA does not resolve every issue  Like I said, I have gone through this extensively, and it can be tricky.  AA may seem to fix it,but there are situations when it does not.  I thought it did at first and that it was the solution, but discovered otherwise.   Also if AA option is there, it is to be used or not used, why should people be forced to use it ? If there is a fix that can be applied that will work for undeclared, declared ,AA or no AA, so be it, shouldn't have to force an end user to use AA or apply their own fix, especially if there is something that can be done as a quick fix.

Thanks but I was already aware about the AA thing, and again I will repeat over and over this does not only concern fonts but flickering on scroll, you will see with my new demo.  the AA is not a complete fix.  my test fix hopefully will patch everything.

Previous to this topic Robert and I were working on finding offsets that worked for the both of us, we played with bigger offsets and even followed hardware recommendations and it resulted in me getting good results and Robert getting bad ones and 1px gaps at the seams of scrolling, so we could not find a range that worked for both of us 100%  What first started as a font only issue is now having to work a fix that will not break something else including scrolling which the previous offsets / fixes did affect !


Could you give me an example with declared fonts with a problem ? I would like to test it also.

Will do so later as I have lots on my plate now.
I already did those tests.  BTW, when running my EXE it dose not matter what you have in your source CPP, but if you are compiling your own project make sure that your GLMatrix.cpp, GSFont.cpp, GLScreen.cpp don't have any offset fixes !  I noticed fixes were merged and later a pull request was made to remove all offsets, but it was not merged yet.  So you may have the source with a previous fix and that might bias your results.

Right now working on 2 things, a revision 2 that will include more extensive tests, scroll, V/H, text, different sizes, fonts, etc and will hardcode the fixes in the CPP instead of the program, this is needed in order for the fixes to apply globally and not only in draw events.  I will address the declared font issue then.

Meanwhile with no fix / no offsets in the CPPs,
here are some examples these are under room 640x480.  Some will be less obvious and not on all characters, so look closely. (obviously this concerns NVIDIA users)  AMD users who don't see any problems will very unlikely see any with declared fonts :D

This is only a sample / example:

Arial size 30 bold unchecked italic unchecked  AA off
Code: (gml) [Select]
in draw event.

Look at the 1's very closely you will see some 1's have a tiny vertical line few pixels in height to the left of the 1.

Here is another same font, arial 30, bold OFF italics OFF AA OFF
Code: (gml) [Select]

Look closely, this one might be harder to spot, depending on your monitor res, press F4 to full screen
you will see a vertical line left to A, a line under Q (very obvious there), and few px left to G.

Try this last one above, with size 50 instead, full screen it, lines below text, so obvious, in many areas.

Using bold and a combination of AA will mask the problem and give you the impression there is none.

I too got fooled at the beginning of my testing and thought this only concerned non declared fonts, which now that I think about it, would not make much sense. Since to the engine it does not discriminate and does not know which font is which.

Right ok appreciate the results and feedback.  So one thing that is evident, those who see the problem with AMD also see it properly with the FIX.  And those who don't have the issue with AMD see the same proper display fix or no fix.  This is what I'm aiming - this is what I will focus on. I'm not a hardware engineer and I honestly don't  care who's fault is it.   These kinds of problems are not specific to ENIGMA only as many commercial games have issues of their own and release patches to fix things.  Look at the history of software releases and updates to address specific graphic cards, chipsets, etc.   Clearly this is not just limited to fonts as I noticed that even without applying ANY offset ANYWHERE, there was glitching with vertical scrolling, that I got fixed too, so it's more than just fixing GSFont.cpp and GLMatrix.

And Harri, yes if not mistaken I saw these issues with GL3 as well, but one thing at a time.  :)

I've tested the test application from Darkstar2, and i've also the bug.  If i create a new project, and i use the following code in an object:

Code: [Select]

I've the bug, BUT if i create a fonts resource, and i specify the fonts :

Code: [Select]
draw_set_font ( myfont);

I don't have the bug. I tried many different fonts, and i didn't have the bug. So i don't know how ENIGMA draw text if the fonts is not specified, but if you create a fonts resource, it seems you never had this bug.

Don't be mislead mate - I've done exactly as you did.  Just because you don't see the problem with declared fonts doesn't mean it's not there.  It's there and if you use it enough you will see it.

I've posted some screenshots you will see the big size and fonts, and I mentioned it many times.  True that on declared fonts you see less of the problem, you might even make it go by using AA, which cancels out the 1px left overs at the edges, but the problem exists.   Harder to spot, true, but tried all sorts of fonts, sizes, combination but with AA off, and noticed artifacts too, verticle lines, dots, etc, the fix I am attempting to test on will temporarily fix this and so far does not seem to alter anything else.  Those artifacts are on edges of the glyphs it appears, so it's obvious they will be canceled out and when declaring fonts AA is used by default.  Padding should help indeed, but as mentioned before might create more work for specific developers.

BTW I noticed this lines on edges when importing certain projects from GM to ENIGMA, even on actual sprites.  Yet when the project is re-saved as EGM and re-opened it works fine.   Also noticed major issues when saving as any type of GM file from LGM and importing in GMS, it opens but get asset compiler issues.  But that is off topic :D

Font rendering in GMS is crap basically.  true that I have not seen the artifacts in question maybe they us a different method to render them or round them I don't know, but if you read text you will see they are not on a straight line and each character positioned slightly different on the Y axis, perhaps due to scaling I don't know.   Some filtering is used I'm sure, because the fonts are crisp edged on ENIGMA and smaller sizes display better, where on GMS they have a filtered look.