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Programming Help / Re: Make sprite run through a loop (like sonic)
« on: July 17, 2014, 02:06:30 pm »
lol! Yes I know about the docs Harri I am still a little confused on its uses though as there are other ways of achieving the same, I've always used angle, speed, direction, traction. (movement), what are some examples of use with length_dir, in english terms, not just one example in the docs. :D

Regarding the sonic example and what OP is asking, how would length_x/y fit into the equation in terms of movement ?

General ENIGMA / Re: New functions available in the rooms editor.
« on: July 17, 2014, 02:03:13 pm »
Nice job, follow zone preview is great ! I have not used GMS in a while, did it have that feature ? last time I used it only had view borders.  So REALLY nice to see ENIGMA gain more unique features, it doesn't have to suck GMS cock all the time ! :P

One remark though, I think it is a bad idea to allow unlimited undo history.  In my opinion keep the range 0-100.    Let's see what others here think about it.

Otherwise fantastic !  Now if only your pull requests can be merged before christmas ! :D

Off-Topic / Re: Religious wars in the programming community
« on: July 17, 2014, 02:00:09 pm »
Well it's up to preference. But each programming language has some differences that makes on objectively better than another. Like if you want to use pure C++, then it's usually much harder to compile (all the makefile business). If you want many data types built-in, then python can be better, but it's usually slower and I hate the syntax (that part is subjective). If you want to use a lot of matrices and higher level math, then Matlab is a lot better, but you won't render anything real-time with it. So right tool for the right job I suppose. Like if you want to make a 2D game, then it's hard for me to imagine something better than EDL/GML.

We all know C++ is king right ? :P

They even have such a thing as programming hell and coding heaven too ! (I thought you'd get a kick out of that eds ! LOL!).

Programming Help / Re: Make sprite run through a loop (like sonic)
« on: July 17, 2014, 01:58:20 pm »
Usually you have to use more sophisticated physics simulations if you want this to work correctly (like Box2D), but you can of course just code a simple code where there is only a speed threshold involved.

Well of course you can do that with physics, but for those who don't know how, the DIYS method is simpler.  I personally would use the lazy approach and do it myself rather than use physics, given there is no IDE controllable physics in LGM, you have to do everything yourself, would probably be more time consuming than speed/traction/angle/direction along with some variable manipulation and condition checks :D

Like if the guy is running 20 pixels per frame (speed), then when hitting the loop, do either a sprite animation or a image_angle thing together with lenghtdir_x/y for placing him on radius. If the speed is lower than make him end running proportionally faster.

Why not an image_angle combined bound to direction, I personally never used lengthdir_x/y, what does that do ?

Off-Topic / Re: Religious wars in the programming community
« on: July 17, 2014, 01:54:58 pm »
Congratulations mate ! You just cracked the mystery of life.   You nailed it perfectly.  We are wired to go against one another, it's group vs. group.   Religion wars, operating system wars, programming languages wars, cultural wars, race wars, did I leave anything out ? :P

As TKG would say, true dat homie. :P

It's funny how the religious fervor is redirected among the community.

There is an inversely proportional correlation between how much have you studied and the grade of religious belief you have:

The more you stay in school the less prone to religious belief you are, and yet...

I beleive in FPC, him believes in C++, that one believes in C#, that other in java, and so on.

The same goes for libraries, wxwidgets people vs QT people, SDL vs SFML vs Allegro, etc.

Not to speack about Operating Systems, here truly the blood can reach the river, and is a free for all war, with the only exeption when you are confronted with people really outside the family : Windows vs Linux vs OsX, but among the Linux community there is no peace.

It's everybody against everybody else, Distro vs Distro, Desktop vs Desktop, Developing method and software are right there too.

Could it be only that, we, as a species, are prone to violence against those outside our group?

Programming Help / Re: Make sprite run through a loop (like sonic)
« on: July 17, 2014, 01:52:30 pm »
I'm sure you know about the angle and direction, speed and traction aspect to achieve this.  The way I would do it is if a certain speed is not achieved the character cannot go past the bend, so they would not be able to loop around in the first place......  IF the speed is right the character continues past the bend and angles up the loop, without falling down providing momentum is maintained, I normally use flags when doing stuff like that (onground, inair, isjumping, is falling, isfastenough, etc.etc.)  :P

General ENIGMA / Re: Sampler States and Texture Handling Poll
« on: July 16, 2014, 06:00:58 am »
All this talk about the texturing and other above, does this concern only the 3D games ? So basically from the above there are far more cons than pros, and given majority of people make 2D games and don't use features above I guess everyone can expect a degradation of speed along the line....... 
and more coding......doesn't sound too appealing :D

So thanks for specifying it only makes it easier to vote, only problem there is no option to vote none of the above.

But you know it's hard really to judge without actual tests ranging from simple stuff to complex stuff to see if the hit is significant enough.

Can't you make new OGL and D3D API entries, keeping OGL1, OGl3, and DX9 like they are, but adding other sets of the same but with the  changes, so people can test performance and decide which to use ?

General ENIGMA / Re: Sampler States and Texture Handling Poll
« on: July 16, 2014, 01:17:08 am »
Since you are asking people's opinion I will keep mine short and sweet.

If it slows down games, it's pointless. One of the main benefits of ENIGMA is producing faster games than relying on a GAY runner and shitty YYC.

I'd like to see the pros and cons before voting.  If it slows fucking games down, my vote is fuck no....  If it speeds things up, then it's easy.

And lastly, most people using GayRubbishStudio and ENIGMA don't use shaders let alone know shader coding.

Off-Topic / Re: Enigma as only Enigma
« on: July 15, 2014, 09:31:34 pm »
I guess I will fully agree with Josh on this one.  Having GM compatibility is good and bad.  Of course it will cater more to those who already use GM and want don't want to learn something new.

I have nothing against ENIGMA not being compatible with GM, so long as it offers the same features or better and documents properly.

Personally I have completely dropped GM, and now using ENIGMA exclusively - I intend to build ALL my projects from scratch using ENIGMA and using EGM.  NONE of my ENIGMA projects will be compatible with GM, since I use EDL, GML and C++ in nearly all my projects now, in fact ENIGMA can be expanded and new functions added, many of which I intend to add soon.  I'm sure if ENIGMA moved to being its own and dropping compatibility, people would learn it just as easy as they learned GML, since the engine is C++, but everything is tied to functions, so instead of the GML, you'd use other 1 line functions.  Having 2 products is a good thing to satisfy both markets.  Personally my use of ENIGMA was not because of GM compatibility, but mainly due to the compiled nature, and no dealing with gay runners. AND the ability to integrate C++ into the mix. Of course at first I was happy that ENIGMA had some compatibility, because I was already familiar with GML, and I use strictly code in my projects, never any single D&D, in fact D&D is turned off.  So I think the people who will require the compatibility, are mostly D&D users.  OF course I was happy the IDE had the same look and feel and simplicity, mind you, I'd still be willing to learn new sets of functions and a new IDE if the situation presented itself providing proper documentation.

If we break ENIGMA in 2 and continue progress on another version of ENIGMA which is not compatible to GM, to continue to fix bugs and broken functions held off by the GM crap, then I think we can go far, that is if GM compatibility is holding it back, whilst keeping the ENIGMA people know would be fair to both worlds :D
My main gripe with ENIGMA is the shite stability of LGM, actually enigma's plugin itself is causing LGM to crash frequently, that is a major problem which is why I am porting LGM to 6502 ASM.   ;D ;D ;D

Works in Progress / Re: My Games Are Now On Linux! (via GMS)
« on: July 15, 2014, 09:19:46 pm »
They have a special on exports, weekly specials now.

I'm guessing you used the Linux export in GMS, nice, except for the gay runner ! there's no YYC for linux exports right ?

Off-Topic / Re: Remake classic games.
« on: July 14, 2014, 07:19:34 pm »

Yea, substantial similarity is indeed a problem, that's why I said make your one assets unique and do not copy 1:1 game play (rules).

Anyway, making a clone is a great way of learning to use enigma, since you don't have to design the game, somebody already did that.

I too am making some clones right now, don't think I'll upload them anywhere and only allow my son to try them (so he can see what gaming was like in the dinosaurs time  ;D

As you say better safe than sorry, and there's always abandonware, games that have no copyright or opensourced games, so you can make a tux clone, a tux cart clone, an opensurge clone, a super smash bros clone and so on. Just go to sourceforge and check out the games they have there, avoiding the clones of commercial games.

What I am surprised with is how YoYoGames managed to allow member to upload games people made with GM which mostly were mario clones, sega clones, etc, and not get into trouble. :P

You could upload your creation to a file host and password protect it, share it only in a tight circle and add disclaimers in your game, mentioning each respective IP holder, and adding a warning NOT to distribute this game.  ALSO if you are making a game with your own asset and want to protect against similarity claims, or using characters, names, etc, add a disclaimer that any resemblance is coincidental and not intended, though be careful as this can be argued in a court if the work is complex and anybody can prove the unlikelihood of such coincidence such as complex recreation of art.

Most of the IP holder and their representative scour social media and file hosts as these are the most likely places people upload their crap. 

BTW, there were many mario clones back in the days of the sandbox, (YYG), yet Nintendo has a very strong stance against clones, remakes, fan games etc.  Unless YYG has a deal with such companies I wonder how none of this got noticed.  YET majority of the games posted allegedly are infringing.

Expression of ideas can be protected not the ideas themselves.

Whatever game you make a lawyer somewhere will work hard to find SOMETHING,anything to sue you, that's what they do and paid for.

If you want to live on the edge and test the waters, post your clone/remake on facebook and youtube........:D  Depending on the company you are allegedly ripping off of, you will get notices much quicker.

I too would like to make some clones :P

There are also RATS online, they get kicks of reporting people. These game companies sometimes have staff that scour online, and know where to look, this is fact as I know people who work for some of the big companies.  Music, Film and videogames, gotta be very careful.

I wonder how the C-64 games fall under, are all of them still under copyright or is there an expiration ? limit ? from what I heard it was 70+ years? or unlimited in some cases?

Would be quite amazing porting some of the C-64 games to ENIGMA :P    Those nice 8x8 sprites max 4 colour per sprite, etc. :P
What I'd love to do is import some C-64 assets and make completely new levels of those games.

Anybody remember Montezuma's revenge and Shamus Case series ? 

Off-Topic / Re: Remake classic games.
« on: July 14, 2014, 04:52:23 pm »
Indeed, there is no copyright on genre, I posted some links above I would strongly recommend reading them, especially the one that covers game copyright in detail, read the part about scene-a-faire, very interesting, not all art in game is exclusive / copyrightable you will see examples on that site .....

Also there is something to be careful about, called substantial similarity.   there was a case where someone made a pac man type game, even with his own assets, the rules were the same, but he got ordered to take down...... Sometimes you can get take down notices even though by law your game does not violate any.  Company representatives sometimes will abuse this, knowing most people won't counter the take down and abide by it.  There have been cases where games were taken down but where their authors could have fought and won their case.  So one has to be careful about that too.  Frivolous lawsuits and take down notices are not uncommon and some companies take big risks doing so, should someone dispute it and knows about the law and can establish they have violated the guidelines.

It's a big mess, and there is lot of contradictions and ambiguity / gray areas.  Which is why it is important to get the info straight from law.  Not everyone will get caught or get notices obviously.  If you rip off from TKG's games and release clones, remakes and substantially similar, it's very unlikely TKG will sue your arse ! But more likely if you were dealing with Nintendo, NAMCO, ATARI, EA, Microsoft, and other big fish...........:P

So it's a good idea to research the company you are trying to rip off from, better yet, make your own unique games similar to nothing out there if you want near 0 liability.  Use the similarity disclaimer (nearly all films use this disclaimer).  OR if you want to make clones and remakes keep them inside a closed circle, avoid social media, torrents and file hosts, or make your files PRIVATE and request that people NOT redistribute your files. This way it would be highly unlikely that any company would go after you, in fact they won't, and it will be difficult for them to control.

That said I too was thinking of making remakes of C-64 games but one thing I will never do is publish these files on social media, file hosts, indie sites, etc.

General ENIGMA / Re: New functions available in the rooms editor.
« on: July 14, 2014, 03:22:57 pm »
I am also planning some stuff too for ENIGMA and LGM, new functions, extensions and new features.

Great to hear this !  (Y) Not afraid of C++ and OpenGl ?  :D

lol not afraid of much, but I know my limits.  I do know enough to contribute certain things though, which will be mostly features and not have to do with graphics/rendering, as I am not familiar with the more advanced graphics programming stuff (oGL, d3d, etc.) But know how to add extensions, and add new functions.  What I plan to do is make a tool to parse an EGM file and let the user configure different options to pack resources into files or single file, with or without encryption, allowing them to call these individual resources from their games, directly to memory, straight read to memory. That tool will be written entirely in C++, and be a console mode.  Though later I could add a GUI to it.  As far LGM, that is JAVA, something I am not 100% familiar with but could use a convert for that purpose.  Ideally I would like to convert it and interface it with LGM as a plugin like ENIGMA is a plugin to LGM, adding an option under build, build resource files.  etc.
And some small fixes, addons to LGM here and there.
See where this brings me.  My contribution level will be very limited, the more advanced graphics stuff and major stuff will be left to the experts :D

After this whole pain my arsehole font fix and DX9 fix playing around with the code, nah, not afraid :D My knowledge on how the code interfaces to each components is limited, so far I know how to write extensions and enable them, how to add new functions, how to modify existing ones and where to look for them.  Wish I knew more but that might come in time or never come, :P it was never a plan, I guess I found out about ENIGMA by accident and I got into C++ by accident. :P  There's a great tool out there for Java to C++ and C++ to JAVA, as I'm sure you are aware, if I could do my stuff in C++ and port it to JAVA and integrate it in LGM that would be fantastic.

In any case I have some plans on my own for ENIGMA for large game developers, I am planning to add dynamic resources handling, packing/unpacking resources from external files directly in memory, and every aspect of the game including rooms etc to outside files, making possible multi GB games and IDE remaining compact and lightning fast.

So in theory the limitations would be for instances/resources present in memory, once external resource handling is into play all that would be irrelevant.  That is the system used by nearly all commercial games now anyway.

As far as threaded resources management, that is exactly where the dynamic resource handling falls under. Ability for such developers to use progression bars or dynamic loading screens, with animation, progression, etc whilst the resource(s) is/are being loaded.

General ENIGMA / Re: New functions available in the rooms editor.
« on: July 14, 2014, 02:10:53 pm »
You've got a tight schedule, there.

It depends also if my pull requests will be accepted quickly or not  :)

Anyway my new ideas were successful as usual i don't have much feedback !  :D

lol yeah hopefully your pull requests can be accepted, but now I think I understood the purpose behind the original post :P 

I am also planning some stuff too for ENIGMA and LGM, new functions, extensions and new features.