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Proposals / Re: some proposal
« on: August 07, 2014, 03:10:07 pm »
hello, I have a little 'proposals to improve enigma, I do not know if someone has already proposed (in this case, let me know):
1) be able to "close" the braces, if you have a very long code that can help to make the code more readable, for example:

1. Don't you mean automatic braces like for example in an IDE ?  Example, I work in CodeBlocks C++, and whenever I open brace, the close brace is there for me, letting me insert anything I want in between.
I like this idea and it should be implemented in LGM IDE. I'm all for it and it should not be difficult to implement.

2) Enter in the code editor the name of the object and its event

This is great for people who don't do any D&D and only code.  I would love that as I do only code.
But if I'm not mistaken, you can already do that in GMS, not sure if this is fully functional and working in ENIGMA.  I know it's covered in the docs but never actually tried it :D

3) the possibility as in gm, zoom in and out the written

What do you mean by that ?  There is no such feature in GM, do you mean inside the code editor ? You can't do that in GM.  Though it might help for people who are visually impaired, perhaps ability to select font
and text size in code editor :D 

General ENIGMA / Re: Portable EXE is flagged as malware by Google Chrome
« on: August 05, 2014, 01:07:14 am »
I have the latest and up to date AVIRA Premium and MalwareBytes Pro, and the portable checks just fine, (by portable I mean the one on the site dated 7/28.) So I always relied on those 2 trusted programs.  You probably have a false negative as result of heuristics scanning that is tripped by some of the characteristics of the self extraction/decompression/decrypter.

if people get false positives they should submit the sample to whatever shit they are using so it can get unflagged.


Off-Topic / Re: Would someone please?
« on: August 05, 2014, 12:58:32 am »
These surgeries carry risks, it should only be a last resort. See if nerve block is not an option for you, I was actually serious about that part :D

Off-Topic / Re: Would someone please?
« on: August 04, 2014, 06:31:19 pm »
It's chronic alright, and I'm under treatment, but it's taking to damn long to work, I'm actually considering surgery.

Sounds painful just to read :D

Tylenol is Ibuprofene and so is Advil (I think),

Wrong.  Tylenol is Acetaminophen, Advil is Ibuprofen.  You cannot take 2 different medications of the same type, example, Motrin and Advil together as both are Ibuprofen, but it is safe to take 2 different types such as Acetaminophen + Ibuprofen,
though you should never do so unless advised by your doctor and never take more than the prescribed dose.   You've probably taken them long enough to cause some liver damage.  You should discuss that too with your doc. 

What is Dilaudil?

It's a narcotic pain killer based on hydromorphone HCL.  But I was joking around.  :)
Oh and the LAST THING you should EVER tell your doctor or surgeon is to cut your leg off......... Personally I rather live with a painful leg than no leg, I don't know how some MFs manage to live their lives with amputated arms, legs, etc, I'd bloody KILL myself !

Off-Topic / Re: Would someone please?
« on: August 04, 2014, 04:44:30 pm »
Just chop off my right leg a little below the knee?

be careful what you wish for.

Leg injury ??? illness ???  Guess there is an amazing invention called pain killers have you tried those ?

Next time you go to your doc you can order from the a la carte menu, and make sure  you order a Nerve Block Procedure, usually it's on specials on Friday.


Varicose veins, and a varicose ulcer on the right ankle, sometimes it just kills me, regarding the pain killers; last night, when I wrote that, I had taken (3 Hours before) Naproxene , Ibuprofene, an anti-inflamatory, and omeprazol  :(

Short of taking grade A, tripping so high you are feeling no pain, medication there was little more I could do. In general I try not to take really strong stuff for a long time, because your body creates tolerance and then you need more meds or stronger ones for the same pain, until you're getting shot on the veins with cancer grade painkillers or smoking them.

What you probably need is Dilaudid :P :D
But on a more serious note,
Is this chronic or temporary ?  You are taking some strong PKs.  Gotta be careful with these and your liver, don't take more than the daily dose and long term, if it's chronic you should check with your doc any alternative and no cutting your leg off is not one of them even by special request :D
As far as cancer grade therapy, nope, you don't want those either unless you have nothing to lose and terminally ill :D

From what you describe above it sounds to me like you suffer chronic pain and you are a regular V.I.P customer of PKs.  You should really discuss this with your doc before you damage your kidneys and liver further with this poison :D

The most abuse I have done when struck with sever inflammation is 2 tylenols + 2 advils at the same time, lol.  I took Naproxen once for 10 days for severe muscle / back inflammation, helped a lot with pain and kept me sleeping the entire MF day :D  But always took those temporary.

Never touched drugs though, medicinal or not, but sometimes I think those are much safer and effective than the POISON medicine approved by the FDA. :P

Off-Topic / Re: Would someone please?
« on: August 04, 2014, 03:00:13 pm »
Just chop off my right leg a little below the knee?

be careful what you wish for.

Leg injury ??? illness ???  Guess there is an amazing invention called pain killers have you tried those ?

Next time you go to your doc you can order from the a la carte menu, and make sure  you order a Nerve Block Procedure, usually it's on specials on Friday.


Developing ENIGMA / Re: Font Pixel Alignment
« on: August 03, 2014, 07:09:18 pm »
No; believe it or not, that was for srs. I used to get complaints about that when I'd leave coordinates as integers, because graphics would hop around as if snapped to a grid (namely, integers :P).

Well we are in 2014, and there is nothing worse than the shitty "hopping around" as you call it effect of scrolling graphic and text, it makes it look very unprofessional !  I like the idea of having smooth transitions (scrolling/movement) etc, that might come with a small cost, however what I would not like is for the still image to be blurry or significant blurring during movement.

Your 128x96 blown up to 480p gave me a good laugh I needed that actually thanks :D

Developing ENIGMA / Re: Font Pixel Alignment
« on: August 03, 2014, 02:12:40 pm »
you should start considering the people who want a 128×96 views blown up to 480p or 600p.


Off-Topic / Re: No rush
« on: August 02, 2014, 10:08:44 pm »
I think you guys should all take a vacation, to Jamaica.

tell di tings rude bwoy.....tell di tings dem !!!

Programming Help / Re: image_angle & view_angle : problem !
« on: August 02, 2014, 09:50:09 pm »
Actually, I believe those tile gaps could be the result of the offset in the projection functions, since they also cause gaps in my scrolling background. This is why I am being adamant about fixing the text drawing functions to prove we don't need offsets to our projection functions.

I tested this extensively on my end and had other people offline test it, I've done more offline testing on my own with scrolling, and have never seen any gaps, horizontal / vertical, tiles, objects or otherwise caused by the 0.01 + rounding fix, in fact there was a problem long before the offset fix.....Remember we've used offset and rounding, and for your information, you might have forgotten this, but I mentioned to you I noticed a scrolling gap, even WITHOUT the offset fixes, I accidentally found that out as I was testing something with all fixes removed and stumbled upon a flickering 1px gap on vertical scroll or some odd scrolling thing I was doing at the time, and I had all fixes removed.....So the fix is probably shifting the already existing problem around
So I strongly disagree, the offset fix is not the CAUSE of the gap, as I witnessed it with factory code, no fix enabled.

As far as text drawing fix, I'm for it, but not at the cost of degrading text quality and having it display blurry (even on non moving text) or sprites, etc.  The fix just shifts problem around, out of view, but is NOT the cause of the bloody problem.  If the ROOT of the problem is dealt with, we probably won't need a fix, but there again, it was established that it is clearly a graphic card issue, and results vary between AMD and NVIDIA.      Also Robert, they cause gaps in your scrolling background, probably because of the way you do your scrolling, very complicated shit!  I tested your scrolling code even without the fix and I saw gaps !!! So it was not caused by my fix.  I had the gaps completely gone when modifying your code to use traditional methods of scrolling, you were using delta if not mistaken, I used the background function scrolling and gaps gone, with or without fix.

Proposals / Re: Threading
« on: August 02, 2014, 09:31:56 pm »

I like the idea.  I'd like the ability to use threading for loading big assets into the background whilst in an animated game menu or during a game, or animated load screen,
currently script thread in ENIGMA only works with show message, it is broken for everything else.

Programming Help / Re: Where do I find ENIGMA's API?
« on: August 02, 2014, 01:44:50 pm »
That's one of the reasons there are so many programming languages, the choice sometimes is also which feels easier, more enjoyable to you.

I like challenges, how about we start an entire project written in 2 opcodes ? :P

it's a lot easier, only problem you have to declare your variables ahead and on the right place  :)

Hmm that was too long ago, I remember we had to declare stuff early on, but it's very vague, but there must be some similarities like if you declare variables inside procedures/functions they are local to the function/procedure, right ?  PASCAL was just an optional addon to my computer course, not something I was going to pursue seriously though, I didn't do much with PASCAL but a few projects - Something I probably would have done far quicker in BASIC or even ASM LOL.

YYGM is made in Delphi-Object Pascal... Tools so obsolete that they managed to make the software that has been the standard for many years in easy game making.

They had a choice to other languages, actually it was Mark Overmars who wrote the initial GM using Delphi, he probably did not know other languages, but when YYG got its paws on the GM franchise only to ruin it, in my opinon, :D, they had all these bloody years and opportunity to re-write the IDE.  They instead decided to mangle with obsolete and duct tape everywhere.  By their own admission they called Delphi or what was left of the original IDE as a pile of "poo", those are their words, look at the irony.  :P

That said you should us whatever you feel more comfortable using, some one once told me a really good programmer should know 3 or 4 languages at least, and that the should include an interpreted one, a web one, a math one and a general one.

lol well I don't do this as a career so I'm good.  Let's see, I know LOGO, I know C++, BASIC, QBASIC, ASM6502, web programming NIL....... but I don't care, I started doing this as a hobby and will continue as a hobby, programming is not my field anyway, that's not the field I studied.  I haven't touched coding in years, my interest sparked again once I started getting fed up with GM's rubbish :D

Also C++ has a shitload of libraries to use, the only other language that comes close to C++ in that regard is Python... but it's an interpreted language, so the right tool for the right job according to your expertise.  :D

yes agreed about C++, and it's fast too !
There again you have to KNOW each library and its function set.  Yeah there are tons of graphic libraries and shit, but you have to know them and how they work and what makes them tick.  If you were to ask me to dabble with the openGL libraries and make an OGL demo in C++ I would not know, because I've never done gfx programming.
Most of the stuff I can do in C++ right now is processing / math /algorithms, file access and GUI.  But graphics stuff, 3D stuff, more advanced stuff, I'm not an advanced/expert level yet.

Programming Help / Re: Where do I find ENIGMA's API?
« on: August 02, 2014, 12:55:37 pm »
I don't understand : it seems to me that there is a big elephant in the room, and nobody is talking about it !  :D Robert made a 'Command Line Interface' :, so ENIGMA can be easily used from any IDE. Or perhaps i misunderstood something ?

The big elephant fell in a hole :P

Yes I'm aware of Robert's CLI project but he did not complete it, it's not yet complete, from what I recall what you could compile is limited.  he ran into snag of some sort, or perhaps he lacked time.   When I mentioned CLI I was not referring to the same thing Robert was doing, I was jokingly suggesting a console version of the IDE :P

Off-Topic / Re: NakedPaulToast
« on: August 02, 2014, 12:52:59 pm »
I was reading through the thread Robert linked...
You're post
their is some other reason

But he seams like a reasoneable guy.

indeed. :D

Programming Help / Re: Where do I find ENIGMA's API?
« on: August 02, 2014, 02:40:09 am »
If you already know some C++ you can pick up pascal really quick,

Don't forget I learned PASCAL in school, :D  For some reason I enjoyed more learning C++.  I wish I had learned C++ back then instead of PASCAL. :P

it's a lot easier, only problem you have to declare your variables ahead and on the right place  :)

I always do that / always did that.  I NEVER write any code with undeclared variable.

And you can use the delphi one to teach yourself Lazarus with only minimal modifications.

First build me a time machine so I can go back in time. :D

Isn't G**Maker's IDE done in Delphi ?  Many people have been critical about the IDE for being in Delphi.

You know what for now I will stick to C++, and if I have some time I might learn other stuff.  Thanks for the info :)