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Issues Help Desk / Re: help with splash_show_image(fname,delay)
« on: May 18, 2015, 02:27:45 am »
and splash_show_web()

General ENIGMA / Re: Ludum Dare 32 Entry
« on: April 26, 2015, 02:49:57 pm »
Really cool! RPG is a very ambitious genre for such competitions. I wish you the best of luck. Looks really good!

Well unless more than two people respond idk how much more effort id be willing to go out of my way to bless GMC users i know wouldnt mind my generously free and open source help. I actually like helping people and not charging for it, charging $0.99 for a relative mouse click extension that only works on windows due a dll when it could work on all platforms for free in GML, or the world famous 3 line equivalent to wolff's execute program shit he charges a dollar for i just wrote from memory in less than 3 seconds literally.

Code: [Select]
//#includes imports and that other top of the file shit doesnt count as a line, neither should a single { or } :p unless your joking, thus i wont write it

DLL double execute_program(char* prog) {
WinExec(prog, SW_SHOW);

He is charging people a dollar for that right there. No joke. He could at least add a wait param using WaitForSingleObject() and CreateProcess/ShellExecute(). Though microsoft calls WinExec deprecated by other shit like CreateProcess its cool when they "deprecate" functions they still keep them functional for backwards compatibility most of the time like in this case. It even works on the Windows 10 beta i read somewhere. Knowing wolff's lack of experience he probably didnt know WinExec existed and used CreateProcess instead even though thats more useless arguments he's wasted with NULL parameters or whatever bc he didnt need them all he literally needed function wise is the codebox above. Its very sad. "Look mommy I can write three lines of code from google and look no errors! Look mommy people are actually buying this shit!"

what about his scatch pad shit. I got it free on a limited time sale, how he described it in his MP asset description made no sense "if you need ever easy debug output" wtf that means english please dude? Even my english in this post im writing here can be understood but he doesnt know how to describe (or fucking revise once after a year or more) his retard thing on a store hes selling it with no free demo or trial. After i downloaded it i realised it lets you draw variables, function returns and shit to an external scrolling window during debugging or whenever desired,  makes sense i guess, but a lot of people wont buy it if they dont know what it fucking does until after purchase and testing it.

Wow. I look at the screenshots and it helped fill in the blanks and at least i thought that is what it did, but its so useless i wasnt sure if i had the right impression until after getting it free on sale and testing it myself. I should make a duplicate of his scratch pad from the top of my head with a more sensable title ie "debug pad", with a legible and revised non-halfbaked description (lol he loves that term as much as halfbaked applies to himself as if he didnt know), free and open source, this one being completely public domain knowing its a free clone of paid shovelware, idk, maybe i should add features to give it more meaning and usefulness too? As ive done all this already when i cloned his execute program with my execute shell. Itll be fun to make him cry. ^_^ the poor little man. Maybe the claimed married with multiple children 40 year old man who writes game engine competing with GMS and Unity in a month who acts 14 will get a job like most 14 year olds and not get a boner over useless pocket change internet revenue. He told me what he makes, no wayy any 40 year old who has ever had a job would be so damn excited over pennies in the pocket less than weekly. Thats what 14 year olds who arent old enough to be hired would get excited about. ^_^

General ENIGMA / Re: First Impressions Of ENIGMA
« on: April 09, 2015, 10:14:51 pm »
^Couldn't have said it better myself . ;)

General ENIGMA / Re: First Impressions Of ENIGMA
« on: April 06, 2015, 12:43:22 pm »
lol no wonder why boomerang decompiler never worked for me as i thought advertised.

General ENIGMA / Re: First Impressions Of ENIGMA
« on: April 06, 2015, 12:13:19 pm »
I know what you mean Harri. It doesnt really matter i was just saying to his terms an exe would be better than a loose zip when it comes to stripping assets. But doesnt matter as you said anyone who wants to strip assets will find ot easy regardless of the methed, its like pick one - an easy method or a microscopically easier one, the thing is its easy either way so its not like that matters. Even if were ever that "difficult" anyone whos determined can pull it off anyway.

DS2 i understand being paranoid but piracy and asset stripping is impossible to prevent and easy or not its still easy for just about any convinced hacker. It doesnt require hacking either, look at software media extractors they scan an exe for images sound video some docs flash and other media appended, and with no programming knowledge using user friendly (usually freeware) software to do this in minutes without a tutorial and extract shit from your favorite AAA game, so how an indie like yourself could do any better is out of the question why try if it wont prevent much even if you were nintendo or EA games? The new Sims by EA Games has already had its models and textures ripped and you can import your own models too in the game last i checked with a variety of trainers made by amateur programmers and hackers.

The only thing "hard" to extract (or in this case decompiled or disasembled) from a game is the original c++ or whatever language used's code files or workspace. It is doable with that too but that is reasonably (but still far from entirely) safe when actually compiled and not interpreted, but media is a complete lost cause in trying to do that.

General ENIGMA / Re: First Impressions Of ENIGMA
« on: April 06, 2015, 09:52:47 am »
Thank you ExDeus so glad you could come to my rescue! ;)

What you don't seem to know is that at runtime, all those DLLs are copied to the temp folder.  This means that everyone selling their shit on the MP is getting ripped off.... because in theory this means you can run someone's game that was made with a paid DLL and steal it from the temp folder and use it yourself courtesy of yours truly, YYG.....  I was made aware of this by a person selling on MP.

YYG makes it EASY for people to steal stuff from hard working individuals, steal game resources, etc.

I mean I know there is always a way to steal resources, but why the fuck make it easy ??? as easy
as copying them to the temp folder for the grabbing.

The bastardised methods they use packing all the shite in one EXE and decompressing it all in the temp folder irks me, it is a TERRIBLE, shitty way to publish a game.  Nobody in their right fucked up mind publishes games that way, go look at any commercial game out there.  When you want to push updates to your game you have to have your users download the entire fucking EXE along with its entire embedded resources.

The way I would use EGM to develop eventually is keep only the compiled code in the EXE and all resources into separate files, each encrypted, including room data, and breaking different aspects of the game or app into pieces like commercial games. If there is an update to a module, the user would only need minimal download.

Take windows, would you have liked it if Windows was just 1 EXE ?

So for big game developers this makes it a much faster process.  There is no way I would release a 1GB EXE file.  That's why I want the external resource _add functions, because I don't want everything to be packed inside the EXE.

darkstar2 i hate to break it to you i know that more than anyone im the one who basically gave mike the idea bc they didnt want to spend time on anything much more complicated. Im especially pissed mike didnt mention me and left the anouncement partialy to true valhalla on the game maker blog, thats another reason why i was never mentioned or thanked with such publicity.

Not that mike.dailly mentioned me in the single runtime exe announcemrnt like i was hoping, but if it wasnt for me they wouldve never added back that feature everyone loved about gm 8.1 was the single exe that can extract includes to the temp_directory. He thanked me when i told him, in a random forum topic where i said it, not like anyone is going to notice that. But mike added it bc i told him about iexpress.exe, and its dependencies makecab and wextract, which has been builtin and hidden in every windows desktop system32 folder since around Windows 98. Thats what they are using to make it one exe. Everyone loves that feature, im sorry you dont appreciate what i practically added to gmstudio in a sense. But if it wasnt for my "shitty" suggestion all your resources wouldnt be extracted at runtime, youd be relying on the zipped export, which takes a real nuckle head not knowing to how take resources out a zip so you should be happy they are doing more than that. The exe can be opened just like the zip export with 7zip but not like anyone would think to do that when they could just double click and run the exe which you cant do with a zip you need to extract or see the contents first with whatever archive manager you use.

General ENIGMA / Re: First Impressions Of ENIGMA
« on: April 05, 2015, 06:54:32 pm »
Okay correction, they still did add back sprite/background_add i just double checked. As for sound since your a windows guy do you have ANY idea how many dlls and extensions there are for this that work in GMS? Please google it im not going to find it for you theres tons of them.

You like adding to enigma's source, okay but you still havent told me how creating a dll is isnt as good. I find it easier. You dont have to recompile the whole engine code every time you do a new test run which takes a million years, just recompile the tiny ass c++ dll which take a milisecond then replace the old version with it in your include files. So much easier. And you can still use c++ because any dll for GMS is no less c++ than enigma's engine code. :p really dont get your point.

General ENIGMA / Re: First Impressions Of ENIGMA
« on: April 05, 2015, 04:42:48 pm »
They added that function back a long time ago same with sprite/background_add but youll have to double check about the format they dont support as many as they did for gm8.1 and its still sandboxed.

General ENIGMA / Re: First Impressions Of ENIGMA
« on: April 04, 2015, 09:39:34 pm »

Im glad you like it dude, it warms my precious little heart bro. I was inspired by how Tigger explains the spelling of his name in Winnie the Pooh.  :smileycat: (Y)

General ENIGMA / Re: First Impressions Of ENIGMA
« on: April 03, 2015, 05:11:19 pm »
I never said you werent appreciate in fact i appreciate you the most right now harri as you are the only still working on it. (Y) but you cant do it by yourself no one can i wish robert and josh come back especially idk what happened to sorlok but he a great help like you too. Thank you for stayingwith us. I know other than rober they are prob just on a break or busy but still

Also you misread me. A bright future and a hint or at least visible chance of a future at all isnt the same thing and the later is what id like to see which isnt a high standard. The problem isnt the project or its current feature/stability state, as ive stated its the lack of attention its getting from developers due care and time restraints, and the lack of attention from the game devs themselves looking for tools like this, simply bc they cant find enigma due the word isnt getting out in the right places. Ive seen robert sharing on commercial game engine sites which is a big no-no look how many of his topics got locked on sites like that...

General ENIGMA / Re: First Impressions Of ENIGMA
« on: April 03, 2015, 02:11:21 pm »
^If the project becomes desperate enough that without my help itd be more likely die id love join in if that meant i wouldnt be the only new dev and if i could actually have assurance for "tomorrow" my efforts wouldnt be a total waste and itd die quickly regardless, thus why i havent actually contributed yet im waiting to see if it can get the slightest hint of a brighter future on its own by the existing or future devs for it before im willing to take a risk like that by getting my hands dirty. If anyone is willing to make a such risk i can tell you right now its not me.

General ENIGMA / Re: First Impressions Of ENIGMA
« on: April 03, 2015, 01:03:41 pm »
I dont normally post long ass shit like this but pleass bear with me guys this is very fucking important!!

@Josh, ISM, ExDeus, Robert, DS2 and all the contributors here - love how you guys have been working on this game engine and ide for several to many years and your acting like now more than ever this project is dead and a pile of shit just about the exact same time were getting these new members telling you the oposite. As been said from them ill reiterate, "ENIGMA is why i find GameMaker:Studio obsolete" - notice that was said even with him knowing no mobile or console support yet, must mean he really fucking likes it!! Or what about "Im the only strictly linux user for the most part who uses this because while i find it much better than the very limited linux alternatives out there, no one else will feel the same way without knowing it exists" - advertise your awsome shit damnit!! You may think its a good idea to leave the GM compatibility, but face it most people who like this product is because of the GM project support. Even DS2 who tries to pretend otherwise, as he said he may or may not switch back to GMS, but if he did hed need to rewrite his projects from shit if it wasnt for the amazing level of compatibility it has now. Even people who have had no experience with or awareness of GM wouldnt use this right now if it wasnt for it being a GM clone. While we have doc'd stuff on our wiki, we'll NEVER be able to provide the level of insight the GMC and YYG themselves provide for their engine, as its been said ill repeat "I had no idea how to use this thing and couldnt do anything but set up LGM with the plugin and run an empty untouched project, but once i found out it was a game maker clone, the GMC gave me EVERYTHING i needed from top to bottom" - being honest, with the little motivation and interest in developing the project there is now, do you honestly think for a SECOND we'll ever have as big a help resource on our wiki that would EVER compare to whats on the GMC, not to mention the YYG wiki/helpdesk and help doc. Are you really saying if we became an independent product from GM wed magically get the motivation to do more work and be more a competitor to YYG any sooner? Im pretty sure for the reasons given, that would slow down our progress greatly for years to come and would ultimately kill the project. People like this shit for the GM compatibility no matter how much you as the devs dont agree. We need their documentation, helpdesk, GMC, their audience partially, etc on top of the idea if you really did make enigma its own shit that would be more work not less, not just for the technical help side of things as mentioned, but also the core engines code itself. Thats a lot more functions and features to write from scratch or base on what we already have but renamed and rewritten almost completely, AND somehow "do a better job than YYG" in addition? REALLY, now?? Youll magically find the strength to do it then with life getting in theway just as much i can garentee it, you wont be able to make money from the project anyway from how its licensed, you may be able to relisense with permission from every to enable closed souraced commercial games, but i can garentee youll never be able to sell the engine with it open source whether whole or in part, and not every contributor wil approve of the idea of making it closed source so thats your fault for going GPL as a 16 yo Josh no offense and sticking with it all the way till now that your arent a minor and have a real legal voice, very late for that now. Money might motivate, as your only hope of more motivation, you still cant help life getting in the way of all the people developing this, and dont forget you arent exactly set up for an ideal future as far as making money on this project due to its self destructive licensing. I say dont pursue selling it, and just as much please do keep the GM compatibility. It isnt dead just yet but dont set yourself up to kill it off completely and that what these things would do exactly.

@Just at DS2 - you do realise DLL extension while are very messy are just as effective roughly as adding your own source code to anything that is open source even though GMS isnt? An example of this you cant do anything about what built in,the game file sizes are bigger than enigma's but its stil very damn small no one fucking cares bc whether you use ENIGMA or GMS the only real filesize concern that can REALLY increase your filesise in a way that actually matters is not the base engine but the many images, especiall if HD, and the many sounds, espcially if its an actually goooood game that uses more than one stupid repetative soundtrack, ie They Need To Be Fed and eveything else that sceams YYG or typical mobile shit you wont see on any quality console except OUYA and the likes. Even XB1 and PS4 ndies know how to be more talented than that shit. Again, even pixel art games, like 16-bit obvs, that filesize can really fucking grow if the game is of an acceptable commercial length and quality, and that will require a TON of varying images and visuals, ultimately could turn stuff into the GBs pretty fast as far as media, where as look at the core runner, the only thing to worry about there is like but a couple MB not even? Who fucking gives arip? The runner code is always the same size with every game YYC or not and the rest is simply your media and raw text "settings" appended to it. Notice every GMS exe is the same size, the in that directory and the external audio is the only difference youl see in that folder, all the YYC does is replace th interpreted code with native and appending that file within the executable binary itself insead of an external file. Its the same thing across platforms. Androd for instance the file for windows looks exactly like the game.droid file in your android apks asset subfolder. Its the same exact file if you compile the same project, except for varying platforms with the project untouched. The game.droid equivalent for is the same exact filesize, copile for android, extract the game.droid, rename it and put in in the default runner.exes directory. Itll run the same exact game using that file as though using the original also dont act like GMS cant do videos, it can and much better than enigma, not with lonewolffs shitty windows only hogwash, thats as worthless in my book as what enigma has, while it has more functionality, windows is the dumest shit ever to support exclusively with no other platforms in mind bc every game engine on earth nearly supports windows for crying out loud. This is why im planning to port my extensions to Linux and Android as well as mac ehen i finally get one. Other than that i know how to program android and linux extensions i got a new LG android phone (so much better than my shitty old as hell samsung that broke) and i have a second machine running ubuntu and im considering a dual boot for my windows machine. I alreaday have everything i need to support 3 very important platforms, one enigma doesnt have, i just need the time for it which ill have startig in 3 months thanks to summer. Get this, GMS supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android for Video playback thanks to two well updated extensions on the marketplace. ;) everything that GM made obsolete one way or another can be just as easily added back with extensions just as ENIGMA did by being open source. Thats exactly what nearly all my extensions are doing. ;)

@DS2 and lonewol-double-"f"-for-double-the-fuck - Here's the video player extensions i was talking about, the desktop ones should all work in ENIGMA too. Im actualy glad someone beat me to it in making a video player in this case, they did it right, saves me of a lot of trouble, it isnt free, eh, why should i care, at least the price is worth it knowing that platforms in mind. Lol yeah lonewolff im still talking about you but its not a personal attack its just the truth you act like in your MP profile you know tons of languages, when either you only know C++ and or windows only stuff like Visual Basic as your personal website ("win32developer") and everythig else your online content suggests, you really like programming for windows exclusively and id consider that nearly useless in todays crossplatform market standards. :p why do you program again?? Seriously man your a mystery i seriously dont get the lack of appeal. Lonewolff please cry on the GMC they arent letting me back anyway as i just checked again nothings changed in their view since day one of my ban. Dont forget gamejolt, im leaving there as soon as they add the disable rating and comments feature their planning, once thats done ill be using the site merely as file sharing system like dropbox and nothing more as the community ive ben avoiding for a while now. :p

Windows, Mac, and Linux (FFMPEG based, cant beat that!) (one crossplatform extension, an extension done right)

Android (Android API based, still MUCH better than windows only shit!)

General ENIGMA / Re: First Impressions Of ENIGMA
« on: March 31, 2015, 04:48:49 am »
lol i am very afraid of clowns especially that one. it tries to catch my attention all over the internet. i have nightmares waking me up at the buttcrack of dawn. its tragic. if they actually had good tutorials and sample projects shipped with their engine, ya know, like what i see Unity doing on their fb page im subribed to with lust but im dry of the same money i couldve invested on that on GMS instead. i was set up. wanted to make games googled generic game maker and boom im stuck with shit unil ive completed my investment in moving out of my parents house, got a job with a crazy badass pay i feel lucky and spoiled bc its a job help programming web content for someone at my familys church he nos im lazy and hes ritch paying me crapload of money to help me generously i think hes even losing money in this help me succeed in life its amazing. bad news im already hired but never actually started yet he wants me to learn json, flash, and php figures my least fav web language among the very few i have no interest in or experience with, been putting off the tuts so my savings still consist of 0 dollars and 0 cents when im 20 anxious to move out booked reading this shit that doesnt interest me nothing  like c++ which i actually know how to code in for years now and actually consider useful. the motivation is wats making hard. ill be lucky to purchase a decent license of unity by the time im 50 due my priorities i hate my fucking family moving is my first concern so they dont give me the eviction notice they threaten daily over stupid shit like if i look at them funny even. american law is fucked up it supports my family kicking me out bc they hate me over things i cant help like disagreeing them on everything thing it doesn matter even if i honor and submit to their wish they think im psychotic bc i dare disagree with them bout anything. oh my im sorry i have the audacity of having brain forming unique views just like everyone else on the damn planet. excuse mom and dad i obey and respect u all the time godamn but but wat yu cant force me to is agree with wat u force me to do i do it anyway without complaining isnt tht good enough for crying out loud. u cant do this bc u dnt like me me and im a legal adult wat other reason is there. this is some serious bad juju. i blame game maker and where the fuck r my goddamn meds for shits sake

my bad i think i already knew that but forgot wen i posted this. now that i think of it im not sure if sorlok is either so ill just scratch u guys