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« on: June 21, 2013, 09:58:43 pm »
Oh my glob. Way to go Josh! Hahaha...

Off-Topic / Re: Introductions
« on: June 20, 2013, 06:07:47 pm »
Welcome to the forum! :-)

Works in Progress / Re: Mark the Penguin
« on: June 20, 2013, 06:00:48 pm »
This project I'm no longer supporting so wahoo I'm giving out the source! WYSIWYG

Issues Help Desk / Re: Enigma fails to start on Ubuntu 12.04
« on: June 20, 2013, 05:44:42 pm »
If it helps any, here's how I run ENIGMA on Ubuntu:


enter this into the terminal: cd enigma-dev
press enter
enter this into the terminal: java -jar lateralgm.jar
press enter

Off-Topic / Re: Fully released
« on: June 20, 2013, 05:40:24 pm »
Import your enigma game .exe as an included file in GM 8.1 so it will have that ugly default loading bar most gm games have and make an empty room that executes the included file from the temp_directory while making the empty room window invisible beforehand. for example:

Code: [Select]

And there you have it, no one will ever find out unless they happen to read this topic of yours :P

General ENIGMA / Re: How to get the C++ sourc code of my game?
« on: June 11, 2013, 11:52:42 am »
The directory I'm refering to is where enigma temporarily compiles it's game to:


The files I'm refering to are in the red box in the image below:

If you guys still don't know how to help then just screw it, it's not that big of a deal. :)

General ENIGMA / Re: How to get the C++ sourc code of my game?
« on: June 10, 2013, 10:16:16 pm »
Thanks for the replies.

@Josh - I'm not trying to use c++ functions in my game, I want to get the c++ source so I can compile it to an ActiveX .ocx control in visual studio.

When I test ran my game I noticed in the temp directory where the game runs, the CPP source and header files were in there but quickly deleted after the compilation is complete, they are deleted so fast that after about 20 through of me trying to copy and paste them to a different folder I've had no success, I finally gave up and hoped I'd find an easy solution to this by starting this topic.

« on: June 09, 2013, 11:27:12 pm »
Rule #1 every time you have to go poop while logged in to these forums you have to announce it here giving the exact time and date. I have to poop. 12:26 AM 6/10/2013

General ENIGMA / How to get the C++ sourc code of my game?
« on: June 08, 2013, 03:20:03 pm »
I'd like to build an ActiveX control, but enigma doesn't allow such. Is there  a way
for me to generate the C++ source code for my game (and not compile it)?


Announcements / Re: LateralGM Update
« on: June 02, 2013, 05:39:45 pm »
I'd appreciate it if you re-uploaded this - thanks!

Off-Topic / Re: Can someone give an honest rating on my games?
« on: May 28, 2013, 04:00:33 pm »
Hey I just send you a message. :) I don't have your email since I switch from cox webmail to hotmail, but it you send me it that should make contacting easier at least until the enigma private messanger gets upgraded. :)

Works in Progress / Re: Mark the Penguin
« on: May 23, 2013, 03:14:24 pm »
Mark the Penguin is being completely recreated! :D

Function Peer Review / Re: Splash functions
« on: May 09, 2013, 12:14:05 pm »
Quite honestly, I have not a clue on how to impliment my code into enigma and I think it would be much better if some one else did the rest.

Function Peer Review / Splash functions
« on: May 08, 2013, 01:31:06 pm »
here's the code.

Code: [Select]
  HWND apphwnd;
  HANDLE handle;

    int CALLBACK EnumWindowsProc(HWND hwnd, LPARAM param)
        DWORD pID;
        DWORD TpID = GetWindowThreadProcessId(hwnd, &pID);
            if (TpID == (DWORD)param)
                return false;
        return true;

    HANDLE StartNewProcess(LPCTSTR program, LPCTSTR args)
                HANDLE hProcess = NULL;
                PROCESS_INFORMATION processInfo;
                STARTUPINFO startupInfo;
                ::ZeroMemory(&startupInfo, sizeof(startupInfo));
                startupInfo.cb = sizeof(startupInfo);
                    if(::CreateProcess(program, (LPTSTR)args,
                                        NULL,  // process security
                                        NULL,  // thread security
                                        FALSE, // no inheritance
                                        0,     // no startup flags
                                        NULL,  // no special environment
                                        NULL,  // default startup directory
                        { /* success */
                        Sleep(5000);//wait for the window of exe application created
                        ::EnumWindows(&EnumWindowsProc, processInfo.dwThreadId);
                        hProcess = processInfo.hProcess;
                        } /* success */
                return hProcess;//Return HANDLE of process.

  int splash_show_program(char *program)
      ::SetWindowLong(apphwnd, GWL_STYLE, WS_VISIBLE);
      CRect rect;
      ::MoveWindow(apphwnd, rect.left,,rect.right, rect.bottom, true);

  int splash_terminate_program()

Issues Help Desk / Re: How to I talk in the IRC?
« on: May 08, 2013, 11:50:39 am »
Thanks! got it. Boy am i clueless XD