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General ENIGMA / ENIGMA - Easy installation
« on: February 06, 2019, 05:27:06 am »
Hello there!
I think that many Windows users dropping ENIGMA because of hard installation. And yep - it's true.
I got ~2 weeks to understand how it should work, and made installation script to make this easy.
1. Install MSYS2 and do pacman -Syu as the ENIGMA Wiki says.
2. Unpack this script to your msys folder.
3. Install:
   a) for 32-bit machines: via mingw32 folder;
   b) for 64-bit machines: via mingw64 (for 64-bit compilation) and via mingw32(for 32-bit compilation)
4. Enjoy!
NOTE: All useful .bat files for install and launch located in YOUR MSYS FOLDER\ENIGMA\scripts\windows
NOTE #2: If you don't trust .EXE files (which is compressed 7z archive), you can unpack it via 7-zip like normal archive

Issues Help Desk / [SOLVED]LGM/Enigma lib errors
« on: December 04, 2018, 10:21:50 am »
I have a problem with enigma library.
1. I cannot build emake: no grpc_cpp_plugin. How to install it on MSYS2? I don't see it in packages/repos, .sh file from MSYS wiki don't work too.
2. LGM cannot compile apps, i see the buttons, but they are turned off. I think that the problem with my PATH, but i can't fix that. MSYS32\mingw32\bin don't work too.
3. 64-bit CompileEGMF don't work on latest LateralGM.
So, what i need to do? Please, help me in this situation.

P.S. Can ENIGMA run without MSYS environment at all with only mingw32 installed?
by the way, some details:
My PATH contains only msys dir: C:\msys32\usr\bin
I'm using portable Java 8.0 x32, packed with Launch4j, so, the installation and PATH for it is not needed.
ENIGMA is installed in C:\ENIGMA
OS: Windows 7 SP1 x32\ Windows 10 LTSB 2016 x64

Issues Help Desk / RGM crashes on startup
« on: November 11, 2018, 06:48:08 am »
Hello there!
I installed RadialGM[v1.0.122-64bit], but it crashes after startup.
By the way, I:
1. Installed MSYS2[x86_64]
2. Built a CompileEGMF.dll[x64]
But RGM is crashing again.
What I'm doing wrong? Please, help me.

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