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Issues Help Desk / Compile enigma on ClockworkPI GameShell
« on: August 11, 2019, 03:42:56 am »
Hi there,

I'm a game developer using Game Maker (been using it for 10 years) and I recently bought a GameShell, which is best described as a Linux handheld with an ARM architecture. I'm not too familiar with the specifics, but I'd love to port some of my smaller Game Maker projects to the GameShell and from what I've heard ENIGMA is the only viable option to achieve this.

So far I've tried putting ENIGMA on my GameShell to build directly on the device (I've tried this tutorial and read through this), but during the process I got a lot of fatal errors because of a missing "project.pb.h".

If somebody here knows a way to make ENIGMA run on the GameShell and would like to share his knowledge with a total beginner, that would be very much appreciated.

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