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Programming Help / Syntax error Help?
« on: August 20, 2015, 07:48:18 am »
So i recently switched from GM:S to Enigma (cause like my friend was bugging me about Opensource Stuff and i plan to get linux so i decided to look up one for GM:S) and I found this one, so i go to import my Game which runs perfectly fine in GM:S and i Get this error whilst trying to compile it
Code: [Select]
Building for mode (0)
Cleaning up from previous executions
 - Cleared parsed objects
 - Cleared room entries
 - Cleared shared locals list
 - Cleared event info
Loading shared locals from extensions list
Location in memory of structure: 0a4a1420
Copying resources:
Copying sprite names [30]
Copying sound names [0]
Copying background names [2]
Copying path names [0]
Copying script names [36]
Copying shader names [0]
Copying font names [1]
Copying timeline names [0]
Copying object names [39]
Copying room names [1]
Copying constant names [0]
36 Scripts:
Syntax error in script `gj_datastore_keys_user'
Line 5, position 35 (absolute 246): Unknown function or script `md5_string_utf8'
(This is from the gamejolt api by the way that's erroring) , Any help? Cause this works completely fine in GM:S

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