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Title: Compiled game doesn't start?
Post by: Jan on March 14, 2019, 06:53:28 am
Good day everyone.

I have an odd(?) problem which results in games not starting after I compiled them into an .exe. When running the game from lateralgm they work just fine.
Is that a known problem or is there something I'm missing/doing wrong?

I have Windows 10 64bit, intel 4790, Nvidia 1080, Java 8 Update 201 and followed the instructions on https://enigma-dev.org/docs/Wiki/Install:Windows.
Title: Re: Compiled game doesn't start?
Post by: hpg678 on March 14, 2019, 10:10:53 am

that is indeed a strange problem. if it builds successfully, it should by all means compiled. I can only suggest trying updating from your mysys folder the compiler

Code: [Select]
pacman -Syu gcc

Title: Re: Compiled game doesn't start?
Post by: Goombert on March 14, 2019, 05:46:05 pm
Hi Jan! I'm sorry you ran into this and I have been seeing some cases of it myself when building final games in compile mode. However, it seems to be random as some games will do it while others are just fine. It also seems to keep changing whenever I do an MSYS2 upgrade. I am interested in finding the root cause of this myself, but it's proved to be a little difficult since it sometimes won't occur when building with debugging symbols and gdb'ing the release exe doesn't yield anything useful because there is no debugging symbols! It's a bit of catch 22.

You can try maybe compiling the games with different systems (I specifically want to point my finger at OpenAL here as a potential cause of this). Another workaround, since you said the game works fine in run mode, is to copy and distribute the temp file exe of your game (the file path is printed in LGM's output window when you run the game). One issue with the second work around is you may end up with a terminal window when you double click the game. You can circumvent that by modifying the main makefile to link the Windows subsystem in Run mode (which tells Windows that it's a Window app not a console app). Just change the following line from Compile to Run, save the makefile, build your game, and copy the temp file.

Again, I'm sorry about this problem, and I will continue looking into it.
Title: Re: Compiled game doesn't start?
Post by: impo on March 14, 2019, 09:46:03 pm
yes, i have exact same problem as well.
Title: Re: Compiled game doesn't start?
Post by: Goombert on March 14, 2019, 11:16:16 pm
Ok, yeah, try the workarounds.... if anybody finds anything more about this before I do be sure to share.
Title: Re: Compiled game doesn't start?
Post by: hpg678 on March 15, 2019, 04:14:39 am

I've had the same issue quite recently when i updated on my Windows pc. After showing Goombert the error file, he suggested I erase my


folder. As he puts it


it's just because you have the old binaries of the engine, you upgraded gcc which upgraded the linker which wants to use
a new .o format
so obviously you need to clean out the old object files and do a clean build of the engine

Having done that, i am happy to say it worked and i am able to build again.

So thanks to Goombert for his suggestion and also his invaluable time, his expertise in helping and the extreme amount of effort to the project.