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Author Topic: OpenAL Audio and FreeType Font Rendering Extension Windows Deps  (Read 6071 times)
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Posted on: July 30, 2022, 12:46:08 pm

If you happen to want/need OpenAL or FreeType for anything, here's a zip with the required DLL's. Note some of the dependencies of both are licensed under LGPL meaning you cannot statically link with them and release your game closed source, even with a linking exception (while I know this for certain with OpenAL, I'd have to double check with FreeType). Both have missing required static libraries from the MSYS2 pacman packages anyway, so you couldn't easily do it even if you wanted to release your game open source.

TL;DR to use OpenAL/FreeType distribute these DLL's with your game:

The "win32" folder for 32-bit games. The "win64" is for 64-bit games.

I will try to update the above link to make sure the DLL's remain up-to-date with the latest versions available intermittently. If they stop working after packages have been updated I recommend letting me know in this topic so I can update the download to have the latest versions.

I won't be updating the DLL's at all until pacman's shipped versions of gRPC/abseil/protobuff are no longer breaking the Windows build.

In the meantime you can use older versions of the Windows installer which actually work.

Technically not sure if you even need libffi but I included it in the download anyway just in case. I added that in case any of the requred DLL's use that to call other dependency functions.

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