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Author Topic: Everything in a seperate thread?  (Read 2907 times)
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Posted on: January 24, 2015, 06:34:28 pm

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For my tools I love to make a resizible window. This is usually not that trivial, but we have everything working in ENIGMA to do this like so:
Code: [Select]
if (global.window_width != window_get_width() || global.window_height != window_get_height()){
global.window_width = window_get_width();
global.window_height = window_get_height();
view_wview[0] = global.window_width;
view_hview[0] = global.window_height;

view_wport[0] = global.window_width;
view_hport[0] = global.window_height;
So I check if the size has changed and if so, change the view size, reset window and screen. Those last two are needed to fix some visual bugs, as ENIGMA internally also needs to have it's sizes updated. This makes it work. I then noticed that maximize button was not clickable even if I enable resizing. I fixed it here ( And then I noticed something that has troubled me for a long time - when you resize or move the window, everything inside it freezes. This is because of the way Windows is made and how they use modal loops. This means that the main thread is essentially frozen when you move or resize. There are two ways to fix this as far as I know:
1) Break the modal loop and do everything yourself: , but it seems like a lot of work, as you basically replicate everything Windows was doing.
2) Do everything in separate thread and allow windows to freeze the main thread. I seem to like this more. This can technically boost speed as well. The question: Has anyone done this? My naive idea was that maybe we can just create a thread in winmain(){} and do everything inside it from there. Thus there wouldn't be any problems with memory sharing and so on. The problems are callback functions (among other windows specific functions which use windows API) - will they work inside a child thread? I mean something like this function:
Code: [Select]
LRESULT CALLBACK WndProc (HWND hWndParameter, UINT message,WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)
I do see that we have the Resize event working, which means I can do some of stuff inside the thread. The event is called whenever the window actually executes the modal loop. Like I tried screen_redraw() inside the event and it works. It redraws the screen and so I can have it look like it's not totally frozen. But the game itself is still frozen, because I would need to update all events for this to work. I guess we don't have a function for performing a full game loop. That would actually be useful.
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