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Proposals / Re: Decrease Code Size?
« on: October 21, 2010, 10:34:29 am »
At the moment, I'm hesitant about this because of the value of keeping Enigma readable, so that if the user needs to modify something, they can read the comments. However, as Enigma progresses away from direct source modification and into Definitions and integrated C++ and such, the comments are becoming less useful in the release. Also, developers who do wish to modify the source still should probably be using the testing branch or dev-trunk anyways.

Also, in the stable branch, we can get rid of a few things that are also not needed, like pluginsource. If we could create a set of exact rules on what to do, I can program the bot to do it.

That said, luis has a point. But if not the SVN, where?

Issues Help Desk / Re: Can someone explain how to use enigma
« on: October 19, 2010, 10:44:20 pm »
About 16 MB, sadly.
In fact, it doesn't even need to download pluginsource, but that would only save 400 KB. Most of the brute is in the source code for the game.

General ENIGMA / Re: TGMG - A word...
« on: October 19, 2010, 11:39:22 am »
Tabs are illegal for indentation in YAML. They are legal, however, in string literals.
For example, the following is valid:
Code: [Select]
description: |

Announcements / Re: What's happening now
« on: October 17, 2010, 03:12:51 pm »
blank.txt, defines.txt, redirfile.txt, and searchdirs.txt are all deleted so that LGM can regenerate them.
Neither LGM nor the plugin are responsible for the generation or regeneration of any of these files. I believe you meant ENIGMA.
Also, redirfile.txt should be regenerated irregardless of its existence. It serves as a temporary active log of the output of `make game` when run from ENIGMA, which the plugin will then attempt to read and pipe to the progress console. I don't know of the nature of the other 3.

Announcements / Re: What's happening now
« on: October 17, 2010, 09:09:03 am »
We're working on that. By which I mean, I'm hinting to Ism every week or so that I hate it when that thing covers my game window.
You've never mentioned it.

I'm looking over my code, and it looks like I call compileEGMf from your dll, and then never execute the game myself - it seems you do that now from within compileEGMf. Obviously I have no way of telling when that single method is done one part and moving on to another, which means that the method would need to inform me. Which means that it's Josh's job. And since I provided josh with this wonderful toolkit of progress console methods, including one to close the console, I don't know what you're bitching to me about.

Although I am aware of a slightly separate, always-on-top problem which I'm still trying to fix I've now fixed in r504.

But, seeing as that site is full of people taking such scripts and running with them without credit, I suppose it'd only be annoying if everyone that found use for them emailed him. So do what you like.
Yes, but it's not every day that someone requests permission to relicense/license their code.

The scripts on that site are unlicensed and free use, but copyrighted. That means that technically you can steal them and license them however you'd like. However, it would be common courtesy to try to contact the author first and make sure that they are ok with you relicensing them to a GPL compatible license (such as MIT, or GPL)

Announcements / Re: What's happening now
« on: October 14, 2010, 02:38:07 pm »

The de-facto standard game to test has become Catch the Clown.

... try knocking up Icuurd ..., if he's free he'll probably sort you out ;)


Proposals / Re: Images
« on: October 02, 2010, 07:39:01 pm »
Ou right. I forgot LGM allows saving to pre-GM8 file formats too. In that case there is no other way I guess.
Technically we could do a similar thing, but backwards. If the image contains transparency, we simply set the transparency 'checkbox' (no longer there) to true and then figure out how to deal with the transparency. Of course, the hard part is figuring out how to deal with the transparency without dealing significant loss.

I am not able to find that file. Do I need to create it if it doesn't exist?
It's inside the jar. It should also be possible to create a file outside the jar to overwrite it. If not, that's functionality we intend to add.

Announcements / Re: Proceedings
« on: September 30, 2010, 04:24:31 pm »
Proposed change:
Delete definition of "The ENIGMA Team"
Replace "as a special exception, the ENIGMA Team gives You" with appropriate rewording, such as "this exception gives You" or "as a special exception, You are granted"
1a: Delete "as Officially Endorsed by the ENIGMA Team"
Delete 3. Update following numbers.

The resulting license may be referred to as "License Ism 1"

Proposals / Re: Images
« on: September 30, 2010, 03:25:42 pm »
@First paragraph
The checkbox is retained for backwards compatibility during export. Alpha pixels are already handled smoothly (or if not, a bug report should be filed, because they worked fine last I tested them). As for your claim about artifacts, I'm not aware of this. One person was using LGM for down-converting a GM8 file to GM6 with images which already had partially transparent artifacts. This is largely unavoidable, and is really just a problem with the graphic artist, and not LGM.

@Third paragraph
The sprite editor is indeed far from being finished, and my dev team is down to 1 (myself), and my primary concerns at this time are largely ENIGMA interoperability.
As for the claim that you can't modify it in any way, this is entirely false. There is a properties file which specifies the image editor to use. By default, it is the Gimp. If you do not have the Gimp installed, attempting to edit the image will do nothing. You should modify the properties file to specify your own image editor, if you have one.
There was a move to create an image editor for LGM at one point, called JEIE, but the project never took off, and is just sitting there waiting for someone to develop it. A few people have taken interest, but nothing has come of it yet.

Proposals / Re: LGM themes (Warning: Images)
« on: September 29, 2010, 05:40:46 pm »
Like I said:
during development, we forced the Java L&F because different platforms typically screwed up the components and it made it difficult to test the more important functionality on each platform.
Read my posts in this thread for more info.

Proposals / Re: LGM themes (Warning: Images)
« on: September 28, 2010, 03:50:28 pm »
Actually you probably did it right. LGM just overrides the theme as soon as it loads up.

Function Peer Review / Re: Function Peer Review Board
« on: September 25, 2010, 06:59:44 pm »
text functions don't exist because fonts aren't implemented yet. If you want to build on top of them, feel free, just make a dummy draw_text function to build on top of.