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Title: GMS 2
Post by: IgazHarcos on November 10, 2016, 02:35:33 pm

I just find this incredible projext a few days ago, and I really happy to see what the amazing developing team do here. I really like the option to turn off Drag n Drop (like in GMS2 now), and I see various topics covering different questions, but I want to know, a few things.

I'm beta testing GMS 2 , and including the ability to turn off DnD there i some useful functions. I want to know, id the team is planning to implement this functions, like autotile, or animated tile, and some other new functions from GMS2?

Thanks for sour answer, and I wish the best for the projext! :)
Title: Re: GMS 2
Post by: Darkstar2 on November 10, 2016, 06:25:28 pm
Given all the time that has gone by waiting, it is sad to see YYG once again playing it "safe".  A lot of focus shifted towards the new IDE, and revamping.  Is there significantly new functionality to brag about, to justify itself as a new generation product ? No.  It does even have video support for fucksake!  Something that should be standard support.  They rely heavily on the market and their end-users doing the dirty work and building addons, extensions etc, so they can make $$$ out of it.  Their pricing scheme is beyond ridiculous - people should be able to choose the export modules THEY want, a la carte style, not be imposed shit they don't want.

More so, tracking inside compiled projects.  I can understand why they would like anonymous data collected for whatever reason, I have nothing against it, most of the software I use on my PC already does this, many do.  However, this should *NEVER* be imposed on your end users, EVER.  If I were to distribute applications / games where there is ANY tracking whether anonymous or not, I would need FULL disclosure on the data being sent.  I'm not sure my clients would be too happy and would frown upon any product that does not disclose exactly what is being tracked they would be fucking irate about it. 

For windows developers I don't think this product is moving in the right direction - I think ENIGMA shows more promise, flexibility, compact file sizes, more functionality.  It's time for ENIGMA to detach itself from YYG's nob and be it's own product.  Is GMs2 really raising the bar ? not quite, ideally, windows developers should learn to code or use better tools for that effect.

The ridiculous licence and restrictions imposed,the imposing of tracking and lack of significant change other than the IDE makes this not worthy of purchase - GMS 1.4 will be decent for most use, particularly for PC users.  If you really want to upgrade just for the new IDE, ask yourself is it worth the price ? when there are some "alternatives" ;)

GMS2 does not have me impressed to the point of saying "Hey all these bloody years waiting were worth it........" I had the same feeling 12 years later when Duke Nukem forever came out and I thought it was an utter pile of shite.... the longer the wait, the higher the expectations.

Title: Re: GMS 2
Post by: IgazHarcos on November 12, 2016, 04:46:48 am
You are right. I never said GMS2 is good, I just ask if Enigma is include the new features. I know GM is overpriced, and  useless sometimes, and I hope Enigma is deattach itself from it (REALLY REALLY),, because it can stand on its own feets! I only missing the cross compile ad the new tile functions, nothing else!