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Ideas and Design / Re: In need of a Sonic fangame engine for Enigma
« on: September 16, 2014, 09:48:54 pm »
I would help if I could but I am currently swamped with school and other more pertinent ENIGMA issues.

General ENIGMA / Re: Settings/Preferences Redesign
« on: September 16, 2014, 08:27:14 am »
Guys try to stay on topic here this topic is specifically about the settings/preferences panel, this is why I made a separate topic for each.

Further discussion about the design of the search feature should be posted in the following topic.

My example is ugly, but I'm hoping it illustrates my point. When the mouse cursor hovers over the buttons you could display a tool tip that says "Next" or "Previous" respectively.

Maybe the "Whole Word" and "Filter Tree" check boxes could be in a drop down menu from a third button next to the search text box.
Yes I am going to replace the giant buttons with a tool bar and the whole word settings and stuff will be put into a little settings window like a F&R dialog where you can also toggle regular expression and searching inside resources and not just their names.

Issues Help Desk / Re: window_handle() is messed up
« on: September 15, 2014, 10:36:16 pm »
Yes one thing at a time, scaling is currently implemented improperly this is why there are also so many other window issues. It has nothing to do with whether I want to remove scaling or not, the basic barebones of the window system is broke.

Issues Help Desk / Re: window_handle() is messed up
« on: September 15, 2014, 03:42:11 pm »
I just want you to know a couple of things.

1) I am making this the first thing I do when I have free time.
2) If you wrote this extension for say Mac or Linux it would actually work because those platforms use 1 window and do not have scaling options implemented.
3) This will remove the scaling options from Win32 but fix several other window issues as a result, I can guarantee.
4) This will mean no platform will have scaling options, they will all behave as if set to "Full Scale", and a long discussion regarding their reimplementation will have to take place, eg. application_surface

And I will send you a message on Facebook when I send the pull request and this is fixed. I've wanted to remove the 2nd window for some time, I actually had a pull request for it before but turned back at the last minute from having it merged.

Issues Help Desk / Re: window_handle() is messed up
« on: September 15, 2014, 03:24:16 pm »
Please see my comments on GitHub.

What we need to do is remove the child window and only have 1 window, but this will temporarily remove scaling options. Josh approves of removing the duplicate window.

Additionally this issue is not as bad as it looks, it is good news that extensions themselves do in fact work.

General ENIGMA / Re: Settings/Preferences Redesign
« on: September 15, 2014, 06:04:34 am »
ego, there never were any preferences for the code editor, they haven't been added yet and the theory is that JoshEdit should have a universal preferences panel for any program it is embedded to.

General ENIGMA / Re: Searching In Resources
« on: September 14, 2014, 12:32:13 am »
Yeah wow Josh, this is one of those occasions where I was not thinking the whole way through but damn I did not realize it could be that nice. My personal vote goes for that, but I would like to propose some additional changes. I think we should eliminate the checkboxes there and replace them with the settings wrench as a button at the end of the search box/filter. Here's where it gets kind of tricky though to me having the thing filter as you type may not be desirable for everyone, so I think I would also additionally add a setting there for you to toggle Synchronous Update and if you have it disabled you have to hit the next or previous button or similar. Additionally most of the settings YYG offers in their shit little panel I would also throw into that panel so you can filter specific resources and stuff. But I'll be honest Josh I also think we should have a preference for the object events to be expandable by default even when not searching, users can toggle it from preferences which is also default functionality of Eclipse class files.

Here's an important question:
What should happen when you click on an event of an object node?
A) The resource frame appears as well as the code editor for the event.
B) Only the code editor for the event appears with an indication of the object (I believe most code windows already have the object name in the title which I did so that you can find them when the tab bar is active under the one look and feel)

I am also astounded at your ability to conceptualize that I am literally splooging looking at that screenshot. I can handle the entire implementation by myself I just would like additional feedback from everyone else as I implement it. It would also be nice Josh if you could do one simple thing, add left right up and down arrow icons to Calico as well as an alternative settings icon like a cog or something because I think the wrench we use in F&R is the same one we use for Game Settings. This feature is now top priority for me and all my future free time will be dedicated to its implementation until it is completed.

General ENIGMA / Searching In Resources
« on: September 13, 2014, 08:09:47 pm »
I've been back and forth contemplating the implementation of a global search feature to quickly find use of functions and variables in LateralGM.

This is what searching for resources is like in Studio. The results are tabled and can be saved to a text file, though not copied to your clipboard.

In Eclipse IDE when you search there is a docked form to the bottom that appears with a filtered version of the file tree that allows you to expand files to find the occurrence of each expression. You can also copy the nodes to your clipboard to save the results in a text editor to a file or share them.

Both of these options are possible, though if we were to go the Eclipse route the results do not actually have to be docked they can be a free form or something similar. There are several questions I would like to ask everyone. Going back to the Eclipse idea also gave me the idea again about the search filter having more advanced settings, we could make it search inside the resources like Windows explorer and thread the results to feed in as the search completes. The search filter results would be like an extension of what eclipse does basically, because I thought of this I saw no reason to have a separate search feature at all.

A) What do you think about the GM search feature?
A.1) If I were to implement LGM's this way, would you like the ability to copy the results to the clipboard?
A.2) Would you like the search results to be a separate form from the search settings or should they be the same form/window?
B) What do you think about the Eclipse search feature?
B.1) Would you like the search results to be a separate form from the search settings or should they be the same form/window?
C) What do you think about the search filter on the resource tree having more advanced options?
C.1) Would you want this in addition to a separate search feature?

Answers to these questions will better assist me in the implementation of advanced resource search functionality and I am also open to new suggestions. You do not have to participate in my R&D but by participating in the questionnaire and posting your answers you agree that you have given informed consent to participate.

General ENIGMA / Re: JavaFX on ARM
« on: September 13, 2014, 09:08:28 am »
It will be better for a couple of reasons, mainly JavaFX probably has some performance improvements, the OpenJDK already added JavaFX support for ARM too, the interface will be a lot less ugly Swing look and feels are pretty shitty and there's a lot of glitches in all of them even the default, and also custom themes with style sheets and everything.

General ENIGMA / JavaFX on ARM
« on: September 12, 2014, 09:54:20 pm »
Apparently Oracle added ARM support for the JavaFX library which is included since JSE 7, making LGM much more likely to work on Chromebooks and other smaller devices and embedded systems in the future. This has actually been in development for a year now and available in Early Access since the very beginning of 2013 but has just now entered the main Java SE update stream, JDK8u20

I know a lot of you have been wanting LateralGM on more platforms and I understand why so this is good news overall, I don't think I've stressed enough how much I want LGM to embrace new Java technologies. Some of the features of Java 8 I am planning to implement as soon as I can find time such as JavaScript extensions, these features will merely be disabled when running in an older JDK that does not support them. Porting the components to JavaFX however will probably be done in a fork.

In the future extending LateralGM will be much more simple, to the point of being able to plop JavaScript extensions right from the preferences panel and create your own editors, this will require Java 8's Project Nashorn but is an ultimate goal of mine.

General ENIGMA / Re: Need some advice on fullscreen + views
« on: September 11, 2014, 10:06:01 am »
Sorlok, I believe Josh is basically saying that the way Unity3D does it is best by just using the native scaling with the default frame buffer, and letting you manually scale with surfaces or stuff yourself. This I think honestly should just be the behavior of ENIGMA/GM in my opinion too because there is no one size fits all. For 3D games you really shouldn't be doing any scaling anyway they should in fact just be handled by the display.

General ENIGMA / Re: Need some advice on fullscreen + views
« on: September 10, 2014, 10:27:35 pm »
I think you may be thinking of the scaling options, in Unity3D they just fullscreen the application and let the display handle black bars and aspect ratio. In GM they render everything to a surface allegedly which is scaled when it is finally drawn allowing you to emulate and have more control over the behavior of a display. This is a little more tricky though because in ENIGMA someone got the bright idea of making Win32 create two window in order to accomplish this, the embedded window is scaled with the scaling options and the parent window has the black bars. We do not do this on Mac or Linux and currently the scaling options do not work on these platforms. I made an attempt at emulating the scaling through viewports but that doesn't work out so well because there is no way to clip clearing the background color.

This is actually a major issue which needs sorted out so we have the same consistent cross-platform behavior. As I stated before I was more in favor of just fullscreening the application and letting the user do the scaling themselves, but that wouldn't be GM compatible.

Developing ENIGMA / Re: Pls explain Lateral GM's source code
« on: September 10, 2014, 10:23:25 pm »
There was an attempt to document LateralGM's editors, there is not much documented about LateralGM's code, you'd have to search the Wiki but I can't really provide anything as I don't think there is much available that would be of use to you. The structure of the program is quantitative to specifics, when it comes to specific things I could better assist and explain to you the components or code involved in a working system of the program. It would be a better idea for you ask specific questions about how something works.

Overall when LGM is launched it loads any jars from a plugins folder, such as the ENIGMA plugin which adds a new format and compiler capabilities. Otherwise LateralGM executed by itself is just a program for editing the GM projects.

General ENIGMA / LGM 1.8.6
« on: September 09, 2014, 10:00:28 pm »

Minor release with recent changes and fixes.

You can manually update using the python script or from the Extra Packages page with also a git pull for ENIGMA.
You can also download the new Portable ZIP.

* New resource search filter that can be optionally disabled from the preferences window.
* icons are now fixed thanks to sorlok, LGM can read icons of any size with any internal format
* ENIGMA Settings Frame has been merged with Global Game Settings, some old files may need fixed by simply opening the ZIP and removing the node from the top level TOC, if anybody needs help send me the file.
* ^^ operator now works thanks to heathtech
* Recent room editor improvements by egofree included
* Explore Project button fixed for when no project is actually open or you have not yet saved, it will open LateralGM's working directory instead of throwing an exception.
* Other changes and fixes included