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When you changed float to gs_scalar you actually reverted the ARB change (so people on intel cards can use it) and .png saving among other things.
That was what the merge conflict was about now that I remember, but if I recall Harri, I went to github and copied the function over from the main repository exactly as it you committed it. If it is not the same, then please commit it again.

once I have built the plugin from source and replace the current version of the plugin,
Yes, I am working on getting the LGM with the classes uploaded for you forthevin, I have been having problems with my internet for like 3 months now, and Verizon refuses to fix it. I get upwards of 40% packet loss, so uploading always times out for me and stuff, I will let you know when I have a successful attempt at uploading it.

Yes they are actually, we have TCPIP, UDP, FTP, and HTTP functions. Only the net_* ones work and they are all documented as well. I have not wrapped them to Game Maker Studio's network_* functions yet however, and I have not written buffer_* functions for sending packets. So you have to send raw data as a string for now, eg. "x:5y:10," is how I send them in my one network example I have. I will finish them when I have time, I've been busy with DX and other things.

They require the curl headers for the http function which can query a web page, I am thinking of dropping that function though in favor of people not having to install any headers for networking, because our networking was written using Berkeley Sockets by IsmAvatar and I merged them into ENIGMA.

General ENIGMA / Re: Model Index Buffers
« on: August 04, 2013, 07:19:51 am »
Oh I see, yes, ok.

Cool shit inty! I was actually going to write a pong example for our networking, how would you feel if I used your game here when I write the networking example?  :)

Proposals / Re: GL3 changes from immediate to retained mode
« on: August 03, 2013, 06:59:18 pm »
That is what this topic was all about.
I know :(
I don't really plan to work on model functions all that much, so if you are willing then you can do that. I don't use them. My goal is to make ENIGMA not use any deprecated functions (when ran trough gDEBugger) when drawing a simple 2D game. This would make GLES port a lot easier to make.
Yes agreed, Direct3D9 I can't even find the constant for a triangle fan, it is really best to just triangle lists everything with multitexturing and stuff. When I get time I will sit down and do it.

General ENIGMA / Re: Model Index Buffers
« on: August 03, 2013, 06:56:31 pm »
And you must change d3d_model_vertex() to pass bound color and alpha.

While at the same time having two different spellings of color.
I hate those stupid dutch bastards, they have made it literally impossible to figure out there new shit, the majority of everything Studio has added is so clusterfucked and perplexed beyond reality. But anyway, I am still interested in it because it is multitexturing capable, so I am thinking to just remove my added functions accept for d3d_model_index

Week ago Robert actually reverted the surface changes
What surface changes? A week ago I tried to add a multisampler surface.

General ENIGMA / Re: Model Index Buffers
« on: August 03, 2013, 09:11:24 am »
It was me in the last VBO commit. The reason why I added that is because we at least need to rename them to d3d_add_vertex() and d3d_add_index() and so on. The color compatibility change (discussed in the other topic) just break this as it is. When you do d3d_model_vertex() then it automatically fills color buffer with the bound color and so if you do d3d_model_color() afterwards, then it just break the whole thing.
Yes, we are going to have to remove all those functions I added except the index one, go look at how I had to write the D3D9 model class and you'll see why.
This is why we need to just implement Studio's new vertex format and vertex functions for special model formats that can accommodate animation, multitexturing, and be passed to shaders.

They are already used in the sprite drawing now.
Yes but I meant a function for the end user of ENIGMA to add indexing to their d3d models.

Well apparently the comment worked. I didn't think of it being a big deal so I didn't make a topic. Basically it was a "TODO: THIS DON'T WORK" kind of comment.
It's cool, I just would have preferred you to make a topic about something like that for us all to discuss, because it did need discussed anyway.

This is how it's done in GL3shapes now. We could maybe give that plane2D_rotated(gs_scalar* data) function to enigma_user. But I get why functions like that could be useful.
I don't think you get what I mean, I am also wanting to add a surface_get_data() function which returns a pointer to an array of color data for surfaces. This avoids things like passing shit one at a time, eg. surface_getpixel()

I would also appreciate if I could get you to merge my pull request Harri...

Proposals / Re: GL3 changes from immediate to retained mode
« on: August 03, 2013, 07:39:41 am »
Well see now we are going to have to implement those FVF functions from Studio and wrap the old ones like Josh said. Because, I was writing the models into DX and got them working, but I had to make each vertex take color and alpha and shit even when not passed. At least it would allow us to do multitexturing, and then we could deprecate those immediate mode style functions I added. While we're at it, we also need to deprecated quads as a primitive type for models.

Proposals / Re: GL3 changes from immediate to retained mode
« on: August 03, 2013, 12:57:38 am »
Harri, another thing about this is that DX has FVF or Flexible Vertex Format.

General ENIGMA / Model Index Buffers
« on: August 03, 2013, 12:39:50 am »
//Are these functions really needed? They just break stuff!

Whoever left me that gold fucking nugget in the source code, here is my response: Yes

Game Maker traditionally does not provide functions for passing indices to the index buffer, making it pretty awful for optimized models. If you don't know how an index buffer works, then Google it. I would prefer that topics be posted here under "General ENIGMA" for discussion by all developers, lets try to avoid comments like this in the source code from now on guys, ok? Please proceed to discuss a change in the function specification if you like, I am open to other idea's.

I am also wanting us to add a...
Code: [Select]
void d3d_model_push_colordata(gs_scalar* data);
void d3d_model_push_texturedata(gs_scalar* data);
and also maybe like this...
Code: [Select]
void d3d_model_push_colordata(int dslist);
So that a pointer to an array can be passed by the end programmer to push an entire array or data structure list of color data into the model, avoiding for loops and shit.

General ENIGMA / Frustum Culling and View Hashing
« on: August 03, 2013, 12:33:39 am »

Well this is obviously an easy way we can get games speeded up. I am talking of course of adding a quadtree for culling 2D objects outside the view. I don't intend or am I even suggesting to implement this for the draw_sprite commands or anything, just simply for objects who are set a sprite and do not have a draw event and by default simply draw their sprite.

The reason is because sometimes people implement their own view bounds checking, for instance, cheeseboy does in his Raptor Blasters game. Also programmers may have their own methods of making their game faster that our method might impede. Therefore I am only suggesting this for objects that do not have draw events.

The idea is simple, we divide all the objects update into a quadtree based on their local x and y and mask, then simply draw only the ones in view by default.

Off-Topic / Re: Marshmellos Do you like them white, brown, or black?
« on: August 02, 2013, 10:55:28 pm »
Meh, I'm more of a smores or dip your Oreo's in milk kind of guy :P

General ENIGMA / Re: Half Pixel Alignment, OpenGL and DirectX
« on: August 02, 2013, 08:12:31 pm »
Actually, just to update on this, this problem is specific to D3D 9. It looks awful Josh, we have to do something about it, the solution does work for OpenGL 1, but D3D 9 is notorious for this problem.

General ENIGMA / Direct3D 10 and Windows Software Development Kit
« on: August 02, 2013, 07:20:01 pm »
Well after investigating why I had problems with adding a Direct3D 10 graphics system, I have figured out why. MinGW ships the D3D 9 headers and libraries but only one of the D3D10 headers and two of its libs libd3d10 and libd3dx10, the d3dx10.h header is needed for transformations and vector classes. So this means regardless of installation we need to add the requirement for users that want D3D10 or later to install the Windows SDK, which now directly includes the DirectX SDK, they are no longer separate. This is a huge SDK, and in turn requires .net Framework 4, meaning we also need to add a dependency for that if people want the D3D10 or later graphics. I think this is why YYG's are still using D3D9. Thoughts guys?

Edit: Studio also requires you to install .net 4 and .net 3.5 for Windows 8

So should we just focus on .net framework 4, and be a step ahead of them?