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Third Party / Re: Ultimate3D 2.1 Ported
« on: December 07, 2014, 05:30:05 pm »
Just an update, this extension has now been almost completely ported and should work about the same as it would with GM: Studio, it requires use of my special modified scripts which can be downloaded above. I had to fix some of our window flags to add the missing flags from GM8.1 that allow child windows to clip and render on top of our main window.

Download the new Portable ZIP here if you don't want to update manually:

Enter the following in a terminal or with git-bash.exe if you have the Portable ZIP and want to update manually (you may also need to download the new LGM and plugin jars):
Code: (Bash) [Select]
cd enigma-dev
git fetch
git pull

Update here I've made more progress and figured out why some of the object scripts were not rendering properly. It has to do with how I have replaced the variable initialization, for CreateWall or CreateFloor I had to completely remove the initialization because the user is expected to do it anyway, so I see no reason why this was necessary as it would just make the object invisible anyway. This also requires that "Treat unitialized variables as 0" is enabled in Game Settings->Errors

This is the updated CreateWall() script. I hope these changes are correct and that the original creator would agree with them, since something similar would be necessary to port it to Studio anyway.
Code: (EDL) [Select]
// CreateWall()
// This function creates a wall object and associates it with the object
// the function is called by. Before you can call this function you have
// to set the variables x2 and y2 which define where the wall goes to
// from it's origin, the variable height which defines the height of the
// wall and the variable texture which gives the index of the texture that
// is to be used for the wall. For information on optional variables and
// more information on how to use primitive objects read the help file.
if (!ultimate3d_createwall_initialized) {
ultimate3d_createwall_initialized = true;
return u3d_index!=0;

The lighting and graphics and all now work just exactly as they would in Studio.

Edit: I managed to get the original dll working by fixing in ENIGMA's window flags and making them exactly the same as GM8.1

Follow the original topic from now on for further updates.

Just another update, I've gone and spoke to the creator and he offered some advice on using a modified dll built specifically to make U3D work for Studio, and it seems to have solved the flickering issues.

But the location is completely off, so some more things will need fixed ENIGMA side. I also need to figure out what is wrong with rendering some objects, it currently only wants to render this billboard object.

Edit: According to the topic and Mr. Best this seems to be the correct behavior and the Init script requires you to set the location of the window.

Well after a couple of hours of work I've managed to make some progress. I basically just had to remove variable_local_* and variable_global_* function dependence, which went pretty well though was very monotonous.

The remaining issue however is this, U3D keeps trying to fight our rendering system in all graphics systems.

In the revised version if you move the begin step code of the controller into the draw event then U3D will render but there will be flickering between ENIGMA's render and U3D's. It would be of help if I had some insight into how u3D disabled GM's rendering system to see what we could do in ENIGMA to make it compatible. Someone should contact the author because I can't find out because U3D is not open source, I've spoke with the creator before because there has been a lot of discussion of U3D and ENIGMA.

UltraStar, I see that now, I'll take a look at it later today, I was able to get Ultimate3D to work though with like no changes at all. But it was stuck on the first frame and would not refresh, and this was a very long time ago.

Quote from: UltraStar
Can you reupload it please?
Yes and I will put it on ENIGMA's dropbox so it won't go missing again.

Quote from: UltraStar
Do you think it will ever be completely Compatible with Game Maker 7 and 8 ?
To some extent, our new compiler will actually be able to do execute_string through a compiler script, the function will still be slow like it was in original GM versions but it will work nonetheless while all your regular game code will have the optimizations of being fully compiled to C++. But that just gives you an idea of what will be possible in the future, and we are all working hard to make the program great.

I mostly work on the IDE called LateralGM, it also has a current beta/pre-release out right now, eventually it will be in a new release of the Portable ZIP.

Quote from: UltraStar
I have an example the fps tutorial Doom like example and
When I go to game settings then choose loading then click on load custom image then click choose image and
load the desired image then compile the example when the game starts the image doesn't show. Is this a bug
or does it not work? is how can I add a loading image?
We have not implemented the loading bars, we were planning on going with GM Studio's splash screen options instead, however there is always the possibility of adding an extension to handle it. Which is honestly probably better, not a lot of games have loading bars like that anymore, it's not a consistent feature for HTML5 and stuff, it's really only relevant to certain platforms, but perhaps we could only implement the settings on those platforms.

General ENIGMA / Re: Busy busy, like a bee
« on: December 06, 2014, 11:55:30 am »
I don't think I've ever participated in any game competition in my life, maybe I would consider it if I had more time, but with school winding down it's too soon. The best game I've seen Josh make was his last 64 digits competition entry. Good luck sorlok!  (Y)

Hello UltraStar! We currently do not support the GEX extensions because nobody has decrypted the format, but the using the scripts and dll should still work, I partially had the Ultimate 3D extension working before.

Issues Help Desk / Re: Trying something different... (Fedora 20 Install)
« on: December 05, 2014, 04:58:46 pm »
Does stropts exist anywhere else? Maybe it came prepacked with Fedora and that's why it's not showing up in the right location.

Off-Topic / Re: YYG is giving out user emals again!
« on: December 05, 2014, 04:56:08 pm »
TKG I think they've made this perfectly clear that their EULA allows this and all ur emails r belong 2 YoYo

This is technically a form of phishing which is also against their own EULA, ironically.

Ah this must be a big game then. TKG, you could try to install a 64bit Java on Windows and give it a try since it seems to work for sorlok, but it seems to be a crapshoot, for some people it works for others it don't.

What exactly do you have it set to sorlok?

TKG, were you doing other things in LGM before trying to load the project?

I should build available RAM into the output logs, because it would help to know your computers system RAM and how much of it was in use. The reason you can't go higher than 1270 I believe is because of a 32bit JVM, 64bit Java programs can use unlimited RAM, but as far as I am aware LGM is buggy with a 64bit Java, though I am beginning to think that may have just become a common scapegoat for other problems on our part.

Issues Help Desk / Re: [Solved] EMGfCompiler Problem at first launch...
« on: December 04, 2014, 07:18:13 pm »
No problem and we're always glad to help so don't be afraid to ask programming questions or anything, we can always offer alternatives and work arounds for some things including unimplemented features.

Issues Help Desk / Re: Trying something different... (Fedora 20 Install)
« on: December 04, 2014, 07:14:29 pm »
Where exactly did you install ENIGMA to, the file path I mean? This is really odd I've never encountered this message before, but it seems pretty straight forward, likely just a minor mistake somewhere along the way in the setup process. Have you successfully built for another Linux distro yet? I've built and maintain an Ubuntu setup.

Also did you install python and run python in enigma-dev?

This is obviously the Linux install page:
And information on checking out the repo:

I also started the following page of troubleshooting common issues but Linux and Mac don't have as many suggestions as Windows:

TKG didn't have enough memory allocated for the JVM "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space" as indicated by output_log.txt

You can modify this from the command line parameter when launching LGM, on Windows you can also just edit the command in settings.ini

idecommand="java -jar -Xms256m -Xmx1000m"

Bump up the -Xmx value.

Developing ENIGMA / Re: LateralGM
« on: December 03, 2014, 11:34:31 am »
egofree I see your bugs but I don't have time to fix them atm, but I will get to them in my next update, I have another small feature I'm sneaking in.

Harri, Preferences->Appearance, what is hardware acceleration set to? As I said force it "off" that is the default in the newest version but you may have saved preferences and stuck it in as default. I too get the freezing but it seems to be only when hardware acceleration is allowed on. If you do have it off then I'll need to look into it further.