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Thanks for the test case Sslaxx, that really helps in resolving this issues.

However, sadly I am not able to reproduce the issue as your title screen loads and does scroll down to the center with no changes to the file :\
I tested on Windows 7 with all 3 graphics systems and got the same results on the latest version. Notice in the following screen cap it is half way through scrolling.

Issues Help Desk / Re: Warbird A13:02 in ENIGMA
« on: December 05, 2013, 11:00:22 pm »
This is being fixed right now in the following pull request.

Also, what function are you using to draw that background image?

Edit: I just went and fixed the background function everything should be good when you update again.  (Y)


It is about as easy as the .NET framework except really optimal and pretty much becoming the .NET framework of Linux distros at this point. The coding is very very easy and actually Object Oriented compared to say GTK. Not to mention it is very powerful, you can take any application written in it and style it with Cascading Style Sheets.

Third Party / Re: notepad++ linux GPL
« on: December 04, 2013, 06:26:44 pm »
Hey that is awesome gra, geany sucks balls, gedit is pretty good, but Notepad++ my favorite :P

Third Party / Re: Natural GM (Alternate Cross-Platform IDE made in C++ WIP)
« on: December 04, 2013, 06:20:39 pm »
@TKG Yes, DaSpirit is just not comfortable in his own shell. I know he is a good programmer, and have told him many a times I believe in him. I do I know he can make a great IDE, he is busy with school as well, but he is also trying to do things to perfection. Anything I come up with is just going to be LGM except more optimal, DaSpirit is going to give you guys new things that you want, it is going to be a whole new thing. Basically, with this and the python IDE I encouraged those guys to not make the IDE's look like LGM or Game Maker at all but to take things in a whole new direction, this has been DaSpirit's goal from the beginning. As for anything personal, it don't bother me, you could fire a Bazooka at me and I couldn't feel anything, DaSpirit is just learning to be comfortable in his own shell.

@Harrifag, Yes but my concern is I know he can make a good IDE and it would make people happy, I am sick of this Jobo faggot and his damn .NET parakeet IDE. He don't give a shit about modularity and his IDE is barely functional and he's already screwed up peoples projects files. Which is why I want DaSpirit to get a move on, if anybody is going to make a new IDE with a whole new approach to things it should be DaSpirit. I also already helped quite a while ago with the design of some new approaches to drag and drop, such as drag and dropping the actions directly into the code editor and formatting them out at runtime. See screenshot.

The LateralGM C++ rewrite is just mean to be LGM and Game Maker interface, same old same old regurgitated bad design, except more optimal. And also, remaking LGM is pretty easy peesy lemon squeezy just not enough time to work on it.

Sslaxx, Josh has plans for Overworld, which basically lets you string several rooms together into a single world for loading and unloading content. He also a lot of great idea's for when the compiler is finished. Also design mode needs to be fixed, it was working as of R3 and it is a run mode version of your game where you can drag and drop objects arround and kind of do things you couldn't do with execute_string() or Game Maker's debug mode.

Oh hey that is pretty neat. Use Qt for your IDE though.
It is what we are currently going to use for our new one >: Best cross-platform GUI API out there, and Unity is being rewritten with QML and Ubuntu and other popular Linux distros will have the Qt framework out of the box, so your application size will be very small on those platforms.

Works in Progress / Re: Project Mario
« on: December 04, 2013, 05:27:28 pm »
The game compiles, but the window comes up for only a frame and I get the message "Game returned 0". Any suggestions?
Yes, finish the Unix Mac/Linux ini extension :P The Windows version works perfectly since it just uses the Windows API from windows.h, DaSpirit wrote the Linux ini functions and they probably aren't quite finished.

Also, thanks you guys for the nice comments. And yes it is confirmed working in all 3 graphics systems on Windows as of the latest repository.

Ideas and Design / Re: Replacing Plugin Workdir (and possibly LGM's)
« on: December 04, 2013, 05:25:35 pm »
Just to comment on this, JNA 4.0 had an issue when we first added it, it no longer makes you add "." as a search path or it will cause issues, it now does it automatically for you.

There should be a automatic auto completion system ( I mean the auto completion window appears 0.5 seconds after instead of having to use the shortcut ).
Yes definitely.

Some functions like these will not be supported.

"Global and local variable access by string lookup is likely to remain deprecated as they were essentially storing a map where every variable was accompanied by a second string variable. They were horrible for performance. "

You can see my words right on that Wiki page. I do not like these functions and they were bad programming habits. Josh has a plan that he might be able to readd them without using a map. Also, execute_string() is possible with Clang/LLVM which ENIGMA can and does currently work with on Linux, however, again, I hate that function.

- Undo function in the 'graphical' editors, especially in the rooms editor.
Yes definitely, when I get a chance.
- Adding the new functions of GM Studio, like array_length_2d.
That is a compiler feature, probably have to wait a while for that one, though when the new compiler is finished you'll be able to use the C++ STL containers. Which are much better at dynamically allocating memory.
- Improving the rooms editor (c.f
Yes definitely, in the future

It'd be nice to see Tiled support added in to the room editor, maybe?
Yes definitely, this however is an IDE suggestion not an ENIGMA suggestion, LateralGM and ENIGMA are two separate projects that can be used independently of one another.

*LGM replacement in C++
Not my fault you all too lazy to help with new LGM.
*Full DirectX functionality to the level OpenGL is at
It is as of my latest graphics commits, you just need to add tiles using standard primitive_* functions so they are batched and included from General for all graphics systems.

Do you think that's fixable though?
Yes definitely, the current IDE and plugin are Java based which makes them extremely slow when handling big games, we need to work on the new C++ LGM rewrite.

1.UTF-8 Support via FreeType

I'll never understand microsoft
They're out to make money, them having a Unix compatible file system does not help them in any way.

Tips, Tutorials, Examples / Hacking Windows Executables
« on: December 04, 2013, 05:09:28 pm »
This is just a tutorial for anyone who may be interested. You can use a special tool to modify executable files and changes things such as the copyright and change any Windows forms around.

Hacking the icon, description, and copyright information.

Step 1
Download and install Resource Hacker from the link below, if you do not already have it, which is the program we are going to use to do this. Scroll down the page at the link below if you can't see the setup, its there, just scroll down a bit.
Step 2
Open Resource Hacker from Start->All Programs and hit File->Open then navigate to and open the executable you want to modify. You can also just right click it in Windows Explorer and select "Open In Resource Hacker" it installs an option there by default, for me it does anyway.
Step 3
Make your changes to the exe, set the icon, and the copyright info, modify dialogues, etc.
Step 4
Save your changes to the exe, and it should automatically create a backup copy of the old executable.

Ideas and Design / Website Issue Tracker Sucks
« on: December 04, 2013, 04:54:17 pm »
The website tracker is a disgrace. It files all bug reports to the ENIGMA tracker and everyone who comes here ends up filing LateralGM and Plugin issues there, which is a serious problem considering there will eventually be multiple IDE's.

I have already begun to accommodate this by moving the plugin to its own repository and moving all your old bug reports there.

Not only does the site tracker look like shit, it parses in BBCode since it is simply an extension of our forum which makes it incompatible with Git MarkDown cuasing the real issue tracker on GitHub to look like shit too.

My opinion is we should simply get the fuck rid of it and replace it with an embedded Wiki page that links people to the proper GitHub repository trackers and explain to them where a certain issue should be reported and how we would like them to report. Currently nobody even takes the time to add test cases or even thoroughly describe their problems, people literally need to be lead around by the fucking hand, and our site tracker isn't helping.

Developing ENIGMA / Re: GameMaker: Studio is EXTREMELY slow...
« on: December 02, 2013, 03:37:32 pm »
But yes, anyway, you can still pack that in a way you could still put in vector<float>.
Yes but only using unions, as I said, you can't pack into a float like you can an integer for an RGB/RGBA color value because of IEEE, if you try it may work but it might not on other hardware because IEEE is not always followed and I guess ISO don't have a say?

Just without one if statement (i%2),
Oh yes, definitely, knock yourself out if you can make it faster :P

You shouldn't waste much time on it as it's already working quite fast.
Right yes, I am going to stop now, I just wanted it all perfected and so we can throw out the old GLES code and get it all working properly again.

I guess I will write a simple class for that later if you don't plan to and then we will finally be able to use shaders with the rendering.
Yes, just make sure you do the gm_Matrices or whatever stupid constant they use, check their manual for the matrix shits to make sure it matches up.

Also, we have some side effects now, such as OpenGL3 not being quite as prepared for the batching, and I've been working with Direct3D longer which has caused it to be more stable. Nevertheless, much better performance and lower RAM usage. Part of the issues are just the OpenGL 3 context manager not flushing on state changes, didn't add them all to it.

Developing ENIGMA / Re: GameMaker: Studio is EXTREMELY slow...
« on: December 02, 2013, 02:16:55 pm »
pack them just fine inside a float
No that was in fact why it wasn't working for me, I already knew you couldn't pack inside a float from when working on binary buffers, Josh clarified for me, IEEE does not guarantee any byte paste the first byte for floats. Which is where the union comes into play and I was finally able to resolve it now. But as for Direct3D, Direct3D not only expects it, but you have to use this for D3DCOLOR, as it is essentially a DWORD or long unsigned int. FVF requires D3DCOLOR.

But previously it was also converted into 1 draw call.
But without automatic indexing, unless we want to duplicate the code to do the same thing, which would be rather verbose as the rest of mesh class overhead is not even a pinch on the arm.

As you are using draw_vertex_texture() which doesn't add indices manually, and this means that you are doing that second loop to push back indices.
Right, that is faster, what you think manually adding them and increasing the memory copy's 10 fold is faster? Not only do you have the added memory copy's but you also have the compiler going through more function symbols, only to have the same end result. Where as the mesh class, simply reserves the memory, and generates those indices automatically, all in one go.

At any rate, this is all theory, unless something is presented that actually gives better performance all around for games, I am generally uninterested. The graphics code is much faster than all Game Maker versions, very easy to add new drawing functions, and faster than what we had before, and of course, no more immediate mode. So we got everything perfect, this system is optimal enough, let's just move on to fixing bugs with OpenGL3 batching and get the FFP into shaders and stuff now so we can get GLES working again, alrighty?