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Author Topic: What's the status of this project?  (Read 1489 times)
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Posted on: November 07, 2011, 11:31:13 pm

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Yeah, I know some of you will hate me for posting this, but I really want to find out how far you guys are on this.

I know that:

• Your current parser is fucked for whatever reason, so you need to rewrite it
• You support a decent amount of GML
• You have iOS and Android ports that I have no idea how to take advantage of.

What I don't know:

• What does enigma NOT support (in GML and GM functions, etc?)
• How to take advantage of the iOS and Android ports. :P
• How to write and hopefully include ENIGMA extensions with ENIGMA. 39dll/39dylib are multiplatform and licensed with the GNU-GPL, and they provide multiplayer.

What I think you guys should do:

• Provide compiled executables. This whole jar-build mess makes stuff harder and less user-friendly. I know that not providing compiled shit makes the updates come faster but tbh I'd rather have the updates take more time and save CPU cycles than waste time on my machine while it's stuck and frozen building god knows what.

I know right now the project is pretty Alpha at the moment, but it's still fun to mess around with ENIGMA from time to time to see what has changed.

Thanks. :)
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Reply #1 Posted on: November 08, 2011, 09:11:48 am

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The current parser, if you could call it that, is unable to determine the types of expressions and a few other pieces that would be nice to have, although it mostly manages to pull through on "correct" EDL, which does include a good portion of GML- ENIGMA has compiled some large percentage of 64digits examples, although I'm not sure what that percentages is off the top of my head, TGMG might know. The iOS and Android are also his doing, although they're not really hooked up at the moment.

Extending ENIGMA is done, currently, in one of two ways. You can either stuff a bunch of C++ #includes and definitions in the Definitions resource and it will get compiled in (and the stuff from the headers you include will be accessible), or you can write an extension like the ones in ENIGMAsystem/SHELL/Universal_System/Extensions. The first is probably easier, and the second only makes sense if it's not something that should be in ENIGMA itself (39dll is probably a good example as it links an extra library, although I believe it's already done and just needs to be hooked up).

There doesn't seem to be a good way to see what's supported and not other than trying and/or asking on IRC. I know right now people seem to be working on surfaces (mostly done) and fixing bounding box bugs, and I'm pretty sure that things like particles, 3D, pathfinding, and networking are missing.

I second the precompiled thing. While LGM does need to compile the games themselves, and the whole engine source is required for the way Josh wants to do it, it would be nice if distributions would just include a compileEGMf lib without the source. The way things are now should just be reserved for people tracking the repository trunk.
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Reply #2 Posted on: November 08, 2011, 09:35:42 am

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Actually, 39DLL would go in ENIGMAsystem/SHELL/Network_Systems, along with Ism's EnigmaSockets thing. We haven't added it because it's not... satisfactory. An MPlay port will also go in there.

So yes, 3D was "implemented" by Zach and does not work at all. Particles haven't been started. Surfaces should work; HaRRi's tested them on Windows, but not since my update, and I've not tested them at all. Pathfinding is done. You can't create paths in the editor yet, but you can generate them using GM's pathfinding functions.

A list of all available functions can be found in LGM under Enigma->Keywords.
A large, semi-maintained list of things that need done:
A list of things we're not doing:

If you're on Mac, you should see an android option under the compilers in Enigma Settings.
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Reply #3 Posted on: November 08, 2011, 05:04:04 pm

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Surfaces should work; HaRRi's tested them on Windows, but not since my update, and I've not tested them at all.
Yeah, I haven't had the time to update the things I wanted. I changed some stuff around, but drawing on surfaces and then drawing the surfaces should work. I have already tested them quite extensively. I do have some alpha problems just like in GM though..

You can't create paths in the editor yet
I think you can. That was the first thing I hooked up. You can't path_start() and path_end() though, that is what I wanted you to hook up (as you imagined it as some extension or something).

And Android port is quite limited. If I could be able to make it run in windows I would update it some more. Mostly the drawing functions need to be rewritten, because OpenGLES uses vertex arrays and can't draw with glBegin/glEnd. That shouldn't be particularly hard though as the maths are done already.

edit: Anyway, I think ENIGMA is quite powerful now and I can already create some really cool stuff in it. The last thing I still wait on is just normal exe create with an icon, so I can distribute some games if I end up wanting to. From the last rev's I understand that Debug mode is in? Then what mode was the thing we run already? I think the "Clean" mode shouldn't have console or anything like that. Also, if Josh could tell me the standardized way to report errors I would hook up that too for most of the functions. I guess I would need to have "#ifdef DEBUG_MODE show_error();" or something.
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