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Topdown Shooter
2011-07-07 21:23:37
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Biplane Battle! E-V

Biplane Battle! E-V
Biplane Battle! is a game I wrote and this is my attempt to convert it to ENIGMA at its current stage.
E-V stands for "ENIGMA Version" but I have included a GM version and the gm6 file.
Many things were not added/do not work properly/do not work at all/ or all of the above. :P

Some issues:
-The "background" is really just a bunch of sprites, because backgrounds haven't been added yet...
-Collisons are too limited, so I made my own make-shift collision system which works fine for this kind of game. :)
-Since game_end doesn't work, I have to purposely make an error when you lose to make you exit. >:)
-draw_text SUCKS (no offense) so you I'm using the caption instead
-NO ROOM WRAPPING!!!(Might be able to fix this)

Please do not use the images in the source without asking my permission to do so first.

Thank You.
Any suggestions are welcome.

Control - Fire
Up - Faster
Down - Slower
Left - Turn Left
Right - Turn Right
Space - Reset Location

((**Taken Straight From Notes in ZIP**))

I moved this here from the old EDC because it made me :')
The download link is broken. Maybe he'll show up one day and re-post it.
Posted by Josh @ Dreamland on 2011-07-07 21:47:54#1
Many of the issues he posted have been fixed or the features added, so I would want to see how it runs now.
Posted by TheExDeus on 2011-07-08 11:35:41#2
Posted by Fede-lasse on 2011-07-08 13:25:24#3