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Project K (3D Kingspace Engine)
This is a gm8 example posted on the GMC by slayer 64 and now works in ENIGMA. It is a 3D engine ported from Kingspace 3.4 and has nice triangle collisions and runs well. I'm finding that most d3d games are running about 3-4 times as fast in ENIGMA than in GM. All credit goes to slayer 64 and king stephen for the engine.

GMC topic | YYGs Page


Maze Generator [3D]
Little 3D maze generator example. Was posting on the GMC by Magicman657 (all credit goes to him) and now works in ENIGMA. Have fun solving the mazes.


W - Walk forward
S - Walk backwards
Left - Turn left
Right - Turn right
Space - Generate a new maze
Escape - Exit RMG

GMC Topic:

This is a little thing I put together when I was bored. I was inspired by an example which I can't remember the name of (it was for a program called prototype or pr something ( I am sure it started with p)).
You basically draw the path with your left mouse button, and then a flame will follow it. When it hits the end, then it will start from there and so on. If it hits the border, then it will wrap. It looks quite cool in motion, so the screenshot doesn't do it justice.

Also, its far from optimized and I am sure there are many places where it can be sped up.
Faux Mode 7 3d Racing Example
This is a faux mode 7 gmk (GM8) example which was released on the GMC by FredFredrickson. It now works in ENIGMA so I am releasing it here as it is a nice example.

I added in some controls myself so you can race the camera around the course. They are:

W - Accelerate
Left/Right Arrows - Stear
Up Arrow - Brake
D - Toggle user/computer controlled racing
Esc - Exit

Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/ypJ0p.png

GMC topic: http://gmc.yoyogames.com/index.php?showtopic=396566
All credit goes to FredFredrickson for this engine. Please ask him for permission before using the engine to build off as requested in his topic.
Crystal Conduit
This is a short game I created for the last Ludum Dare (theme: escape). Premise is you're in a lab and have to find the exit. Use the arrow keys or WASD keys to move around your environment. To escape you have to find a series of keys which unblock some force fields blocking your way.

Heads up: It's not a particularly fun game, and because it was so confusing and unfun, it did pretty poorly in the competition: about 300/500. I don't particularly like it either, but I'm happy I made it. First game I bothered creating entirely with LGM and Enigma. Some issues with Enigma became apparent while developing this, and most have yet to be addressed.

Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/ZNcAV.png
Basic Maze Game
This is a simple maze game that my significant other, who has never really seen or used GM, made in LGM with my only contributions being the scripts - and all in about the course of an hour.

I find it's a great example of how intuitive and easy LateralGM+ENIGMA makes game development for someone who is not even remotely interested in the field.

Gameplay is entirely mouse driven. The bot uses the left-hand-rule (always keep your left hand on a wall), and as such it misses the inner dots. A minor modification could be made to make it grab those dots - but we'll leave that as an exercise to you, since this game is fully open source.
Cave In
This is a port of a Ludum Dare game I created in 2 hours, viewable here: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-15/?action=preview&uid=383

(It includes the GM-made version, for reference)

Avoid the lava and falling rocks for as long as you can! Why? Who cares!

Arrow keys move, escape quits. (Space or escape on final score screen to restart the game)

Some more info and comparison of GM to EGM version are in the readme file. Download link includes source gmk. Source with accompanying images are released into the public domain.

Download size: 800k
Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/Cscd7.png
ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD: http://pwna.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Cave-In-EGM.zip
Raytracer - by x-Amnesia-x

This was posted on the gmc by x-Amnesia-x, I take no credit for the engine. The file is .gmk (GM8) and works perfectly in both GM and ENIGMA straight from the tin. The main difference though being that ENIGMA kills GM in the fps department.

This example renders an image using ray tracer. Thus there is a lot of math involved but also a lot of drawing. ENIGMA clearly has the speed edge here still. Note also, importantly, that the file could also be made more efficient in ENIGMA by the use of types but this hasn't even been done.

Example screens:
Verlet Physics Engine
Verlet Physics Engine - by Hieronumos

This was posted on the gmc by Hieronumos, I take no credit for the engine. The file is .gmk (GM8) and works perfectly in both GM and ENIGMA straight from the tin. The main difference though being that ENIGMA absolutely rapes GM in the fps department.

This engine is mainly all mathematics, thus it really shows the edge in speed that ENIGMA has over GM in terms of computational power. Note also, importantly, that the file could also be made more efficient still in ENIGMA by the use of types but this hasn't even been done.


Right mouse  =  create walls (click three times in a clockwise movement)

Left mouse  =  create a constraint between two particles

Middle mouse(scroll)  =  click it to create a particle with random size

G  =  grab the closest particle
P  =  pause (you can still create stuff)
R  =  restart

Biplane Battle! E-V
Biplane Battle! is a game I wrote and this is my attempt to convert it to ENIGMA at its current stage.
E-V stands for "ENIGMA Version" but I have included a GM version and the gm6 file.
Many things were not added/do not work properly/do not work at all/ or all of the above. :P

Some issues:
-The "background" is really just a bunch of sprites, because backgrounds haven't been added yet...
-Collisons are too limited, so I made my own make-shift collision system which works fine for this kind of game. :)
-Since game_end doesn't work, I have to purposely make an error when you lose to make you exit. >:)
-draw_text SUCKS (no offense) so you I'm using the caption instead
-NO ROOM WRAPPING!!!(Might be able to fix this)

Please do not use the images in the source without asking my permission to do so first.

Thank You.
Any suggestions are welcome.

Control - Fire
Up - Faster
Down - Slower
Left - Turn Left
Right - Turn Right
Space - Reset Location

((**Taken Straight From Notes in ZIP**))

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