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snake revenge
snake revenge , a classic snake with more enemy, action and powerup
Light Flare Tech
Heres a nice light cookie demonstration originally by Phantom107 over at the GMC. If anybody catches up with him, tell him I think he makes some pretty cool examples.
Vector Conversion
This is a nice little 2d/3d vector conversion example I have refactored to make a little nicer, but it actually worked right out of the box to. It was by Phantom107 using Tepi's scripts from the GMC.
Simple 3d Walk Animation - revised
Been looking for a smoothly-animated character in 3D for a loooong time, here I find one on the gmc, works right out of the box.

By Drandula on the gmc;
Box2D Physics
This is the Box2D physics simulation I wrote while I was working on the function API. To test it out you must download, compile and install Box2D V2.2.1 and enable the extension in Build->Settings in the main menubar to Box2D. There are two versions, Studio Physics and Box2D, you wan't Box2D for this demo, the Studio version is just for compatibility with Game Maker. Documentation is available on the Wiki.
Hardware Performance Evaluator
This is the tool used for testing ENIGMA's capabilities on various hardware. To build it you must go to Enigma->Settings in the main toolbar of LGM and enable the OpenGL3 graphics system. You also must go to obj_gamestate's create event and change the two file paths for the shader scripts because ENIGMA does not yet have a proper working directory.
FPS Tutorial
This is the old Mark Overmars first person shooter tutorial from way back in the day. It works completely without flaw.
Curve function example
This is an example for the curve functions. It shows how to use Bezier curves, splines and continuous curves/splines. It also shows a cool jellyfish like example which is heavily based on an example that was created by LSnK for his Curves extension for GM.

Left arrow - move one room back
Right arrow - move one room forward

In continues spline screen:
Left button - add point on press
Right button - add point on hold (so spamming)
Shift - render the optimized version
Alt - render Bezier curve instead of Hermite spline

In jelly example:
Left button - Make it move to mouse
Up arrow - Increase detail
Down arrow - Decrease detail
House Effects Demo
A nice effects demo made by ThatGamesGuy on the gmc, the file still works in GM as well as ENIGMA.


Isometric Jumping Example
Iso jump example, gm6 works in ENIGMA and GM. Originally by TeoRocker. The code isn't great but I haven't uploaded an isometric example yet so whatever >:]

Storm Cloud (3d)
Little 3D storm example that was working in ENIGMA, originally created by Mesenberg ( Works on GM as well as ENIGMA.

If you look directly up at the storm it looks pretty fierce :O
3D Destructible Terrain
Destructible terrain example by Brett14. Compatible with GM still.
Original Kingspace Engine
Nice little 3D engine, compatible with GM as well as ENIGMA (project K engine was based from this)


KingSpace 3.4
by Stephan Boyer (A.K.A. King Stephan)

This demo demonstrates both how terrain and models can be used along with Game Maker 6's new 3-D functionality.  The terrain model is loaded from the file "level.3do" and feel free to change it.  This example does not use fog in consideration for those who do not have a descent graphics chipset.

KingSpace was the first 3-D engine for Game Maker that demonstrates using models as terrain.  Here are the controls:

WASD -  Movement
Mouse -  Look Around
Space - Jump
Ctrl - Crouch
R - Reload
P - Pause
G - Restart
Left Mouse Button - Shoot

Note:  You cannot use the real-time rotation or scaling scripts with any models that are being used as terrain.  However, you may use the standard ones which do not use Game Maker's transformation functions.

Wild Racing 3D Engine
This is another d3d racing engine I've been working on.

It's compatible with GM still but as per usual is runs a crap load faster in ENIGMA :]

More info is in the game information.


This is light engine (or shadow engine?) made by masterxy. It can be modified for ENIGMA to speed it up, but the only changes I made where to account for the lack of "variable_exists" functions and the lack of constants.

Video in action can be seen here:
Just a Tetris example .gmk (GM8), I had in my files which works in ENIGMA. Made by Davve on the GMC all credit goes to him.
Project K (3D Kingspace Engine)
This is a gm8 example posted on the GMC by slayer 64 and now works in ENIGMA. It is a 3D engine ported from Kingspace 3.4 and has nice triangle collisions and runs well. I'm finding that most d3d games are running about 3-4 times as fast in ENIGMA than in GM. All credit goes to slayer 64 and king stephen for the engine.

GMC topic | YYGs Page

Maze Generator [3D]
Little 3D maze generator example. Was posting on the GMC by Magicman657 (all credit goes to him) and now works in ENIGMA. Have fun solving the mazes.


W - Walk forward
S - Walk backwards
Left - Turn left
Right - Turn right
Space - Generate a new maze
Escape - Exit RMG

GMC Topic:

This is a little thing I put together when I was bored. I was inspired by an example which I can't remember the name of (it was for a program called prototype or pr something ( I am sure it started with p)).
You basically draw the path with your left mouse button, and then a flame will follow it. When it hits the end, then it will start from there and so on. If it hits the border, then it will wrap. It looks quite cool in motion, so the screenshot doesn't do it justice.

Also, its far from optimized and I am sure there are many places where it can be sped up.
Faux Mode 7 3d Racing Example
This is a faux mode 7 gmk (GM8) example which was released on the GMC by FredFredrickson. It now works in ENIGMA so I am releasing it here as it is a nice example.

I added in some controls myself so you can race the camera around the course. They are:

W - Accelerate
Left/Right Arrows - Stear
Up Arrow - Brake
D - Toggle user/computer controlled racing
Esc - Exit


GMC topic:
All credit goes to FredFredrickson for this engine. Please ask him for permission before using the engine to build off as requested in his topic.

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