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Fake 3D
Simple 3D, completely drawn in 2D. Has a simple lighting effect as well. Can be used for anything, credit not required, by RTII
Minecraft Example
Excellent Minecraft example by lourens
Real-Time Shadows
This a 3D shadow example by filulilus, works great out of the box.
Paper Mario Battle Engine
Found this example on the GMC, works straight out of the Box. Example is by Qz98 on the Game Maker Community.
Light and shadow engine
This is light engine made by masterxy. It is easy to use and it allows many colored lights and any shape can be a shadow caster. Only changes from original is that variable_exists() has been removed and I added a circular shape to the example. It works about 7x faster in ENIGMA than in GM8. Other optimizations specific for GM could be made as well.

video in action:
A* motion planning and paths
This example shows how to use motion planning functions which use A* to find shortest way from point A to point B. Can be used to solve mazes, AI or just in a strategy game for units.
Destructible Blocks
This is a nice destructible terrain example by WarriorIng64 that worked straight out of the box.
Cell Shader
This is a cell shading example that employs old techniques, it was made for Game Maker 6, it should be rewritten with a shader.
Mode 7
This is popular example demonstrating a parallax scrolling graphics technique used on old game consoles from the Sega Genesis and Nintendo Entertainment System era of video games. We already have the racing game up here, but this one is just the rendering, the original, by Martin Crownover. The source code has not been modified.
Isometric Example
I was bored and didn't feel like working on any of my projects for a few days so I made an isometric example. Also note all graphics, code, and other content is 100% my work. Use, abuse, and redistribute to your liking. Please don't credit me or anyone else, this example I made for public domain.




Backwards Gaming Platform Engine
It is platform game engine thing ok. Made by God knows who. Still works in GM.
I found this nifty little open source game on the YoYoGames sandbox by DeadlySystem, it is very nice  (Y)
It worked right out of the box too. This is just an engine to build the game, so you need to add some objects to the room yourself to make a map to test on.

Size: 2.56 mb's

Spherical Panorama Example
Great for creating point-and-click adventure games and interactive virtual visits...

Screenshot url:
Step by Step - 3D Tutorials
This is a tutorial pack of over 60 tutorials including PDF documentation explaining 3D concepts, originally from the GMC about %60 worked directly out of the box, and the rest are working with a few slight changes.
snake revenge
snake revenge , a classic snake with more enemy, action and powerup
Light Flare Tech
Heres a nice light cookie demonstration originally by Phantom107 over at the GMC. If anybody catches up with him, tell him I think he makes some pretty cool examples.
Vector Conversion
This is a nice little 2d/3d vector conversion example I have refactored to make a little nicer, but it actually worked right out of the box to. It was by Phantom107 using Tepi's scripts from the GMC.
Simple 3d Walk Animation - revised
Been looking for a smoothly-animated character in 3D for a loooong time, here I find one on the gmc, works right out of the box.

By Drandula on the gmc;
Box2D Physics
This is the Box2D physics simulation I wrote while I was working on the function API. To test it out you must download, compile and install Box2D V2.2.1 and enable the extension in Build->Settings in the main menubar to Box2D. There are two versions, Studio Physics and Box2D, you wan't Box2D for this demo, the Studio version is just for compatibility with Game Maker. Documentation is available on the Wiki.
Hardware Performance Evaluator
This is the tool used for testing ENIGMA's capabilities on various hardware. To build it you must go to Enigma->Settings in the main toolbar of LGM and enable the OpenGL3 graphics system. You also must go to obj_gamestate's create event and change the two file paths for the shader scripts because ENIGMA does not yet have a proper working directory.

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