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Balloon Pop
A simple game where you pop as many balloons as possible for the highest  score one can achieve. It is geared towards young children and perfect for one to transition from Drag N Drop actions to writing code.

The game starts of with a fair amount of balloons but as time goes on the speed of the balloons motion increase making it it increasing difficult to stop them from going off-screen.

For every balloon missed, you lose a life. Every red heart-shaped balloon you pop adds an extra life. Every grey heart-shaped balloon also loses a life.

The source is fully customizable for one add more balloons, enemies and compile to other platforms.
Tetris for Enigma
This version of Tetris was originally done in Gamemaker by a user named Davve ( It was re-coded by me to work in Enigma. As the original author intends, feel free to edit and use as you see fit.
    The source file is there for one to compile as one see fit as an executable to what OS one see fit.
     There is a 64bit Linux executable compiled. It should run on any Debian based Linux distribution. You may need to set the 'run as an executable' bit as well as create a desktop file to run. Creating one is  easy in Linux. In the menu editor you can create a launcher file and it will also run the file.
External Functions
Example of how to use the external functions in ENIGMA.

Example DLL source code here:
FreeBSD Demo Executable
Here's a FreeBSD demo executable built with ENIGMA which demonstrates the basic dialog functions. Requires KDialog if KWin is your Window Manager, otherwise it requires Zenity.

Install Zenity:
sudo pkg ins zenity

Install KDialog:
sudo pkg ins kdialog
This tutorial show how simple it is to create a game similar to the popular mobile game 'Flappy Bird'.

The objective of the game is simple enough. Using your player, you must avoid pipes above and below you, by going through the space between the pipes. However, I have made some alternations to the original mechanics of the original game.

In this version

         you can collect extra items for extra score
         Extra pipes appear below you
         extra enemies appear for you to avoid

One can expand the source code of the game easily by adding effects, a menu system or a highscore system. The possibilities depends on you.

The original file was done on Linux. However it should work on Mac and Windows as well. The source file is slimmed down to it barest in a working order. I did this since the different OSes handle resources like sound differently, errors may occur.

Hope you enjoy it.

Maximum Subsquare Matrix
Another exciting coding challenge I've discovered is the maximal square or maximum subsquare matrix problem. The goal is to find the largest square of ones within the larger matrix. This time I have prepared a video demonstration where I will walk you through the solution to the problem.
Your objective is to release the gem out encased in a solid block. You must create a clear path by moving the other surrounding blocks around on the playing field, until you can move the gem-cased block towards the gate. Using your mouse, vertical blocks can be moved up and down. The horizontal ones, left and right. Once you have cleared a path towards the gate key, the gem will be freed and you will proceed to the next puzzle room.

Download it anywhere on your computer. It will automatically extract and ask for a destination folder.

The executable file is Win32 and should run on all versions of Windows. Linux users must have Wine installed. Mac users should also be able to play it with Wine installed.

Phi Fighter
Almost complete. (Needs to be checked for bugs.)

Like a combination of Defender and Stargate in one package.

[Arrow Keys] = Navigate Ship
[Space] = Fire phasors.
[Shift] = Fire "Red Rocket" torpedoes.
[z] = Activate shield
  • = Infrared Scanner
[c] = Inviso Cloack
[v] = Hyperdrive

Joystick/Game controller support available (written into program.)


Designed as part of a video arcade game cabinet project for use with a mechanical joystick and fire button interface.  It is uploaded to check for bugs that may cause the game to crash, though more often during extended play.
Amazing Box Puzzles
ABP (aka Amazing Box Puzzles) is game with a similar concept to Sokoban, Chips Challenge and my other game Mystery Mansion.

Your goal is to solve the various puzzles by using your character to push colored boxes to their respectives colored goals. Be careful pushing the boxes too close to the walls and also of the various traps in  the rooms.

There are 3 types of puzzles. Standard, Scrolling and Landscape. each has there own Select screen for you to choose from.

Use the arrow keys to move your character. Within the game you use (R) to restart the level if you become stuck. (ESC) to quit the game immediately. (M) to go back to the Menu and (B) to go back to the Select screen you had chosen.

In the Option screen you can turn off the background music. the ability to play your own background is testing feature and may not work as best as i hoped. if you encounter any problems, please leave a comment. Please note that you can only .wav files.

Any criticisms or suggestions are welcome! please comment!
DOTR (aka Defense of the Realm) is a space arcade shooter similar to Alien Attack. It is a works in progress with 4 playable levels in this demo.

More levels, bosses and enemies will be in the final product.

The executable is Windows 32bit, so it should be able to run on all Windows versions as well as Linux using Wine or PlayOnLinux.
libopenal-1.dll (REQUIRED for the OpenAL Audio System on Windows)
If you want to build ENIGMA games on Windows that use the OpenAL Audio System, which is required for external sound resource loading via sound_add() and other various features DirectSound and other alternatives do not offer, you need to have this DLL in the same directory as your game executable when running and distributing your game.

- Download the 32-bit DLL and put that in the same directory as you 32-bit game executables.

- Download the 64-bit DLL and put that in the same directory as you 64-bit game executables.

- You can not put your 32-bit and 64-bit games in the same directory otherwise you will end up with a name conflict because both the 32-bit and the 64-bit DLL have the same file name and you can't rename them without breaking the ability for your games to recognize them.
Traffic Simulator
I have always been fascinated with simulation games like SimCity since I started using GameMaker. I have only recently started reaching the skill level where I can actually pull off efficient approximations like this and thought I'd share. This here is a basic city simulation model that has a pretty good approximation of an economy and public transportation.

Right now the traffic model is simply using a breadth first search with no cost association, so it's not Dijkstra's. This is one way the example can be improved. Existing traffic density could be factored into the commute time and associated cost making the simulation even deeper.

Pan Camera: W/A/S/D
Camera Speed: Hold Shift
Residential: R
Commercial: C (unfinished)
Industrial: I
Streets: P
Toggle Traffic Density Layer: T
Mandelbrot Set
I actually started learning this because I wanted to better understand complex numbers. The Mandelbrot Set is essentially a plot of the complex number plane. The points in the complex number plane which do not trend away or "explode" are considered inside the Mandelbrot Set. The zoom in my example is still a bit buggy, but the basic example is correct.
I created this as part of a coding challenge. This particular game involves a few tricks to uniformly distribute mines without killing the performance on large grids. Clearing empty cells also involves a recursive branching algorithm a la Dijkstra.
Select Level screen Update
Thanks to user 'nkrapivindev' on the Discord channel, here is an improved version with some fading and rotating text effects he added to the project.  

Create a simple Select Level screen
This is a short tutorial on how to create a 'Select level' screen for your game. All the levels will be locked except the first one. When it is completed, the next one will be 'unlocked' for you to play.

Linux users must choose a Dialog Widget system for the dialogs to work.
File Dropper
Currently Windows-only. Mac and Linux will be supported in the future. Make sure your copy of ENIGMA has the File Dropper extension packaged with it otherwise you will need to update ENIGMA. If you have the extension packaged with ENIGMA, you will need to enable it via the checkbox, otherwise it's functions will not be accessible. It is not enabled by default.
Drag and Drop
a short tutorial showing how to grab and object and place it at a random position on the screen.
Create a Collapse game tutorial
A tutorial on how to create a match 3 game like Collapse. There is no score system, no special effects, or additional features. Such can added by one without doing major work to the core of the project.

A Windows executable is included.

The source is fully compatible for Windows and Linux systems. It should also be able to work on Mac systems. However I did not get to test on a Mac system.
This project was developed by uheartbeast and posted on GitHub. I've made a few changes to get it to compile with ENIGMA:
- Replaced ds list accessors with ds list functions, since ENIGMA doesn't support them yet
- Replaced UK spellings, because ENIGMA didn't recognize them
- Change how some local variables are declared, since their scope seem different from GMS

Licensed under the MIT.

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