retro 3d dungeon crawler

Posted on 2021-09-23 08:16:46
I came across this alternative method of creating a fps unlike the traditional method shown by Goombert post in the EDC. It  uses 2d sprites and tiles to design your level layout. The code is simpler and easier to understand.

Check it out in the EDC.

Fresh Wallpapers

Posted on 2020-06-17 19:04:08
Hello there!. Just finished composing two fresh wallpapers you can use for your desktop promoting ENIGMA.

They are very large (1892x976 pixels and 1200x600 pixels) respectively.
You can view them their links:


Posted on 2019-09-26 12:32:09
Mithe is a clone of the popular mobile game 'Flappy Bird'. It is great for beginners to study and learn Enigma.

The objective of the game is simple enough. Using your player, you must avoid pipes above and below you, by going through the space between the pipes. However, I have made some alternations to the original mechanics of the original game.

In this version

         you can collect extra items for extra score
         Extra pipes appear below you
         extra enemies appear for you to avoid

One can expand the source code of the game easily by adding effects, a menu system or an achievement system. The possibilities are endless.

Hope you enjoy!

Unravel.....A sliding puzzle game

Posted on 2019-07-22 21:21:30
Another game created from using Enigma. well actually it was inspired from the popular game called 'Blocked in" on Google Play. I had always liked that but unfortunately, its not that easy to come by on the PC. So i decided to create my own version. You can get a copy of it in the EDC using the link below:

You can also see a promo video of it using this link here as well

New games uploaded

Posted on 2019-07-04 20:54:05
There are 2 new games uploaded DOTR(aka Defense of the Realm) and ABP(aka Amazing Box Puzzles)

DOTR is a space shooter similar to Alien Invasion. You must kill all the space aliens with your spaceship. You must be careful. The space aliens shoot at you and their speed increase over time.

DOTR is a work in progress with only 5 levels in the demo. Enemy formation is a big hurdle to get over....not to mention the Bosses pattern of movement. However, more levels will be added soon.

ABP is a maze solving puzzler similar to one of my previous projects, Mystery Mansion. It is more in the style of Sokoban, where you must solve the puzzles by placing the boxes into there appropriate places.

There are just over 25 levels with 3 modes of play.....Standard, Scrolling and Landscape. Each has their own Select Screen. The final game will have over 50 levels with more traps, obstacles to cross and other features.

Hope you enjoy the two of them. Comments, criticisms and suggestions are always welcome.

Collapse tutorial Update

Posted on 2019-04-28 07:48:46
I am creating an update as a fully workable game. It will feature additional levels, additional tiles, special effects, a scoring system, a GUI and a dialog system.

The first release will be for Linux users. A windows version will follow later.

As an additional bonus, an ebook will also be published with step by step details on its creation, implementation of the game mechanics and conversion from tutorial to workable game.

Rotation tutorial

Posted on 2019-03-05 07:41:09
With the help of a fellow user "impo', I was able to complete a difficult problem involving animating a sprite. i didn't want the standard 360 degrees rotation. I wanted it to rotate along the x-axis, similar to the coins animation in Mario games, without i having to make any additional frames.

So i decided to share this in case others may want to the same in their games.

the code is very easy and self-explanatory.

1. in your object, in the Create event, create a variable to handle the rotation = 0;

2.In the Step Event, increase that variable. Depending on the room_speed, you can set it to a number between 0.01 to 1.

3. In the Draw Event, use the "draw_sprite_ext" function and in the case of the rotation, section, place (your variable)] there. for example in the Draw Event of the source I have

draw_sprite_ext(spr_0, 0 ,x,y+z, 1,1,imgrot,c_white,1);

spr_0 being the name of the sprite
imgrot is the name of my variable

Mystery Mansion Linux 64bit

Posted on 2019-02-13 18:35:50
A Linux Debian package has been done. Its only for 64bit versions however. It will install the game to the '/opt/' directory and create an application shortcut to your menu. Somehow the customized icon didn't get installed. Not sure why. However you can get it from the same '/opt/Myst_Mansion' directory' on your computer, in case you want to edit the launcher file.

Mystery Mansion

Posted on 2019-02-10 15:13:39

Mystery Mansion is a puzzle adventure game where you, the player,

must solve a series of rooms and collect the treasures. You must

also avoid traps and monsters as they try to twart your progress.

Use your puzzle solving skills to move your character to cover the

markers, getting the blue door key to open the treasure room. When

you've collected all of them, you will get the exit key to leave the

room. Solve all the rooms to get the biggest treasure of all.

The Windows version has limited sound effects as it is in beta.

Others versions for Mac and Linux will also be published later.

There is also in development a 3D version, for an every later

release date.

mp_potential_step Example

Posted on 2018-12-31 20:31:05
With this function you can make one object move towards another object avoiding other solid instances in the way towards your goal object. its great for mimicking an AI without complicated programming or scripts. The coding is not long, nor difficult to implement either.

The file runs well in Windows. However, Linux may have issues though as i don't think the function works well on that platform. I will have to update after further testing.

Check out The Games section for the source files and Screenshots.