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Creating a Breakout Game in Enigma

Posted on 2018-08-27 13:34:43
In this tutorial series you are shown how to create a Breakout game. From sprite creation to level creation, the process is explained using Drag n Drop actions and EDL code.

If you are familiar with Gamemaker and its GML language then you will be able to follow the process better.

As writing this 4 parts have been completed.
The first shows sprites creation.
The second deals with creating objects,some coding and a test room layout.
The 3rd deals with ball movement and the creation of a control object to handle, our game flow, level progress, display our scores, lives and game flow.
The 4th part shows more changes as our game runs and goes to the next level when all the bricks are destroyed. The scores and lives are displayed. When you lose a ball the lives decrease, destroy a brick and the score increase proving our score and lives system works. There is even a special effect when the brick is destroyed to give that affect of realism.

There are still other things to add like a Startup screen, Menu, powerups and a Highscore screen to display the best scores. These will be covered in later videos, so be sure to look out for them.

You can check the series on Youtube at this link


3D Breakout

Posted on 2017-08-08 13:06:39
Greetings all!

I've taken some time out, reading and getting to know the ENIGMA IDE. Lately after a disastrous meltdown of my Windows machine and my backup drive as well, I lost most of my tutorials, examples and scripts, I had collected all those many years ago. This included my files I had written about, thus no updates for a while.

So here I am totally re-writing my Breakout game in 3D.  I've also re-installed all my machines with Linux. I will not be using Windows no more. If I need to test in a Windows environment, I'll use Virtualbox or Wine. I just can't deal with the trouble Windows causes. As a developer i need to work in a stable environment, which Linux provides.

My 3D Breakout game is in development. What I have done so far can be seen in the FORUMS section under WORKS IN PROGRESS. I'm using primitive objects for now. I have yet to implement custom 3D objects into the game which I have yet to figure out.

The mouse controls the bat. The blocks breaks up via a particle system, there is a test scoring and life system, 2D backgrounds are drawn to the screen and we have a powerup system in place. Further developments will include different primitives types, being able to stack them on top one another, and probably a level editor.

Maze Master Project

Posted on 2017-06-08 18:12:17
Maze Master is an action, puzzler with some aspects of strategy needed to complete the levels. The story goes that during an Incident, mutations to  various animals and insects made them sentient.

No longer were wars against fellow humans, but it became a matter of survival against the animal and insect colonies. As the years went on, with lesser resources being available, new technology and newer resources were sought. Oil became obsolete. Gems became a valuable commodity as they had the capacity to store and release energy.

Harnessing this energy, humanity survived  extinction. However, insects and animals being sentient and understanding their value, gathered them and hid them within caverns, underground and above settlements and always guarded.

With a tank and various weapons at your disposal, you must solve the mazes,  destroy any enemies you encounter and gather the gems. You can sell the gems to upgrade weapons, your tank or sell them to the other settlements.

That's the background story. In the game you use the arrow keys for movement. Press the <Space bar> to fire your shots. You start with 10 out of a maximum 50 shots every level. The shop system where you can buy items to upgrade you tank involves selling the gems you collected as currency. Enemies require 2 or more hits to kill them, Bosses when killed release treasures.

That's basically the game. Continue checking up on updates which I will publish regularly.


Posted on 2017-06-01 21:05:09
I've been working on various projects for quite a while. Well actually it was to be a series of tutorials written entirely in Enigma. After some difficulty, frustration and determination, I've finally decided to create this game. My only problem is that i keep expanding its capabilities.

OpenBreakout is written with a mixture of EDL and Drag and Drop, for Linux users. Its source code should be simplistic enough for everyone to comprehend.  
There are a few features i want to elaborate about further.

The Pause system is achieved by pressing the 'P' key which deactivates and re-activates all objects. A black rectangle is drawn to cover the entire room and some text is written to it. A very simple 'Pause System" indeed.

Another thing I need to mention is that when running the source make sure that the two Extensions "Game-maker 5 Compatibility" and "INI Filesystem" are activated, or you will get errors. I'm using an 'ini' file to record high-scores........well actually I was thinking along the lines of saving the user name and score to create a custom high-score table. More on that later.

There are a lot more features needed in the game. Some more effects, enemies, levels, power-ups and a lot more needed which is why its a work in progress. However the purpose to write a game entirely in EDL and not be some fork or converted file of Game Maker. I'm actually in the process of including shaders into the project, but this is becoming difficult.

Hope you like it and please comment.