Verizon Internet Services

Posted on 2013-08-11 21:56:34
Don't use them, I went through hell and high waters!

Box2D Physics

Posted on 2013-02-24 10:06:11
After several days of working with the Box2D Physics engine, I am happy to report we have a near completed implementation for ENIGMA.

Read the forum post here...

Audio System

Posted on 2013-02-12 11:13:13
I am happy to report that after two days of revamping and rewriting the audio system to use the new audio_ functions that everything appears to be in working order. You can now use the audio_ functions to create positional and instantiate sound and also control them through emitters. This system also works well in conjunction with the old sound system but I want to discourage doing so, as this may cause adverse affects, and the legacy sound_ functions are only being kept for backwards compatibility. The new sound system is much better and you are encouraged to use it from here on out. Have fun with it!

Wiki Function Documenting

Posted on 2013-01-26 17:06:40
I would like to propose a new rule to everyone. I think we should make it a standard practice of punishing anyone for misbehavior in the IRC or on the forums. We should impose restrictions on those disruptive members which are not revoked until they document a set number of functions on the Wiki, and do it properly.

This will suffice as a deterrent towards disruptive behavior and will serve to make such members more constructive to the project. Thoughts and suggestions you guys?

Wiki Examples

Posted on 2013-01-23 23:46:13
Many of the games here that provide the editable, could actually be documented inside the examples article on the Wiki.

I would suggest only doing this if they are going to be reused allot of times and are more so just a framework for a game instead of an actual game.

Take for instance the 3D Destructible Terrain game that is uploaded there, that would be a perfect example to document inside the Wiki article.

The Wiki article is linked right on the main page of the Wiki, but for those of you too lazy...

PS: I would also like to suggest that later the games uploader here is only used for complete or work in progress games, the examples do not need to be posted here AND in the Wiki that's just stupid, this should be more of a "Showcase" I guess you could say.

Thoughts, suggestions you guys?