New games uploaded

Posted on 2019-07-04 20:54:05
There are 2 new games uploaded DOTR(aka Defense of the Realm) and ABP(aka Amazing Box Puzzles)

DOTR is a space shooter similar to Alien Invasion. You must kill all the space aliens with your spaceship. You must be careful. The space aliens shoot at you and their speed increase over time.

DOTR is a work in progress with only 5 levels in the demo. Enemy formation is a big hurdle to get over....not to mention the Bosses pattern of movement. However, more levels will be added soon.

ABP is a maze solving puzzler similar to one of my previous projects, Mystery Mansion. It is more in the style of Sokoban, where you must solve the puzzles by placing the boxes into there appropriate places.

There are just over 25 levels with 3 modes of play.....Standard, Scrolling and Landscape. Each has their own Select Screen. The final game will have over 50 levels with more traps, obstacles to cross and other features.

Hope you enjoy the two of them. Comments, criticisms and suggestions are always welcome.
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