Creating a Breakout Game in Enigma

Posted on 2018-08-27 13:34:43
In this tutorial series you are shown how to create a Breakout game. From sprite creation to level creation, the process is explained using Drag n Drop actions and EDL code.

If you are familiar with Gamemaker and its GML language then you will be able to follow the process better.

As writing this 4 parts have been completed.
The first shows sprites creation.
The second deals with creating objects,some coding and a test room layout.
The 3rd deals with ball movement and the creation of a control object to handle, our game flow, level progress, display our scores, lives and game flow.
The 4th part shows more changes as our game runs and goes to the next level when all the bricks are destroyed. The scores and lives are displayed. When you lose a ball the lives decrease, destroy a brick and the score increase proving our score and lives system works. There is even a special effect when the brick is destroyed to give that affect of realism.

There are still other things to add like a Startup screen, Menu, powerups and a Highscore screen to display the best scores. These will be covered in later videos, so be sure to look out for them.

You can check the series on Youtube at this link
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