3D Breakout

Posted on 2017-08-08 13:06:39
Greetings all!

I've taken some time out, reading and getting to know the ENIGMA IDE. Lately after a disastrous meltdown of my Windows machine and my backup drive as well, I lost most of my tutorials, examples and scripts, I had collected all those many years ago. This included my files I had written about, thus no updates for a while.

So here I am totally re-writing my Breakout game in 3D.  I've also re-installed all my machines with Linux. I will not be using Windows no more. If I need to test in a Windows environment, I'll use Virtualbox or Wine. I just can't deal with the trouble Windows causes. As a developer i need to work in a stable environment, which Linux provides.

My 3D Breakout game is in development. What I have done so far can be seen in the FORUMS section under WORKS IN PROGRESS. I'm using primitive objects for now. I have yet to implement custom 3D objects into the game which I have yet to figure out.

The mouse controls the bat. The blocks breaks up via a particle system, there is a test scoring and life system, 2D backgrounds are drawn to the screen and we have a powerup system in place. Further developments will include different primitives types, being able to stack them on top one another, and probably a level editor.
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