Maze Master Project

Posted on 2017-06-08 18:12:17
Maze Master is an action, puzzler with some aspects of strategy needed to complete the levels. The story goes that during an Incident, mutations to  various animals and insects made them sentient.

No longer were wars against fellow humans, but it became a matter of survival against the animal and insect colonies. As the years went on, with lesser resources being available, new technology and newer resources were sought. Oil became obsolete. Gems became a valuable commodity as they had the capacity to store and release energy.

Harnessing this energy, humanity survived  extinction. However, insects and animals being sentient and understanding their value, gathered them and hid them within caverns, underground and above settlements and always guarded.

With a tank and various weapons at your disposal, you must solve the mazes,  destroy any enemies you encounter and gather the gems. You can sell the gems to upgrade weapons, your tank or sell them to the other settlements.

That's the background story. In the game you use the arrow keys for movement. Press the <Space bar> to fire your shots. You start with 10 out of a maximum 50 shots every level. The shop system where you can buy items to upgrade you tank involves selling the gems you collected as currency. Enemies require 2 or more hits to kill them, Bosses when killed release treasures.

That's basically the game. Continue checking up on updates which I will publish regularly.
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