Posted on 2017-06-01 21:05:09
I've been working on various projects for quite a while. Well actually it was to be a series of tutorials written entirely in Enigma. After some difficulty, frustration and determination, I've finally decided to create this game. My only problem is that i keep expanding its capabilities.

OpenBreakout is written with a mixture of EDL and Drag and Drop, for Linux users. Its source code should be simplistic enough for everyone to comprehend.  
There are a few features i want to elaborate about further.

The Pause system is achieved by pressing the 'P' key which deactivates and re-activates all objects. A black rectangle is drawn to cover the entire room and some text is written to it. A very simple 'Pause System" indeed.

Another thing I need to mention is that when running the source make sure that the two Extensions "Game-maker 5 Compatibility" and "INI Filesystem" are activated, or you will get errors. I'm using an 'ini' file to record high-scores........well actually I was thinking along the lines of saving the user name and score to create a custom high-score table. More on that later.

There are a lot more features needed in the game. Some more effects, enemies, levels, power-ups and a lot more needed which is why its a work in progress. However the purpose to write a game entirely in EDL and not be some fork or converted file of Game Maker. I'm actually in the process of including shaders into the project, but this is becoming difficult.

Hope you like it and please comment.
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