nstall - ENIGMA Development Environment

ENIGMA is capable of running on multiple platforms as well as compiling and exporting to those target platforms. We plan to maintain setup packages and installers for most mainstream platforms.

If you encounter problems you can check out our troubleshooting guide as well as frequently asked questions. You can also post on the forum or visit our IRC channel. Once the installation is complete it's advisory to test if everything is working by simply running an empty game. This is recommended to give the engine a chance to fully compile without error. After an empty game is run, subsequent games should compile much faster and you can proceed to compile a sample game.


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Windows Linux FreeBSD Macintosh Android

You can find instructions for your platform by selecting the links above. If your platform is not listed, it may or may not be supported. You're welcome to try and install ENIGMA anyways either using any of the above methods, or by checking out from the Repository, and let us know if it works. Please also share any additional steps you may have needed to get it to work.

The following are requirements for all platforms:

  • Java Runtime Environment: Supported Java versions are 1.7 (Java 7) or higher. The Oracle JDK is recommended, but you are free to try OpenJDK. The LateralGM IDE which is included with ENIGMA is a Java program which supports both 32bit and 64bit but it must match the architecture ENIGMA is compiled with, see Java Parallelization for more details.
  • Java Native Access: Used for Java programs to make native callbacks to libraries, version 4.0 or later is required for ARM CPU's. Do not worry about this as the correct JNA is included with any prebuilt packages.

Other components such as the latest LateralGM and plugin build that are used to generate these releases can be found on the page extra packages along with an open source gratis Drag and Drop action editor and a free and open source image manipulation program.

ENIGMA and its related projects are licensed under GNU GPL v3, please read licensing for more information.