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Este artículo está hecho para proveerte de los problemas más comunes que puedas experimentar con el programa, y su solución.

¿Cómo reporto un error?
Todos los reportes deberían hacerse en el sistema de seguimiento correspondiente. Nótese que las sugerencias no aplican para esto, por favor revisa Reporte de errores o Sugerencias para más información al respecto.

¿Porqué me aparece un error sobre CompileEGMf?
Probablemente usaste el archivo jar de LateralGM. Debes abrir "ENIGMA.exe" en vez de eso, para que así ENIGMA pueda construir y compilar su motor y crear la librería CompileEGMf. Cuando abras ENIGMA por primera vez, debes esperar unos segundos para que ENIGMA compile su motor (véase Instalación.

I keep getting an error regarding resource names?
Most likely you have resources with odd names, for instance you cannot use spaces or !@#$%^&*(){}[]:;"'<,>./? symbol characters in the name of a resource it is not common practice with a game engine. Attempt to fix the names of your resources and recompile.

Why am I having trouble compiling?
This could be due to any number of reasons, but one sure cause is using spaces in your MinGW install or your compile path. MinGW and GCC do not like spaces, which is why we recommend installing MinGW to the default location on Windows.

Why am I getting a popup about d3dx9_43.dll?
On Windows ENIGMA has the ability to use its Direct3D graphics system, this is a common error message displayed by DirectX applications when run if the end user does not have the runtime installed. Just download the latest DirectX runtime from Microsoft at the link below if you intend to use DirectX for your game, or else set OpenGL instead under API settings.

The full error message reads as follows...
The program can't start because d3dx9_43.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

Why am I getting a popup about xinput1_3.dll?
Similar to the d3dx9 dll error, XInput extension is in use when this error occurs except the DirectX end user runtime is not installed, download it from the above link.

Why won't ENIGMA install on Windows 8?
If you are having problems installing ENIGMA:

Why does ENIGMA keep throwing compiling errors in Windows 8?
If you keep getting compiling errors once the program is installed:

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