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A formal procedure for the life of a bug ticket is as follows:

Note that, as a small team, we do not have the resources to follow this formal procedure. We do not have nearly enough people to fill all the roles, and even if we did, the people we have are all volunteers, meaning they are under no obligation to fulfill their role, let alone to fulfill it in a reasonable time frame. Because of this, much of this process is expidited as much as possible, compressing several steps, and creating informal processes for these. Whatever the case, this formal procedure forms a guideline in what the procedure for a ticket *should* be, so that our informal processes may reflect this as best is possible with the resources we have.

Do realize that tickets and bugs do still fall through the cracks. To best expedite a ticket, we ask that reporters stick around and check up on the ticket throughout the life of the ticket, helping in whatever way they can. The reporter is also capable of closing their own tickets, should they feel they are invalid or resolved before the usual ticket process completes - that's perfectly fine. However, you are not required to close your tickets - they will follow their usual lifecycle and get closed off eventually anyways (hopefully by QA).

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