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Controllo missione

Josh Ventura Iniziatore del progetto ENIGMA. Sviluppatore primario; Ha scritto codice inclusi i parser.
IsmAvatar Iniziatore del progetto LateralGM. Ha scritto il codice Xlib che consente ad ENIGMA di lavorare anche sotto Linux, un sistema basato su BBox per la gestione delle collisioni, un sistema di gestione reti basato su socket. Ha sponsorizzato gran parte dei server del progetto ENIGMA.
Robert B Colton Lavora al cuore del compilatore per il motore di gioco , è il designer di questo wiki favoremdo molta documentazione, inoltre è lo sviluppatore di testa di wxENIGMA ,un'interfaccia alternativa a LateralGM, multipiattaforma.

Gli architetti

TGMG Ha scritto un largo numero di portali per ENIGMA a altri systemi operativi, inclusi Android e Iphone. Ha aiutato con alcune risorse come gli sfondi.
Harijs Grīnbergs Ha completato il set delle funzioni relative alle sprites, agli sfondi , alle path, alle surfaces e al testo (draw_text_*).
Polygone Amministratore del forum e del wiki principale. Ha contribuito alle strutture di dati relative a GM , molte funzioni di Windows, molte funzioni d3d relative a GM e altri bits di codice qua e là ,come ad esempio in relazione a bug testing e debug.
Forthevin Implemented pixel perfect collisions and has sorted out various issues that were in enigma.

Web Developers/Graphics Artists

a2h Site creator, manager and designer. He claims to be able to dream in code (although it's highly doubted).
Gary "MahFreenAmeh" Warman sysadmin, web dev, music connoisseur, hacker d-luxe; ready for work at any time. Designed several components of the site that "just needed to work".
Zane "Obelisk" The god of the original ENIGMA logo (A PNG version of the current vector).
Mitch Works on the ENIGMA Community (the one with the blogs and games). He also made the original version of the bugtracker.
"fede-lasse" Designed an ENIGMA resource pack for free use.
Owen "Zekian" Delahoy The blogs and games side of the ENIGMA Community is also improved on by Owen, who lovingly(?) squeezes more goodness out of it.
Noodle Redesigned the third iteration of the ENIGMA site design. This design, the fourth one, retains only one thing from his redesign. The text color.
Sir Xemic/C-Ator9 Designed the original ENIGMA ambigram
Juju Potential author of the help file.


Dazappa Contributed a Java-written e-YAML parser so IsmAvatar could read ENIGMA's ey files. Also fixed a few LateralGM tasks/bugs.
RetroX Contributed a few movement functions and designed Linux install packages.
Datzach Went through a phrase of adding a load of remaining GM functions, mainly Winapi related functions for Windows.
r9k Author of ENIGMA's soon-to-exist polygon-based collision system.
Dave Contributed the skeleton of the surface system, as well as a dysfunctional font system he wrote without compiling it even once. Quite impressive.
Serprex A brilliant coder, knowing all there is to know about optimization. His sense of motivation is screwy, and he has screwed some functions up (which Josh will remember always), but he's redone several key functions.
Rusky The poor guy who got datastacks pushed onto him. (Pun) Though he did finish stacks, the rest are yet to be done (So they'll probably be redone by someone else). Rusky strives to keep everyone else in line.
Sir Xemic/C-Ator9 Drafted several mathy functions in GML, including draw_ellipse, draw_roundrect, and make_color_hsv.
"fede-lasse" Contributed small strings of functions here and there.
Cheeseboy cheeseboy (noun): One fat cheeseball that relentlessly tortures unwilling victims (josh) into submission until they get what they want. Often ideal for parser testing due to their horrendous coding habits.
Everyone else Thank you for all the help!
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