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Please note that SvnKit was the old method of managing automatic updates. Since we have moved to Git, this method is now in the process of being phased out; a new automatic update method is still in the planning.

SvnKit is a Java project designed to plug in to other Java projects in order to access Subversion commands. Recall that Subversion was where we kept our changes and our very latest version/revision was always hosted there, meaning that we can use SvnKit to:

The primary purpose of SvnKit in ENIGMA is to automatically update when a new revision is available. Obviously, this is sometimes undesirable, especially if you are a developer and/or trying to work with a certain revision. It's very easy to turn off automatic updates.

Turning Automatic Updates On/Off

Depending on how you install ENIGMA, you may have automatic updates turned on or off, and usually it is the desired state.

Automatic updates are toggled on or off by whether SvnKit exists in its expected location: enigma-dev/plugins/shared/svnkit.jar

For your convenience, your ENIGMA checkout typically comes with a copy of svnkit.jar in enigma-dev/Autoconf/svnkit.jar. Note that this is a neutral location which will not effect the state of automatic updates - only the aforementioned expected location will effect automatic updates.

If you wish to download SvnKit yourself, the version that you use is not crucial, although you are recommended to have a fairly recent version. The version included in the ENIGMA repository should always be sufficient.

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